Monday, August 4, 2008

Photographers and the Creative Class - What do You think?

There is talk of the "Creative Class" being the way of the future, and one author is generating buzz on this subject, Richard Florida and his Creative Class phenomenon. Florida has been an invited guest to a number of places, from NPR to ultra-conservative talk show host Stephen T. Colbert.

Photographers, whether they are art-priority or technology-priority, digital or film, appear to be very good "candidates" as members of the Creative Class.

What do you think? A match made in heaven? Hog-wash? Brilliant? Recycled psycho-babble? Neo-class-warfare? The way of the future? Astute analysis?

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Anonymous said...

The description here of Stephen Colbert as ultra-conservative is a real laugher. Colbert plays the persona of ultraconservative as a spoof on ultra conservatives and as a vehicle of humor in his interaction with conservatives and liberals alike.


1001 noisy cameras said...

Thank you for explaining the joke :)