Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Top Sellers Update: FZ28 Zooms Up, Canon SD-1100-IS has five!

Welcome to a new edition of the Top Seller Charts! With nine days in-between updates due to all the new news and rumoralia, we've had some more movement than usual! The screen-shot teaser follows, along with pseudo-analysis. If you can't wait, and just want to see the rankings, jump to the new top sellers chart now!

Top 20 stories
How do you increase sales? The answer is simple, cut prices. And the new low prices are driving the Canon A590-IS along with the colorful SD1100-IS to the top three spots. These are great prices, you can get them for $142 and $175 respectively.

Good news for Olympus, despite the xD card, the Stylus 770SW is providing to be a tough cookie, and continues to hover around the Top Ten. Now imagine if it also took SD/MMC memory cards as well!

Also good news for Samsung as it manages to keep the S860 in the Top 25. But the bad news is that in order to make it to the Top 25 they have to sell it under $95. Do I smell negative profit margin? :)

The Canon 50D effect
The introduction of the 50D was not good news for the Canon 40D, as both kits had noticeable drops, the 40D+EF28-135 kit dropping out of the Top 25 for the first time in a while. Granted, considering their prices that was a good showing.

The HyperZoom Wars
It only took a few days before Panasonic reclaimed the top Hyperzoom spot with a loud noise. The FZ28K has not only been released, but already received a $50 discount, selling for $340 by Vanns right now, and available for pre-order at Amazon for $346. The good news is that they have a pre-order price guarantee so if you pre-ordered at $400, you will get the lower price when it ships. So once again Panasonic undercuts hyperzoom prices, and you know what that means in a live market: More sales!

The next hyperzoom is the Nikon P80 at the bottom of the Top 30, selling at a similar price as the FZ28K, while the Sony H50 is just four spots behind making the race for the #2 spot interesting.

But the Olympus SP-570uz does not want to be left behind, a $20 discount has it moving on up and back into the Top 40, not far from the P80 and H50.

Making a rare appearance at the bottom of the top 100 is the Fuji S8100fd, which does have a competitive price but not the "superzoom cred" of the Canon and Panasonic models. Although Fuji has more superzoom tiers in their line-up than anyone else. I imagine even the people who work at Fuji must be carrying cheat-sheets to keep up with all the different tiers ;-)

Beyond Nikon and Canon DSLRs
Yes, there are DSLRs beyond those two, even if the market share numbers may indicate otherwise (ouch!) The leader of the pack this time around is the Sony Alpha A200 two-lens kit selling for just $600, not a bad kit for a beginner to DSLRs or to the Alpha mount, considering you get sensor-shift image stabilization with the majority of lenses attached... This is followed closely by the Pentax K200D kit, which at $620 is not a bad price, but nowhere near as good as the $550 after rebate price when the Gear-Up Rebates where up and running.

Following those two is the Olympus E510 two-lens kit which has been a relatively steady participant in the bottom of the top 100.

And two more Alphas next, the A300K which is the A300 plus the standard 18-70 DT lens, and the A200K, which is the same kit but obviously with the A200 instead. Their prices are FIXED by Sony who is probably borrowing an example from the oil companies - they are at $600 and $500.

Interesting to note that all the above kits are priced around $600. The magic price point in the non-CaNiKon market?

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