Saturday, August 9, 2008

What's the latest buzz? (The Buzzworthy Files)

The Buzzworthy Files are our not-so-regular recap of what's generating some buzz at this blog.

The Noisy Buzz
Blog PostsLinks OutNewsreaders
+Nikon D700 Daily Roundup
+Rumor Soup (CNFS)
+Micro 4/3rds announced
+Leaked New Fujis
+P&S Speculation
+Micro 4/3rds Press Release
+Nyman's D700 review
+The DSLR Map
+Canon G10 rumors
+LX3 Daily Roundup
+Google Borg
+MacOS X

The first two columns are self-explanatory and unranked. The third column is for webmaster geeks and RSS newsreader geeks, generated thanks to Feedburner. We've had some dramatic changes in the rankings since our last update: Google obviously continues to lead with a European parliamentary majority, while NewsGator has managed to jump ahead of the rest and grab the #2 spot, just barely ahead of the #3 spot where Firefox Live Bookmarks are just barely ahead of Bloglines at the #4 spot. Great news for Mac OS X RSS newsreader fans, they are now beating handily the Windows RSS readers for the #5 spot. [permalink]

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