Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rumor Round-up: Canon, Leica, Nikon, Sony, and friends

We tried to keep this a rumor-free weekend, but we just couldn't resist! If you hatorade rumors, be sure to check our other recent posts! Do note that the following are rumors and rumors can range anywhere from wishful thinking to reality. We blog, you deride! (not a typo)

We've been paying too much attention to Nikon lately, so we will start with the other brands first.

Leica Rumors
The Imaging Insider points us to a post in the L-forums where one user points out that there is an increase in M8 for sale by owner. But not everyone agrees with that assessment and a debate ensues!

The Leica Rumors blog digs into the dpreview forums and points us to a thread discussing the possibility of new R-series, "affordable" Leicas and the expected LX3 rebrando.

Another rumor there talks of a September 15 possibility of an announcement. What Leica goodies might we expect?

And now we invite Lou Reed over and take a walk on the wild side with this rumor, Leica rebranding Canons? As you may recall, before their Panasonic affair, Leica was rebranding Fujis.

Canon Rumors
Well this is not exactly a rumor, we have been noticing in recent Top Sellers updates Canon G9 supply issues, and now both The Online Photographer and Canon Rumors are also pointing in the direction of "discontinued".

Neutral Day points us to a UK print-newspaper talking Canon 5D Mark II, but the poor newspaper guys apparently can't tell the difference between a post by dpreview and a post in the dpreview forums by a dpreview user. Unless of course they are playing dumb so they can leak with plausible deniability :)

More Canon rumoralia at and Alex Wise.

And from the dpreview forums, one forum user says that the Canon 50D was shown to a number of insiders at a Canon event in Hawai'iii.

At the risk of alienating the rumor hunters, we have a non-rumor, a fact: Camera Labs has posted their review of the Digital Rebel Xs 1000D. For more XS 1000D and other DSLR reviews, be sure to check the DSLR Review Organizer Map.

Sony Rumors
The Dynuxians are wondering out loud, will there a Sony Photokina surprise? All sorts of Alpha possibilities are being discussed and model names ranging from A500 to A1000 and beyond are thrown into the hat.

We've been hearing about the A900 "coming up" for ever it seems, is it time for a replacement? :)

Nikon Rumors
Last but not least, we return to Nikon where the D90 is almost solid. The latest of course was the video mode screen-shot through Nikon Rumors.

What is not a certainty is what or whether we will see a flagship at Photokina. Common sense points to a Photokina flagship, but common sense does not always determine reality :) The latest rumor at Nikon Rumors talks of a 24mp Sony sensor powering the new Nye-kon flagship.

More on the Nikon rumors at

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