Monday, August 11, 2008

Photography Soup (No Rumors, No Gadget Talk, No Olympics)

If you are tired of rumors, gear talk and gadgetology, you have found the right post! This is a "safe haven"! And as a bonus, we will avoid all things Olympics! A double-safe safe haven :)

Debut of the flickr group member showcase: flickr member Mike Gavin
So here we go! The first brave person who submitted a picture to the flickr pool was flickr user Mike Gavin, group member #1. Mike has submitted a number of nice outdoors/nature pictures to the pool, but we had to pick one as our favorite!

So after much deliberation, we decide to select this atmospheric picture as our favorite!

Each new episode of the Photography Soup will feature flickr group members, presented in chronological membership order.

Flicrk Group Member Showcase: Introduction
Today we start a new segment where we put on our self-appointed picture competition judge hats and pick one favorite picture from each flickr member who submitted pictures to our flickr group's pool. We will present members in chronological order, that way new and future members will have more opportunities to be featured at a later date, and the people who joined first, will be featured first.

In general, we will be giving a higher weight to the perceived artistic value of the photographs we "judge" as we pick one favorite from each user. Ironically, since this is a gear/gadget-blog, we will give a lower weight to technical/pixel-peeping factors. In other words, we'd rather pick a subjectively-deemed "artistic-value" picture, over a perfectly exposed and perfectly post-processed picture.

We will also add each favorite picture to our flickr favorites.

New Photokina e-magazine/e-book
Imaging Insider informs us that a brand new Photokina e-book/e-magazine has been published. It is free! More than 80-pages, with a variety of topics that cover different aspects of the wide world of photography and imaging.

Around the Internet
Photography is not just fun and games, it's not just pixel-peeping and charts, it can be very deep, cutting across the inner core of a person. Case in point: Days with my father (flash).

If you are near the Washington DC metro area, and you are interested in joining a new collaborative blog about DC Photography, be sure to check out Scott Duffy's blog for all the details. Here is a direct link to DC Photo Guide. Collaborative blogs are a growing trend, as they allow busy photographers to maximize the benefits of a group blog. One such example is the Serious Compacts blog. Another example is the Louisville Photography Collective.

If you love wedding photography be sure to check David Ziser's blog. And right there, DZ points us to eight great wedding photographer sites.

If someone tells you to get behanced, should you be offended, inquisitive or ecstatic? One way to find out, visit

Rock and roll groups are not the only ones making a comeback! ADIDAP (All Day I Dream About Photography) is making a comeback with a new round of pictures.

Walls falling down is not always a good thing. An iconic natural wonder in a park in Utah collapsed last week. The Park Service says this was caused by age, gravity and erosion. And they say gravity is a "weak force". Oh what do all these math-geek-scientists know? ;-)

With the emergence of helicopters, airplanes, satellites, and remote controlled flying gadgets, photography from above is becoming more and more popular. Case in point, Britain from Above.

Pro Photo Life featured a guest video tutorial this week, on lighting, with David Tejada. Be sure to check it out and get en-light-ened!

Eating your subjects is usually not a good idea, whether you are doing scientific experiments or photography. But there is one exception: food photography. And that's where the food photography tutorial at Pixsylated comes in!

Interested in architectural photography, but getting started may seem overwhelming? Try this introductory post at Digital Photography Skool.

Wikis are always a hot topic. So if you have time to spare or you are stuck in an airport frustrated and waiting, you can evaluate the photography portal at Wikipedia and see where they screwed up. Oops, that sounded a little biased :)

If you like to check out book reviews, be sure to check TWIP Photo. They have 19 reviews to date, the latest one the High Dynamic Range book by Ferrell McCollough.

And speaking of book reviews, we will be reviewing a controversial book in the next few days. It's not a technical/how-to book. Prepare to be outraged ;-)

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