Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photography Soup Express

Welcome to the Sunday night express edition of the Photography Soup! As the name suggests, anything goes :)

Sigma DP1: Epiphany or Cacophony?
Two serious Serious Compacts photographers had a recent Sigma DP1 experience. What did they think? Did they have a Foveonesque epiphany? Did they think the DP1 was a cacophony of colors? Read on to find out!

Round-up of Round-ups
Epic Edits hand-picks their favorite blog stories from the week that was.

You don't need to read Finnish to enjoy all the goodies at They have a nice selection of frequently updated camera and photography posts from all around the world.

On the road? In an airport? Not enough time to surf the net for all the latest? Then take a quick look at the Photography page at AllTop. They feature headlines from a number of websites and blogs. An efficient way to catch up!

Inside the Insider
Did these magnets escape from The Island of "LOST"? Watch out!

What should be done with the paparazzi? How about the R-word? Regulation?

Nikon and Microsoft part ways over photographer rights. Bad Blue screen, bad!

Around the internets
Have a favorite story you want others to read? Looking for new material? Wrote your own articles you want the world to read? Then head on over to Photography Voter! No recounts, no courts, no voter suppression! Every vote counts!

Dust off your walking shoes! World-wide photowalk day is Saturday August 23 says CameraDojo.

Finding inspiration is the latest post at Digital Pro Talk.

Pop Photo magazine veteran Michael McNamara has gone IPO! He is now launching his own McNamara report online.

Discover New Sites and Blogs Non-Stop 24x7
If you want to discover new sites and blogs, but can't wait for new episodes, we have an alternative for you: Check 1001 Noisy Cameras at Stumble Upon for more than 700 websites, blogs and pictures featured. And if you want all these to be added to the pool of websites you "discover" when you press the green "Stumble" button, then add 1001NoisyCameras as a friend. We add new websites and blogs all the time, so check early and often.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day
This new segment is an homage to our hero, "BillO": The picture speaks for itself.

Off-topic Item of the Day
Spam's everywhere! Here is a delicious spam recipe :)

Coming Soon: Favorite Pictures from the Flickr Pool
To celebrate the 1000+ reader pictures submitted in the 1001 Noisy Flickr pool, we will start featuring one favorite picture from each flickr member who submitted a picture to the pool. We will start in chronological order, so the person who submitted the first picture to the pool will be the first featured, and so on. So there is plenty of time to add your pictures to the pool and be featured in a future Photography Soup episode!

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