Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympics help sell Olympus? (New Top Sellers)

We continue our snapshot-to-snapshot soap opera that is the Amazon Top Seller Digital Cameras Charts with the latest update! Screenshot teaser and discussion follows!

Perhaps the best commercial for Olympus are the Olympics? Nothing like having your name associated with a big event like that that was worldwide interest and appeal! As you can see from above, Olympus now has two SW-based camera in the Top 15, and one can speculate that if these cameras took SD/SDHC memory cards, they could even challenge for the top 5 or even the #1 spot. And the other good news for Olympus fans is while the 770SW is doing this at the discounted price of $200, the 1030SW is selling at around $320, which is a decent Powershot-like price. Olympus, start listening please!

And we have a new #1! But don't get too excited. Canon continues to dominate the Amazon market, but this time a AA Powershot has managed to push away the adorably ruthless armies of LiIon-based Ixus Ixy Elphs. We are talking of course about the biggest bang for the buck camera at the moment, the Canon A590-IS. What else can you ask from a camera selling for $140? Especially when you compare it with the scene-mode competitors with sub-200 CIPA.

On the DSLR front, the D-Rebel XSi 450D kit is stabilizing at $700 and the price is proving to be tempting for more and more people. Just $70 more than the XS 400D kit, and about $270 less than the 40D, the XSi 450D is in a very good position.

The Nikon D60 kit on the other hand is also doing well at around $600, and the focus motor "feature" does not seem to scare away buyers. We prefer not to see cameras "crippled" in this fashion, but Nikon is the new Canon, so you better lock up your DSLRs while you are asleep, because a team of Nikon engineers will come in and remove your spot-meter and replace your NEF with NRW ;-)

The bottom of the Top 100 sees a trio of non-Canon/Nikon DSLRs, being the Pentax K200D kit, the Olympus E510 2-lens kit and the Sony A200 2-lens kit. All three are priced around $600, and with the expiration of the $100 rebate, Pentax is finding itself not being the best bang for the buck DSLR kit. But not everyone agrees, this PentaxForums user makes a case for the K200D.

Among hyperzooms (zoom ratio over 12X), the Panasonic FZ18K continues to lead the way, ahead of the Nikon P80, Sony H50, and Olympus SP-570uz. But, yes but, there is a new challenger in town, the FZ28K is now starting to ship and the combination of early sales and pre-orders is helping it make a Top 100 debut. Already there is a $10 discount, going for $390.

We could go on for hours and hours but then this would become unreadably long. There's a lot more action in the Top 100, so be sure to check it out to see where the likes of the 40D, D300, D700 are ranked.

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