Monday, August 11, 2008

Upcoming posts in the right sidebar (a faux calendar of sorts)

For those who might be interested in what might be coming up in this blog, we have a segment in the right sidebar called Upcoming Posts that has a tentative schedule of some of the upcoming posts here. Do note that everything in the schedule can change at any time and for multiple reasons. Not everything that is planned is listed there for various reasons, none of which include NDA :)

And speaking of scheduling, we will be posting a new edition of the Photography Soup, as the pre-Photokina action has finally quieted down. In this episode, we will start featuring flickr members who are submitting their pictures to this blog's flickr pool. We will do this chronologically, so the person who submitted the first picture to the pool will be featured first, the second person will be featured next, the third person next, etc etc. This allows new and future members to be featured at a later date. The showcase will last a few months as we will only feature a small number of flickr users per Pho Soup update. Actual "pho soup" not included :)

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