Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Next week: Panasonic and Sony DSLRs coming up

Make sure you set aside some time for Photokina madness next week! Galbraith, Neutral Day, Engadget, and the dpreview forums are pointing to leaks on websites of old-school computer magazines that new DSLRs from Sony and Panasonic will be announced next week.

This is the IDG news service and published on reputable magazines so it's highly unlikely that they are propagating rumors. Do read the links mentioned above, they clearly state that these are DSLRs, not any other formats.

No specific camera details are given but if you want to speculate, and you are a follower of the Panasonic HDR sensor rumor/wishful-thinking take a look at this line from the MacWorld story:

Panasonic said the new camera "offers unique features to set a new trend in digital SLR photography" but didn't reveal any information about the camera.

Does that fit the HDR sensor rumor? YES!
Does that prove anything? NO!

It could easily be any other feature not currently found in DSLRs, or an exaggeration by marketing. So don't get your hopes up high, but keep on dreaming until next week :-)

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