Monday, September 1, 2008

Nikon D90 Daily Diary

The new D90 is picking up the baton from the D700, and takes over the "Daily Diary" segment.

New Updates
For new updates, be sure to check Part II of the D90 daily diary at the new blog.

Thur Sept 4
A video blog takes a look at the Nikon D90 video. What do they think?

Wedn Sept 3
A video mode skeptic is now warming up to video after seeing the various samples. This at ISO 50. And while there, be sure to check out the photo section at the exhibit page - these pictures not taken by the D90, but they are of photographic interest. We occasionally stray from technobabble and into actual photographic work :) The exhibit page requires Flash.

Tue Sept 2
Epic Edits asks you to pick a side! 50D or D90?

Monday September 1: dpreview samples
Dpreview has posted Nikon D90 stills and video samples. The pictures gallery includes 39 real world outdoors pictures using the new 18-105 f3.5-5.6 VR ED lens. The full size images are available for download.

They also include four short but full size video clips of adorable animals. Total video runtime is 61 seconds.

But wait, there's more! Let's Go Digital has posted five sample images and two video clips taken with the D90. Butterflies are the main theme. Full size samples are available.

It looks like Nikon took everyone to the Zoo? ;-)

Sunday August 31
We forgot to mention it early, the NYT Time Lord talks D90.

Is the D90 changing the face of photojournalism asks PJ Mike Fox.

Neutral Day points us to new D90 image samples from Japan. ISO 3200 is there!

Saturday August 30
Digital Camera Review recaps the 50D and D90. Or is it D50 and 90D? Oh dear, Canon and Nikon are so intertwisted, even their model names are interlocked :)

Friday August 29 is back with one of their patented spec compara-thons! D90 vs 50D vs D80 vs D300. Let the specs fly!

More on the Chase Jarvis D90 YouTube sensation video preview at Strobist.

Thursday August 28
CNet's camera reviewer Lori Grunin has taken the D90 to the dog part and posts her first impressions, along with 8 tiny samples.

Australian site PC Authority has a short hands-on write-up on the D90.

One of the popular stock blogs is analyzing the 50D vs D90 announcement calling it "D90 Steals Canon's 50D's Thunder". Note that the blog name "Seeking Alpha" is not related to the "Sony Alpha DSLRs", but it is stock-market-related.

We forgot to mention the Eye-Fi feature of the D90, but Wired didn't.

Wednesday August 27
Imaging Resource has just posted dozens of studio test samples from a production level Nikon D90. These are great for technical people and pixel peepers. A lot of the samples at ISO 200, but they also have some as high as ISO 3200 and 1600. Enjoy!

Of course the biggest buzz so far in terms of D90 hands-on experience is that of professional photographer Chase Jarvis. Be sure to check it out! In less than 24 hours, it has already managed to generate almost 100 comments! This is a 5 and a half minute YouTube video clip by the way.

Also must-see are various Nikon material, organized and summarized by Rob Galbraith.

The Beginning: Tuesday August 26
The D90 is officially announced, along with the new 18-105 DX VR lens. 24 hours later, the D90 is already available to pre-order by some retailers.

What is the Daily Diary?
The Daily Diary is a relatively new segment that tracks new news of some of the hottest and most buzzworthy digital cameras. Each camera is featured for a short period of time, usually weeks, not months. To keep up with the updates, be sure to bookmark it.


David said...

Why no Canon 50d daily diary?

1001 noisy cameras said...

Ask and you shall receive, just started, the Canon 50D daily diary.