Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sony Alpha A900: Not here yet, but two Cybershots coming soon!

Photo Club Alpha has been specializing in the Minolta Alpha Sony mount for many years, so we always pay attention when they say something. They have a new update on the timing of the announcement of the Alpha A900, and where you may be able to physically see it first. They also mention that the rumored Sony announcement for this week will likely be two Cybershots. More details.

I'm sure Sony Minolta Alpha fans are on the edge of their seats, anxiously waiting for their first modern-era 35mm-full-frame DSLR, but patience is a Photokina virtue :)

Photo Club Alpha members are discussing the possibilities in the PCA forums. Another thread there discusses potential A900 price in euros.

Update: There was no announcement on that date, perhaps the two Cybershots were the T700 and T77 duo, although we hope that it wasn't, but instead Sony perhaps will be revitalizing their V-series or the Minolta A-series, or something along those lines. This of course is only wishful thinking.

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