Friday, August 8, 2008

Nikon Arrogance: First few signs of The Fall? (VIDI)

Photographic nation, I am outraged! It took Nikon a while to manage a comeback, at a time when many people thought Canon was invincible and Canon was using their status to toy with the market and remove the spot-meter from your camera while you were asleep.

But the unparalleled success of the D3/D300 power duo, and the expected success of the D700 is starting to get to Nikon's head, and we start seeing a pattern of unacceptable things from a photographer's perspective:

  1. Removing focus motors from DSLRs
  2. forcing an unnecessary wave of new clone-lenses with built-in focus motors
  3. Crippled RAW in the P6000
  4. encrypted white balance in the RAW files
  5. jumping to 14.5-megapixels on a mid-range point and shoot (the S710)
  6. insert your favorite "I'm outraged" item here

A couple of years ago innocent by-standers were rooting for Nikon, so they could give Canon a challenge and balance things out. The trend this year may actually shift, and innocent bystanders may start rooting for Canon, so they can force Nikon back to its senses!

Or maybe some militant photographers can say "F-U" to the "SLR Traditionalists" who have been limiting innovation and diversity of photographic choices and switch to the eBay mystery-box-auction-item that is called Micro Four Thirds :-)

PS> "VIDI" is the name we use for our faux-editiorials and angry blametorials.
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