Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nikon D90 rumor round-up

As promised earlier today in the Rumor Soup, we are now going to have wall to wall coverage of the Nikon D90 rumors, speculation, dreams, and wishful thinking!

The rumoralia perception seems to have settled on the Nikon D90 specs speculated by Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan. These specs include:

  1. 12mp APS-C/DX sensor
  2. 4.5fps burst mode
  3. 11-point autofocus
  4. Live View via 3" LCD
  5. Can record video
  6. GPS functionality
  7. HDMI out, but sorry, can't play BluRay ;-)
  8. New 18-105 DX lens (roughly 28-160mm equivalent)

Nikon D90 in the blogosphere

Nikon D90 discussions in the dpreview forums
In the soon to be renamed D90-to-D40 dpreview forum, the D90 threads come in waves! Here's a 50+ thread talking Hogan specs. Another user altruistically summarizes things for those who don't want to read every single thread and post.

If you have a whole pot of coffee brewed and don't want to waste it, start reading this 150-post thread on the Hogan Specs.

And some more speculation.

And now we leave the comfortable confines of the Nikon forums, and see what the users of other manufacturers are saying about the hypothetical D90 DSLR: Surpringly very little D90-talk in the Canon forums, where Galbraith's recent comments on the 40D are generating a whole lot more buzz!

Sony users are talking more about Micro Four Thirds than D90. Similarly Pentaxians are talking more Micro Four Thirds, and much less D90. Do we see a pattern here?

Nikon D90 discussions in other forums
At the "Radio Forums" (FM - Fred Miranda), Hogan's speculations are analyzed, and video is one of the recurring talking points.

More than 50 responses so far in this D90 discussion at Photo-Net. Are we there yet???

A 30+ message discussion at talking video and other things. And the obligatory Thom thread. And some speculation.

Okay, I think we covered a lot of ground, if you need more, let me know :-)

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