Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photography Soup (weekend edition)

Welcome to a new edition of the Photography Soup! Let's have a look at the blogosphere, while avoiding Photokina talk that has been dominating this noisy blog for the last few weeks.

Flickr Group Member Showcase: Peasap
Today we feature the 3rd person who submitted a picture to our flickr pool, flickr user Peasap. And our favorite picture, "Three's A Crowd", a winter sunset beach from above, taken with a Canon DSLR.

To see all the pictures in the pool or add your pictures and be featured in a future segment, please visit the flickr pool. For more on this segment, be sure to check the introduction.

Tech Talk
Summer time! Water! Oceans! Beaches! Pools! How about some waterproof cameras - at Arnie's blog. And while you are traveling out and about, Arnie has a mini-review of a photo trackr gadget, a mini-GPS device.

Make a case for it! This user does, makes a case for the Pentax K200D.

Oh we forgot to mention it, Adobe has announced version 7 of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Coverage of this all over the blogosphere, press release at Imaging Insider.

We have added to the giant Who Reviews Digital Cameras post. Any other review sites we have omitted? Please let us know and we will add them! And by reviews, we mean actual camera reviews, not specifications or press release reviews :)

The Learning Never Stops...
...especially with digital that changes almost on a daily basis. So here we go...

Have questions about lighting? Strobist is taking on questions, with answers coming next week. So if you have a question you can't find an answer to, ask the Strobist!

Have you done this? Take a song and turn it into a picture?.

We make a lot of noise about cameras having or not having a spot-meter. But how do you take advantage of it? Beyond Megapixels has an example.

TWIP Photo showcases the benefits of texture in your photographs.

Get Inspired and start photo-walking! Photo Walk Pro picks some of their favorite pictures from the world-wide photo-walks last Saturday.

JPG Magazine is introducing new interactive features, with profile pages featuring votable pictures, badges, stats and more!

If you are running a studio or you are a working photographer, be sure to check David Ziser's Business Days.

College student looking for an internship? Photographer Eric Hamilton is offering internships around the year.


mrsfixit said...

Have you seen this?????????

There is a new EVIL camera under development by Samsung!

It's not supposed to be ready until 2010, but it's competition for micro 4/3, and possibly a wake up call for the big manufacturers to get off their collective butts and give the consumer something other than more megapixels and smaller sensors!

I think your readers will want to know about this!

1001 noisy cameras said...

I haven't! Thanks for the heads up Mrs Fix It! Wow this is interesting and sad at the same time! Write-up coming soon!

mrsfixit said...

I don't think that link pasted quite right... trying again-

Here's the news thread at dpreview about it:

It's a very interesting article!

Things are about to get *really* interesting!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks Mrs Fix It!

Unfortunately the comments section does not convert the links automatically, so for live links it expects a standard HTML link, the a href stuff.