Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Sony Cybershot T500 joins T700 and T77

Hot on the heels of the T700 and T77 announcements, Sony announced today the brand new T500 ultra-compact.

In typical high-end T-series fashion, it has a 5X Carl Zeiss branded lens goes 33-165mm, which is not wide enough, but at least it's not 37mm. Image stabilization is included. The sensor of course is everyone's favorite flavor du jour, the 10mp 1/2.33". It is expected to be released next month for $400.

The camera has a 3.5" LCD display and with good reason. More and more inexpensive cameras are using 3" LCD, making it a must for "luxury ultracompacts" to differentiate themselves with a bigger screen or at least a touch-screen, although most people are not into touch-screens, at least not yet.

The HD video fans will be thrilled due to its 30fps 720p HD mpeg4 video mode

This has not been announced in Japan yet, and it is only available in one color in the US market but in three colors in Europe. Pictures of the three colors at Engadget.

Your homework assignment? Find the differences between the T700 and the T500 :-)

Coverage on the net
The Sony USA press release at the Imaging Insider.

Detailed specs at Imaging Resource.

Are they sending a "video message" to Nikon with the timing? That's what one Sony dpreview forum user asks.

Giant camera body close-ups of the black finish at DC Resource.

It has been added to the gigantic table of current and recent digital cameras as well as the Directory of 2008 digital cameras.

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t700 can not record videos
t700 has better display resolution when previewing pictures