Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Nikon P6000 is officially announced! (RAW, hot-shoe, GPS, 28mm wide, 14mp)

As mentioned last night, the Nikon P6000 is no longer a rumor or a leak. It is an official Nikon product, announced, signed, sealed, and expected to be delivered later this year. [permalink]

Quick update! We are now starting to catch-up with "real time", and there is a little bit of a mess with the NRW raw format. Hogan summarizes it on his website in the August 7 "Coolpix announcements" entry.

Meet the rawsumer Nikon Coolpix P6000
Here are the defining characteristics of the P6000:

  1. RAW, RAW, RAW, as in Nikon .NRW files
  2. Hot-shoe!
  3. Lens starts at 28mm wide (28-112m), with optical VR (image stabilization)
  4. Lens is 4x zoom, starts at f2.7, versus f2.0 of the Panasonic LX3
  5. Lens has "ED" designation (don't look for blue M&Ms in the box ;-)
  6. Optional 0.76x Wide-angle Converter WC-E76 brings it to 21mm wide
  7. Manual exposure
  8. Optical Viewfinder (OVF) + 2.7" (230K) fixed LCD
  9. Built-in GPS
  10. 13.5-megapixel sensor (1/1.7" sensor)
  11. Picture Control System
  12. Battery life is 260 via EN-EL5 according to DC Resource
  13. Price is $500, ships in September, pre-orders at Amazon

Other P6000 features include an Ethernet port or "wired LAN" as the computer translators like to say. Sadly there is no wireless Starbucks ordering menu :(

The metric weight is 240 grams, putting the camera price at slightly over $2 per gram ;-) Take that oil (gas/petrol)!

Nikon P6000 coverage on the net
The Nikon USA press release of the P6000 can be found at the Imaging Insider.

Unfortunately Nikon Japan has stopped providing initial production output numbers in their Japanese press releases, so we do not know how many they will be producing per month.

Product shots, including the P6000 with the SB-400 flash mounted on its hot-shoe, and the P6000 with the wide-angle lens, can be found at

More on the P6000 at Serious Compacts.

We will have coverage of the reactions to the P6000 at the RAWsumer blog later tonight. The link will be added here after that post is written and posted. And later tonight has arrived, reactions to the P6000 in the blogs and in the forums.

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