Friday, August 22, 2008

Something very big is coming from Nikon - says Nikon

Something big is coming from Nikon. And that's Nikon saying it! is pointing to an ad in the latest issue of Rangefinder magazine. More at Photography Bay and Neutral Day.

The ad does not give details, which opens the floor for speculation! The leading speculation is of course a flagship Nikon "D3x" or "D4" 35mm full frame DSLR, but considering the choice of the medium (Rangefinder magazine), one can also make the case that this could be a digital rangefinder. On the other hand the event promoted is targeting wedding photographers which is pointing to more of a 35mm flagship DSLR so wedding photogs can print planet-size wedding photos :) And of course the world would end if we did not mention the MM - the Mythical Modular - as a long-shot long-shot.

Reactions in the Forums
The Nikon dpreview forum is discussing this.

And a forum user makes a case for a Nikon SP-D digital rangefinder.

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