Saturday, August 30, 2008

Samsung developing its own small interchangeable lens format

Thanks to our regular reader and commentator Mrs Fix It for the tip!

Amateur Photographer UK is going to get another executive fired ;-) This time they have an exclusive interview with two Samsung executives where they reveal that Samsung is planning a small(er)-size APS-C interchangeable lens camera system to be launched in Spring 2010. Separate and independent of Micro Four Thirds.

For all the juicy details, be sure to check the Amateur Photographer UK interview!

But Pentaxians fear not, this will run alongside the current DSLR system.

Quick "Debbie Downer" Opinion
It is exciting that we will be getting a new smaller-size interchangeable lens system, but it is sad that we are not getting a universal standard with interchangeable bodies and parts.

It's hard not to be cynical, but people (and companies) never learn! And talk about throwing icy cold water on the Micro Four Thirds fire...

Reactions to the announcement
Serious Compacts analyzes the new development, and quickly points out one major difference between this unnamed ("Hybrid" a temporary name?) format and Micro Four Thirds.

A discussion in the dpreview News forum, thanks to a MrsFixIt tip. The dpreview thread is hard to notice because the title is not self-explanatory: the title is "Another giant awakes" which is what one could find in a Nessie forum :)

Another thread has sprung up in the News forum, with a "proper" title.

And what do the Olympus users think? Oh this is a must read thread! In the dpreview Olympus forums.

And this will undoubtedly start a new round of requests for a Samsung forum at dpreview!

Of course 2010 is far far away in the future, so this makes it even more important for Micro Four Thirds to announce and release new MFTs products this year. Otherwise it will feel like a vaporware race to 2010 ;-)

And while talking Micro Four Thirds, a forum user at put on his creative designer hat and came up with concept sketches for what a Micro 4/3rds camera could look like. Please note that this is just engineering artwork from an enthusiast photographer. This is not a rumor, not a leak, not news! This is only someone's creative work! I hope this gets translated correctly with the automated computer-translators. But if you are a camera geek this is cool stuff!

An excellent comment on Samsung's new "Hybrid" announcement by one of dpreview's most knowledgeable forum participants. Good reading.

New Updates: Monday Sept 1
The Amateur Photographer UK editor has behind the scenes comments of their big Samsung story and also explains the need and desire for a smaller size digital-only format.

Serious Compacts has posted a nice color-coded chart that illustrates the sensor-size differences between standard 1/1.7x" sensors found in compacts, Four Thirds (and Micro 4/3rds) sensors, Foveon, and APS-C sensors which is what the new Samsung "Hybrids" (Samsung fan of Battlestar Galactica?) will be using.


mrsfixit said...

Awww, shucks... you're welcome. LOL

But the credit goes to the guy on dpreview who posted the link first. But it's nice to be appreciated. ;-)

Pentax and Samsung have a partnership- Is that right? Sooooo, perhaps a small EVIL camera that's compatible with Pentax lenses?

Can you imagine this sucker with one of those sweet little Pentax pancakes?????

Purse and pocket sized for sure!

1001 noisy cameras said...

That would make it a photographer's pancake breakfast!

It will be interesting to see if Pentax has any involvement with lenses or bodies or both. And this could re-invigorate the Pentax brand among consumers, since Pentax (and Samsung) rarely make fixed-lens digital cameras that are mid-range or above.

I learned of this new news from your comment, thus the hat tip. I was on the way out, but this pulled me back in :)

Juha Haataja said...

Well, the products will appear in 2010, so there is a long time to speculate (and for other manufacturers to act). But the future of the traditional style DSLR seems once again a bit uncertain. Wholly electronic cameras, here they come.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Yes 2010 is a loooooooooooong wait. Some cameras may be three generations older by then!

At the risk of using an unparallel parallel, it may do to DSLRs, what the small cutesy tiny little ultramobile laptops are doing to the "tradional" laptops.

mrsfixit said...

Hey, I am planning on buying one of those ultra mobile laptops... with the intention of carrying it around in my purse! And OMG- they really are SO cute!

Of course it will have to share the space with my camera. Now exactly *which* camera will reside in there after Photokina has yet to be determined...;-)

Guess I better get a bigger purse...;-)

I guess I am what one would call a "gadget geek"... LOL

And it really is time for DSLR's to go the way of the dinosaur. Big noisy clunking mirrors are just old technology. They were great in their time, but this tech is from what- the 1940's? It's time to move on...

1001 noisy cameras said...

I hope the SLR Dinosaur Traditionalists don't read this comment :)

24 days left until Photokina, there could be some interesting choices coming up, hopefully to be released in 2008 as well!

It will be interesting to see if more companies are planning a small(er) format and if any new alliances form along the way.

The good thing with high-tech gadgets is that their prices keep dropping!