Thursday, August 14, 2008

Noisy Round-up: More D90 buzz, D700 impact review, and more

After a mini-vacation courtesy of the Blogger-bots-gone-wild we are back to posting new posts! All apologies for not having a new blog post in more than 30 hours, which is quite possibly a record for this information-overload blog. [permalink]

We start with a mini-thankathon! First we thank Scott Kelby for including this noisy blog in his blog reading list, which includes a lot of must-read blogs, covering the world of photography and imaging from multiple angles and viewpoints!

Next we thank PhotoWalk Pro and Revell Photography for including this blog in their breakfast menu. This blog goes well with eggs :)

Nikon World: D700 review, latest D90 buzz, Ken Rockwell
D700 fans rejoice! We have an impact review, Imaging Resource has published their D700 review yesterday, giving the D700 its first "Big Two" review. The IR review has been added to the DSLR Review Organizer Map, which is a long name for a list of reviews organized using a secret formula. Almost as secret as the KFC formula ;-)

Terry White has posted his impressions after shooting with the Nikon 14-24 f2.8 and the D700. What did he think? Read on to find out. And a teaser for low-light fans: A picture from an indoor training class at the Adobe building, taken with the D700 and 14-24 lens at ISO 3200, at 18mm, f8, 1/8 sec.

Next we have more D90 buzz that should convince most of the unbelievers that the D90 is for real! We already talked about guide-author-talks-D90-specs, now there's more. Here is a quick recap:

  1. The D90 was listed at Circuit City earlier, but now it's at Best Buy too. And found in a UPC database. More on both at Engadget
  2. Nikon Rumors notices that a French retailer has listed the D3x and D90 for pre-ordering. Find out more at Nikon Rumors!
  3. If you missed the D90 rumoralia, Robin Edgar's blog has a detailed round-up of the D90 leaks so far.
  4. Photography Bay has spotted upcoming Google Ads from two major retailers promoting the D90.

And now a couple of posts from Ken Rockwell. First a picture taken at ISO 3200, comparing the D3 vs D300 vs D700. But wait, there's more, here's an "instant classic" KR post, $1000 off D700, which is bound to get forum users across the internet "excited". Please note that we do not endorse the "$1000 off" post by KR, we are simply posting it as an "FYI"!

Canon World: Rumors and lens reviews
Okay, how about some Canon coverage as well? has a new wave of Canon rumors and speculation, including a list of Canon cameras that need to be replaced, and various rumors with different strength-ratings. For more on Canon (and other brand) cameras that are due for a replacement, be sure to check our Point & Shoot Speculation spectacular.

And while we are on the topic of Canon, PhotoZone has just reviewed the Canon flavor of the Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens. And since we are talking lenses, one more lens review, The Digital Picture has reviewed the Canon-flavored Sigma 50-150 f2.8 EX HSM DC II.

Update! Lori Grunin at CNet has just posted her Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D review. We won't reveal their findings, jump on to CNet for the details!

Sigma DP1 Review Round-up
Now back to the available-right-now cameras, we kicked off the RAWsumer Review Lists at RAWsumer with the Sigma DP1 review list. This uses a similar format to DSLR Map and organizes reviews in a three-column format. The goal is to give the reader a diverse group of opinions. If you plan to read all the reviews, then ignore the columns :) If you notice any review that should have been listed there but it is not listed, please let us know!

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