Monday, September 1, 2008

Impact review: Pentax K200D by dpreview

A couple of days ago we talked about a PentaxForum user making the case for the Pentax K200D. Now there is more evidence perhaps to make their case, a 30-page review by Lars Rehm at

We normally don't mention the conclusions here so as not to introduce bias, but we are making an exception in this case because the conclusions are the story: If you look at the negatives, and take out the negatives that have a "but/although" that softenes them up, it essentially leaves the camera with just one negative (considering the price): out of camera JPEGs shot at default settings.

I wonder what the results would be if dpreview posted a "fair and balanced" poll ;-)

The review has been added to the K200D reviews organizer.

Initial Reactions to the Review
A Pentax dpreview forum thread has sprung up and already the reviewer is answering questions, which is a nice way to interact with the consumers of the review. Needless to say, thick cyber-skin is required as tempers can fly.

No discussion yet, but expect a discussion to start up soon at the

Pentax K200D availability
The K200D is available in two configurations: body only and bundled with the 18-55 DA lens. A quick search among reputable online retailers finds:

  • has the body only for $556 (almost a cigarette?) and the 18-55 kit for $619. Free shipping. 12-months special financing is available if you pay with the Amazon Store Card and buy from Amazon itself, not from a 3rd party retailer.
  • B&H Photo has the body only at a mystery price, and the 18-55 DA kit for $620, both with free shipping.
  • Adorama offers the body only for $570 and the 18-55 DA kit for $650.
  • Calumet Photo has the body only at $570 and the 18-55 kit at $640.

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