Sunday, August 24, 2008

Noisy Round-up: Leaks, Rumors and Photo-Walks

[in fake Wolf Blitzer voice]... At this hour, we have more Canon 50D rumors leaks rumors, Leica Cinema rumors, D90 action, and moooore. But first, our internet correspondent, iNoisy looks at pictures from the weekend world-wide photowalks.

Photographer Scott Duffy participated in not one, but two photo-walks this weekend. Here are some of his pictures. More at Pixelated Image.

The Insider points us to more images from the Scott Kelby world-wide photowalk, including all the images tagged so on Flickr.

Breaking News Update!
Photographer Lawrence Ripsher has just posted his Panasonic LX3 review. Conclusions are on page four for those who can't wait to find out what he found out!

The Canon 50D Noise gets louder - fact or fiction?
Bob Atkins has front and back Canon 50D body pictures, coming from the Olympic leak in China.

And a Canon Japan Japanese website leak has generated a lot more buzz, here is wall to wall coverage at Neutral Day, including a number of sample pictures from the camera and of the camera via Canon Japan leakage. There we also learn of the relationship between the 40D and 50D. And is the 50D a D300 killer?

The rumors/leak comes from a Japanese site,, hosted by MediaTemple. These things can get confusing in the first few hours, since things can get lost in the (computer) translation. For example, the website may not be hosted by Canon Japan, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the leaked information is not factual.

If you find all these frustrating, it's best to wait for when (or if) there is an official announcent. If not, then keep on reading :)

Meanwhile Photography Bay is pointing us to an official 50D sample via Canon Japan, along with body pictures. It looks like the Canon 50D is on a fast-track from rumor to reality...

...while the Canon 5D Mark II (or 7D) has had a rumor lifecycle that is longer than the actual product lifecycle of most DSLRs out there! Interesting eh?

Wall to wall discussions of all these, and whether this is legit or not, in the Canon dpreview forum.

And part of the above leak-athon at Dog-Cr (Dog Creative) there are four alleged Powershots, Canon Rumors summarizes them. If these are so, it looks like Canon is coming up with a new naming scheme for its entry-level AA-based models. Still no word on Canon G9 or S5-IS replacements or follow-ups.

Canon 50D Buzz makes it to TechMeme Frontpage
The buzz in the photo-blogo-sphere around the 50D has picked up enough momentum to make it on the front page of TechMeme!

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