Sunday, August 10, 2008

The 1001 Noisy Leaderboard (experimental)

Following the example of tech blogger Louis Gray, who was inspired by the TechMeme leaderboard, we are starting a new experiment, the 1001 Noisy Leaderboard.

This ranks the feed items that we shared, starred or read in the last 30 days via Google Reader. We are using a variation of the Louis Gray approach, by considering not only "shared", but also "read" and "starred" items. It's a noisy formula, which we will fine-tune later on.

Most Shared+Starred+Read in last 30 days using Google Reader
1Imaging InsiderLatest Photography News
2Serious CompactsAll about Serious but Compact cameras
3Digital Pro TalkProfessional Photographer shares expertise
4Photoshop InsiderScott Kelby's digital photography blog
5TWIP PhotoAll things Photography
6PhotoWalk ProPhotoWalking and lots more
7Pro Photo LifeProfessional Photographer shares expertise
8NikonRumors.comThe breakaway hit of the season!
9Epic Edits blogResource for the aspiring photographer
10Image Sensors WorldImage Sensors and image sensors too!

So how are blogs considered for the Leaderboard? We start with all the blogs that we are subscribed to with Google Reader. On a regular basis, we read, share and star individual posts from various blog/website feeds using Google Reader. Google Reader keeps track of the action, and summarizes the results, which allows us to come up with the leaderboard by heuristically combining the three sets of data (read+shared+starred).

A number of posts from the blogs mentioned above were shown in the "Situation Room". Speaking of the Situation Room, it is long overdue for a remodeling!

It's easy to do
This is a really fun thing you can all do if you are using Google Reader or any other news reader (or social bookmarking site) that keeps track of what you are reading or sharing or tagging. For Google Reader, just click on the "Trends" link which is located in the top right corner box at the Google Reader page.

You can assign different weights to each category, eg "starred" or "shared" may have a much higher weight than "read". This of course depends on how you utilize Google Reader and the different tags.

This dataset is volume-based, so if a blog publishes 100 posts in a month, it will likely have more shares/stars/reads than a blog that publishes 10 posts a month. If you are a number-crunching person, you can normalize the data - divide by the number of actual posts in the last 30 days, and come up with a more a subjectively-qualitative ranking. I haven't done this in this edition.

PS> We did not include any of the "noisy blogs" (eg this blog or RAWsumer or DSLR Map or Camera Charts or flickr pool) in the list, thus making more room for other blogs/feeds!

7 comments: said...

Wow! We made it to #8. Thanks for putting this together - I will be watching it closely.

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! Keep up the great rumoralia work! It's the Photokina Final Countdown almost!

KerryG said...

This begs the question, is in your google reader or not? :)
-Kerry said...

We now have also - building up the rumor empire :)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Dojo is in the G-Reader!

I am suspecting LeicaRumors is gonna be busy in the next few weeks! They can't fire the owners, so they have to come up with something this time :-)

Jim Talkington said...

To find myself at #7 in the list is an awesome way to start the week! You're always coming up with great new ideas for readers, I'm stoked to be a part of this one. Thanks for all the tracking and research. And keep the witty commentaries coming...

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks as well for providing great content and sharing your photography experience with the rest of us!