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Sony T700 and T77 refresh the fashionable T-series!

Sony refreshes their fashionable T-series with the new Cybershot duet of the T700 and T77. Read all about them in the Sony USA press release at the Imaging Insider. There we learn that they have a 10mp sensor, the usual T-series amenities, and they will ship in September priced at $400 and $300 respectively.

We will have a breakdown of these tomorrow (Thursday), along with a breakdown of the new Nikon Coolpixies.

Meet the Sony T700
Oh it's so adorable! Note that the back of the camera is a giant screen, which screams "touchscreen operation".

The camera joins the parade of 2008 models using the 10mp 1/2.33" sensors. It has a 4x folded optics Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, which goes from 35-140mm in equivalent terms, with Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization. It follows up on the Sony T300 which was the current T-series flagship.

It looks like Sony is "pulling back" on the folded optics zoom range, as the T700 is using a 4x optical zoom lens, versus the 5x lenses of the previous flagship T-series models (T300, T200). If this improves optical quality, then it's a great idea, because going from 35-175mm to 35-140mm is not that much of a big deal. If it is, you probably need to expand your camera search parameters and criteria :)

Following the Soy G1, and Sony T2, the T700 is the second third modern-era Sony digicam to include a sizable and usable amount of on-board memory, namely four gigabytes. This removes a "barrier" for those who might not have purchased a Sony digital camera because they were "MemoryStick-averse". And I can't blame them :-)

The display which is almost called "Xtra Fyne", is a 3.5" LCD with 921k dots (or is it pixels?). It has the expected ultra-slim, ultra-stylish, ultra-compact, ultra-bijou design.

The insides hire a "Bionic" engine (okay, Bionz), with face detection, smile shutter, and "about to pass gas" face detection modes ;-) Speaking of which, a mode that will surely elicit jokes in the forums is "adult priority" :-)

And we have to go in Wiki-mode for some "disambiguation" (not sure what that long word means, we were told to use it to make this post sound more appealing to the dictionary elitists): Sony Ericsson has just announced a camera phone, and guess what they named it? T700! Good luck running internet searches for the "T700"! Details on the camera phone at Engadget.

The T700 is available in many fashionable colors that are sure to match your t-shirt, shirt, skirt, dress, backpack, purse, shoes, jeans, or iPhone colors: red, pink, black, gray, silver and gold. Song not included ;-)

The T700 is priced at $400 and listed at Amazon but not yet ready for pre-ordering. No estimated delivery date is given. estimates a September 5 release in Japan for 45,000 yen. They have a small typo in the date, it's 2008, not 2006 :)

Meet the Sony T77

No on-board memory for the T77, as it slides (pun intended) into the "Robin" role, following up the Cybershot T70. It is also using the 10mp 1/2.33" sensor and shares-a-lot with the T700, but not the 3.5" touch-screen. A boost for those in-between the T70 and the T77 is that the T77 goes to 4x optical zoom lens (35-150mm) versus a 3x optical zoom lens on the T70.

So it looks like Sony has "averaged out" the 5x of the T300/T200 and the 3x of the T70, and came up with 4x optical zoom lenses on both the T700 and T77. A good move if this indeed improves optical image quality.

The T77 is available in five fashionable colors, including "obnoxiously loud lime" green, "I hope that's chocolate" brown, silver, black, pink.

The T77 is listed at Amazon for $300 but no estimated shipping date or option to pre-order is available as of the time of writing. has this listed for a September 5 release and 38k yen price. Japan usually gets new cameras first, before they start "propagating" to the rest of the world.

Coverage on the Net
More on these two lovelies on many photography, high tech and gadget websites. Here is a sampling:

  1. dpreview, which as always, includes detailed specs to please the hardcore camera fans. Forgive their "5x" typo in the lens specs!
  2. Details and CIPA numbers at There we learn that the battery life of the LiIon NP-BD1 is 200 and 220 respectively, which shows that compromises indeed have to be made when you are making ultra-thin digital cameras.
  3. Engadget has a series of product shots.
  4. A five-colors picture of the new T700 at Akihabara News
  5. More at Photography Review
  6. and many other websites and blogs

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