Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rumor Round-up: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Zeiss

We are getting close and closer to Photokina 2008, and the rumors are flying left and right. Some positives, some false-positives, some somewhere in between. We blog, you decide!

We start with Camera Rumors having an update on the Zeiss rumor, with a new source that claims to know which lens mount Zeiss is going to be announcing in mid-September.

Next we go to Photography Bay where we learn that September 9 may be the day Sony Minolta Alpha fans have been waiting for.

New Nikon lenses are coming at Photokina says Nikon Rumors. Hide your wallet!

A YouTube Nikon D800 is discussed in the dpreview forums, although this seems to be more of a "creative" than a rumor or leak. But you never know until you know...

And more on Nikon via Camera Rumors, we find an update on the Big Nikon Surprise at Nikon Rumors where we also learn of a Nikon website outage. "Coincidence" or maintenance?

The rumor-consensus is converging on 21-megapixels for the new Canon 5D Mark I replacement. There is a long discussion and another one in the Canon dpreview forums. Of course the rumor-consensus is not what designs and produces the cameras :)


Fotograf said...

at about adobe? the CS4?

and the hasselblad-monster-sensor, that might or might not be released?

Mark Olwick said...

CS4 isn't a rumor any longer It launches Sept 23rd. Details here:


Fotograf said...

yeah, i just saw it - sorry.

one of the adobe-guys said it here.

i guess i shpuld read all the itemns in the feedreader before commenting :)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks Fotograf and Mark for the updates!

Apparently Adobe is planning "more" than the CS4 according to their evangelist at TheFlashBlog mentioned above.

Adobe write-up in this post.