Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Nikon D90 is finally official - let the Canon vs Nikon Wars resume!

The D90 is finally officially official and we are rewarded for the wait with a 13-page product preview at d-preview by Simon Joinson. Also posted a duet hands-on preview at Imaging Resource.

The Nikon Melville New York (USA) press release can be found at the Imaging Insider.

The D90 will be available around September for $1000 as body only, and $1300 bundled with the brand new 18-105 f3.5-5.6 ED VR lens. One day later, the D90 body only is available for pre-order at Amazon for $1000. No shipping estimate is given, it is listed as "temporarily out of stock". Likewise the D90 + 18-105 kit is "temporarily out of stock" and goes for $1300. For more on these, be sure to check the Canon 50D vs Nikon D90 pre-orders edition.

Meet the Nikon D90
The DSLR is centered around the 12mp CMOS APS-C/DX sensor and the EXPEED engine.

The machine-gun mode is at 4.5 frames per second. Start up is 15 milliseconds with shutter response at 65ms. Even the image preview has a machine-gun mode, 120ms per image.

While not a photography-priority feature, the D90 is the first mirror-flipping interchangeable lens DSLR to offer a "true" video recording mode, which is a 24fps 720p HD movie, which Nikon calls D-Movie. And this is a great match for its HDMI output feature and socket.

The D90 offers 3D Color Matrix Metering II and it does have a spot-meter, something Canon DSLRs don't always have for some strange Oly-panarama-bizarro reason.

The D90 features the Multi-CAM 1000 AF Module with 11-point autofocus.

The native ISO goes up to 3200 at full resolution and up to 6400 in "Hi ISO mode".

Shutter speeds range from a little as 1/4000 and as along as 30 seconds. The shutter itself is rated at 100,000 clicks.

Scene recognition and Face detection are a must feature these days among electronics superstore consumers so here they are :)

It has a 0.94x optical viewfinder along with a 3" LCD with 920k dots and features a Live View.

Battery life is an estimated 850 CIPA using the included standard LiIon battery. For more, one can use the optional and already existing and available MB-D80 battery grip which goes for around $130. The grip can take two EN-EL3e or six AA (rechargeable) batteries.

The SD/SDHC memory card makes more in-roads in DSLRs, as the D90 is an SD/SDHC camera.

Dust bunnies protection is included, aka sensor cleaning function.

And of course the GPS functionality, and the GP1 accessory.

Thankfully Nikon has done anything stupid with RAW with this camera, unlike the P6000.

Coverage on the Net
Lots of Nikon goodies including sample images, sample videos, and a 16-page brochure have been posted by Nikon itself. Rob Galbraith has all the links.

Photo-blogger Chase Jarvis has a 5 and a half minute hands-on video preview of the D90.

Meanwhile Camera Labs rounds-up the D90 and compares the specs between the D80, D300 and XSi 450D.

And now we can revisit David Busch's D90 detailed analysis titled "Why Nikon are great".

There's a review coming! Jeff Keller has a D90 in his hands and he will post his review after he finishes the K20D and E520 reviews in August. More on the D90 at DCR. He also promises sample pictures this week, time-permitting.

And if you are looking for an appetizer, Crunch Gear talks about new Sandisk SDHC memory cards going as fast as 30MB/s and are co-promoted with the new D90.

More on the D90 at Digital Camera Review.

Directly from the horse's mouth, the PR by Nikon itself.

And a bonus, if you are tired of specs, rumors, leaks, and technobabble, you can help PhotoWalk Pro sort through 1000+ photo-walk pictures.

More reactions to the D90 coming later on Wednesday.

Also be sure to stay up to date with new D90 news via the D90 Daily Diary.

The Nikon D90 meets TechMeMe
The Nikon D90 has generated so much buzz that it made it to the front page of TechMeme!


Neutralday said...

This camera is going to sell very, very well. Thanks for roundup!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Great point. The video mode alone could be a game-changer in terms of purchases. Obviously some photography purists may scoff and dismiss it, but I think overall this will be considered a big plus among the electronics and high-tech buyers.

Initially I thought we would see video in DSLRs from one of the "appliance makers" not Canon/Nikon, but then I when I re-thought this, Nikon is the only one who doesn't have a line of camcorders, so they have nothing to lose by offering video mode.

On the other hand Canon, Sony, Panasonic (Olympus), and Samsung (Pentax) would have to worry about their camcorder sales if they make a DSLR that has a decent video recording mode.

Wirehead Arts said...

I posted my thoughts at http://www.wireheadarts.com/blog/nikon_d90/

I had initially planned on just posting a link to somebody's coverage but I think it's bigger than that. Largely because it's bringing something to the table that bests the standard camcorder design. There's a lot of fun experimental stuff that's going to happen once the right people get their hands on it.

1001 noisy cameras said...

This could potentially spin off a new niche of its own, SLR-videography after its video clips are analyzed and reviewed!

wirehead arts said...

See, I wouldn't say as much of being it's own niche as much as there being a small group of weirdos (much like the first good DV guys were in a world of 8mm and 16mm film) who don't shoot like everybody else.

And, like DV, even if the video quality is only so-so, the benefits for people who can take advantage of the smaller depth of field and the interchangeable lenses are huge.

Damn. Anybody got a few thousand bucks or a D90 to lend me? Would be fun. :D

Neutralday said...

Just wanted to add how tailor made this camera will be for how Flickr imagines their members using their new video feature. I know they didn't want more Youtube stuff, but wanted members to think about "moving pictures". The D90 definitely fits the bill.