Friday, August 29, 2008

Photokina 2008: Unfinished Business

Photokina 2008 is getting closer and closer. We've already had a boatload of digital cameras announced, some exciting but also a lot of shiny-silver-clones. So what else can we expect to see?

Canon 5D Mark I Replacement: If Paris Hilton was a digital camera analyst, she would have called the lack of a 5D follow-up "outrageously totally embarrassing". But there is hope we can believe in! Thanks to a great tip by we see this forum post by a laconic user who has been quite accurate so far in his/her Canon "predictions". His/her 5D Mark II "prediction" is "21-megapixels and records video". More on Canon at

Canon G10: It looks like Canon was about to announce the G10 but they pulled the string the last minute. Which could perhaps explain the G10 leak. If Nikon is pushing people towards the LX3 because of their quasi-RAW NRW silliness, Canon is pushing them towards the LX3 by their G10 Indecision 2008.

Nikon Flagship: Already Nikon went on record stating something big comes this way, but they also managed to muddy the waters by linking their "something big" to wedding photography through the Rangefinder magazine. So is it a wedding photography camera or a rangefinder or both or two-in-one? We can assume that we will get at least one of the two... With digital medium format dropping in price, this may be as good of a good time as any for Nikon to make a flagship statement.

Sony Flagship: This is almost guaranteed, although Sonoltalpha fans are getting frustrated that so many new cameras have been announced and released but they have yet to get their flagship. Sony went on record with the 25mp Exmor CMOS full-frame sensor. And various "A900" bodies were shown behind glass at various trade shows throughout the world. So barring any dramatic events, we should be seeing a Sony flagship before the end of September.

Leica, Leica, Leica: We have yet to hear from Leica, and it's been a while since they came up with a Like-a-Leica-sonic. Leica fans are hoping for a big bang, or at least some direction in the R-series, M-series, compact digital cameras, and future/potential involvement with Four Thirds and Micro Four Thirds... One thing that screams Leica is the Panasonic LX3... Here is a recap of Leica rumors at the l-camera forums.

Micro Four Thirds: Speaking of which, it is imperative that the Micro Four Thirds "coalition" gives us more tangible details. At least one camera body, and at least 2-3 lenses are a must. The more the better. Many people remember Four Thirds, so if they see patterns of the same "behavior", Micro Four Thirds may be seen as Four Thirds Jr, instead of change we can believe in.

Olympus: Apart from Micro Four Thirds involvement, there are lots of Olympic rumors of a 4/3rds DSLR sitting somewhere in between the E3 and the E5xx-series. Not sure what or where, although the rumors are plenty. They call it E30. And for the dreamers out there, there are some wild rumors of a Panasonic HDR sensor.

K-Mounties: The rumors are of a "K2000D" affordable AA-based dSLR first, and then a flagship K-mount digital camera. Meanwhile Samsung who is seen as the financial and manufacturing muscle in this has not released an "affordable" DSLR recently, despite the availability of K100D, K110D, K100Ds, and K200D. Their current DSLR is the GX20 which is a variation of the K20D and costs $1000+.

Sigma: The Sigma founder promises an SD15 DSLR and two DP-series models, one possibly with a zoom lens. But Sigma operates on "Sigma time" so they could come at Photokina 2008 or 2010 or 2012 ;-)

Fuji: Are rumors of Fuji DSLRs demise greatly exaggerated or fact? We blog, the market decides... Away from DSLRs, there was a dream-rumor of a Fuji Natural Digital f1.9 which we all want to believe, but... More credible is a Fuji riddle posted by Thom Hogan.

Speed-demon 6mp 1/1.8" sensor: Was the Casio EX-F1 a one-off experiment or the vanguard of hybrid camera/camcorders? DSLRs are now entering the video business, so the competition is heating up!

What Else? There's more stuff to be announced at Photokina! What else you are interesting in seeing? Something from Zeiss? Someone else making a digital rangefinder play? More 3rd party digital lenses?


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FYI — the link to Nikon Rumors is pointing to Plus, you spelt Nikon "Ninon" right before that link.

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Great super-fast catch! Thanks! Now fixed! The battle between Cakon vs Ninon continues :)