Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alert: Canon 30D body only for $650

What if you wanted an above-Digital-Rebel DSLR but wanted to pay a Digital Rebel price? Well, now there is a compromise: The Canon 30D body only for $650 at Calumet Photo.

And it is a compromise because there is the brand new Canon 50D coming up soon, but it costs as much as two 30D body only cameras plus a $100 more! Somewhere in between there is the 40D going for around $1000. What do you get? Well, it's a complicated answer depending on many factors. We blog, you decide!


For a refresher on the 30D, you can find about 15 reviews at the DSLR Map. And more than thirty reviews for the 40D. How about the 50D? We have to wait...

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