Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nikon D700 Daily Round-up Part II

Part I of the D700 Daily Roundup has gotten too long, so we are now starting Part II (permalink).

Mon August 25 is looking for editing. And as a bonus you get to read the D700 Guide before anybody else :)

Sat August 23
The never-ending Canon vs Nikon battle continues with a new 5D vs D700 at Be sure to check it out!!!

Fri August 22
Digital Camera Review has posted a sneak preview of their upcoming D700 review. They just received the camera yesterday, so please be patient :) Five full size JPEG sample pictures are posted.

Australian photographer Shelton Muller discusses the pluses of the D700.

Part #1 of a multi-part diary review of the D700 has been posted at the Wildlife Studio blog.

Thur August 21
First shots day at Digital Camera Info, where they post a six-pack of D700 sample images. The six pictures are available as full size JPEGs. And cat fans, there's a cat picture there! Needless to say, a full review is coming up! has updated their Canon 5D vs Nikon D700 shootout with new material!

Wedn August 20
HDR photography with the D700? Check this flickr discussion.

Photographer Frank Elevend opines on the D700 and D90.

Monday August 18
Wedding photographer Alex Moi has received his D700, and has tested the D700 in a photographically challening environment. Five sample pictures are provided, 800-pixels wide or tall.

Sunday August 17
The D700 body only is back in-stock at B&H Photo.

Canon vs Nikon! The battle rages on at The 5D Mark I squares off with the new Nikon darling.

One hour with the D700 is what Gizmotastic spent. What did they think? Read on to find out!

Saturday August 16
This is from last week, but it might be of interest. Do note that we are posting the following as an FYI, we have not tested nor endorse this trick to shoot at 8fps without a battery grip. We blog, you research, you decide, you take risk :)

Friday August 15
A new D700 review! Photoshop guru Scott Kelby has posted his field report on the D700. This includes a detailed comparison to the D300 and the D3, a list of likes and dislikes and a bottomline summary for the speed-readers out there. As always, no spoilers here, you have to read the review!

Pixel-peepers these are for you! First up, Arnie's blog has a new D700 update! D700 comparison shots at ISO 1600, 3200 and 6400. Arnie is kindly making available full-size JPEGs on his blog... And how does the D700 handle smoke at ISO 6400? Blogger Lye Hock is pointing us to an ISO 6400 picture via flickr. The largest size on flickr is (1024 x 681).

Machine Guns!!! has put together a cool short video recording the Nikon D3 and D700 at burst mode. Great for gearheads!

Pop Photo's Phil Ryan has posted his Nikon D700 review, which is earmarked for the September 2008 issue of the magazine. As always, no revelations of the outcome of the review, although we are getting close to a point where there will be no need for spoiler prevention :)

We have just updated our D700 Shipping Status tracker, and we have some good news! The D700 body-only is available in-stock from some reputable online retailers such as One Call, Calumet Photo, and Ritz/Wolf.

The D700 likes Gelato! And it likes Venice! That's where photographer Cliff Mautner is. He has posted four great D700 Venice pictures, along with some thoughts. Before that, he posted D700 samples from Finland. If the name Cliff Mautner sounds familiar, he was rated a Top 10 Wedding Photographer by the American Photo magazine.

Block the pictures if you are a vegetarian! J. Dennis Thomas, author of various digital field guides, has posted his Nikon D700 review.

Another photographer has recently received his D700. Roblogs shares his first impressions with the D700, with a few sample pictures as well.

SilkyPix adds D700 support says Photography Blog.

Warning! If you see or hear about a video from a certain YouTube/dpreview-forum-persona talking about D700 recalls, please ignore it. Explanation at the Fred Miranda forums.

Thursday August 14
The Imaging Insider points us to a new D700 review, this time by productive Australia review site PhotoReviewAu.

The first "Big Two" review, Imaging Resource posts their D700 review. Even though it is an impact review, we do not have a reactions round-up this time. All apologies!

Canon vs Nikon wars coming up! has procured a Canon 5D Mark I, and comparisons will be coming up soon!

Terry White has posted a few sample pictures, taken with the D700 + 14-24mm Nikon lens, taken at Adobe's HQ.

Not to be confused with an 80s one-hit-wonder, Ken Rockwell has a single ISO 3200 test shot, taken with the D3, D300 and D700.

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Anonymous said...

How many stuck on stup photographers are buying this thing, compared to the other 1000++ cameras on the market. Or is it just you lusting? Smile.

Keep up the good work.

thanks PB

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL. I'd love to do this for every camera if there were 500 hours per day. But since there's only 24 give or take, only cameras that generate super-buzz get this special treatment.

But it's not just Nikon. There's also a Panasonic LX3 daily round-up at RAWsumer.

Anonymous said...

I do understand. I love what you are doing, just spending toooo much time lurking, and seeing the "buzz" (D700) has begun to wear. But don't even for a minute stop what you do. Thanks again PB

1001 noisy cameras said...

LOL. D700's fifteen minutes has been extended to fifteen weeks :)