Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rumor Soup: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, carrots and spices (updated!)

The photoblogosphere and photoforumsphere are buzzing with what is potentially happening in the next few days. And rightfully so, since we are orbiting Planet Photokina 2008 :)

PhotoClubAlpha, a website that closely follows all things Sonoltalpha, says that August 14 will be Sony day. They also speculate that a "Alpha A900" announcement maybe coming later (they mention potential dates int their post). As for the 14th, the word is "exciting digital camera". Will Sony return to the RAWsumer/advanced-compact segment?

Adorama points out that August 12 may be the day where we get an official Fuji announcement. Regular readers may recall we had a late night party when Fuji Canada leaked a handful of new digital cameras. points out to an August 6 date. and Photography Bay notice August 26 as a potential Canon press event day.

More from PhotographyBay, they spotted that a french retailer has posted prices for a "Canon 7D" and a "Sony A900".

Meanwhile Mason Resnick at Adorama has 11 pre-Photokina predictions, including DSLRs, Leica, Megapixel Mania, Canon, rangefinders, and more! Considering the Micro Four Thirds re-assurance, I'm not sure about prediction #9.

CNet France has its own rumor-speculation round-up, with Canon 7D, Nikon D90 and others. This article is in french. Merci!

PhotographyPress UK talks Nikon D90!

It's international rumor day today! More on Nikon from and at Nikon Watch.

And we saved the dessert for last, Nikon superguru Thom Hogan goes in a detailed speculation trance and talks Nikon D90, and also a new 18-105 DX lens! Hogan's site does not have links to individual posts, so depending on when you are reading this, you may have to hunt for it. This will get its own post once we find a block of time to write it :)

A Typical Situation
One typical strategy at Photokina is for companies to announce their less dramatic products first, so they can get their 15 minutes of fame. And later on announce the "big bang" products. Imagine if company X announced a new full frame DSLR and five new entry-level P&S models on the same day. Very few people will pay attention to the P&S models, and everyone will be talking about the full frame DSLR. So what they do is announce the five mass-market point and shoots on their own, and then later on announce the big guns. But that's not always the strategy. Others may go for a "big bang", or sprinkle things around.


Bobby said...

Have you seen this!?

1001 noisy cameras said...

I haven't! Interesting, Fuji has the full range now, from "out of the DSLR business" to "Fuji S6 FX" full frame.