Friday, February 29, 2008

Canon 1D Mark III under $4000: $3868 at!

We have an instant shopping alert for those interested in the Canon 1D Mark III! has a weekend special on the Mark III for $3868 with 3-day FedEx shipping included.

Reviews of the 1D Mk3 can be found in our DSLR Review Matrix, which includes reviews for most of the recent DSLRs from all the major manufacturers. For the Mk3, there are three reviews and five previews or hands-on first looks.

Keep in mind that the 1D Mark III has on-going and much publicized autofocus issues that have been discussed in thousands of threads in the various photography forums. To get the latest updates be sure to check the dpreview Canon 1D* SLR Talk forum.

For price comparison, the 1D Mk3 is offered at at Adorama for $4149, Amazon for $4180, and at B&H Photo for $4330.

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Special promotion at Calumet Photo: $15 off $100+ purchase (goes live March 1st)

We have received a new promotion from Calumet Photo that goes live at midnight on March 1st, 2008! The special promotion is as follows: $15 off $100 at Calumet Photographic Plus Free Shipping over $75!

There is no need for coupons, the special offer is encoded in the Calumet promotional link above and will be automatically applied to your order. The promotion is good from March 1st to March 31st, 2008! March Madness at Calumet Photo!

Remember the special offer goes live at midnight March 1st 2008. Today is February 29, 2008 :)

PS> Calumet informs us that those using PayPal, will have their Paypal accounts credited $15 after the order is processed the next day.

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The first edition of the new Camera soap opera has gone live!

As we promised a couple of days ago, we are now launching the new digital camera soap opera called "The Camera Charts". This will keep track of the top selling digital cameras at Amazon on an on-going basis! New charts will be posted every couple of days (time permitting). This is intended for fun and entertainment purposes if your favorite brand is not doing well, and bragging rights if your favorite brand does well ;-)

So as not to clutter this poor blog even more, we have created a new blog whose sole purpose is to track the Amazon top sellers and nothing else. However every time a new chart is posted, we will be posting a quick reminder here with a screenshot of the top 5. The complete top 25 can be seen here.

The complete top 25 can be seen here.

Subscribe to the Camera Charts feed
If you are an avid RSS feed user, you can also subscribe to the Camera Charts RSS feed. We are syndicating the full-text, so you can receive each new Top 25 in your newsreader.

Feedback is very welcome!
Please tell us if you like it, or not, or what to change and what not. Please keep in mind though that the more complicated it gets, the less frequently it will be updated, so the idea is to keep it as simple as possible. At least in the initial stage.

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Noisy Shopper: Leap Year Savings!

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Shopper! If you are not interested in shopping, be sure to check the two new installments of the Photography Soup posted just below!

Adorama Specials!
Want to give the Samsung cameras a try, but don't want to "gamble" too much money on them? Here is your chance! The Samsung S850 is offered for just $118. This uses an 8mp 1/1.8" sensor, and a 5x zoom, but no stabilization. Not to be confused with the Samsung S85 which uses a 1/2.5" sensor.

Recharge and recharge! Ansmann 2700mah rechargeable AA NiMH batteries are offered by Adorama for $10 for a 4-pack

An elephant never forgets, but he or she can't store your pictures! The 12gb Sandisk Extreme III Compact Flash card can, for the price of $100, after a $60 mail-in rebate. Both memory card and rebate are available at the Adorama site.

Want a nice and sleek ultracompact that has the Nikon name on it, but don't want to break the piggy bank or wait for the tax rebate check? Then give the Nikon Coolpixie S51 a spin at $170. This is the S51 model, no the S51c. The ones with the small "c" have the wireless capability. A feature that despite the popularity of wireless in other areas of technology has not really caught on with digital cameras. Interesting? Who is to blame? Is it the users or the manufacturers for not delivering the right products? We blog, you decide!

Bogen, Manfrotto means one thing! Tripods! The 718B Compact Digi Tripod with 3-Way Head & Carry Case is offered for $100, and with free shipping too! Thank you Adorama for the free shipping!

Don't Taze me Bro!

Relax, it's not a gun! It's a Stedi-Stock Shoulder Brace Stabilizer for Cameras, Camcorders & Spotting Scopes for just $40. Yet another innovative approach to combat camera shake. Is it for you?

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Photography Soup (Equipment-Priority)

And now to the exciting conclusion of the three-part Pho Soup. Find out what happened! Did the aspiring photographer win the exclusive Leica contract? Did the Marketing VP of a certain camera company marry the woman of his dreams? And who was the father of the new baby? Oh the cliffhangers ;-) You can catch-up with part one and part two.

Equipment Reviews reviews the Sigma AF 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG (Sony mount) lens. Fear not, the review is in english, despite the .de domain!

Photography Blog posts the first ever review of the Panasonic FS20, the new series from Panasonic that spawned off their very successful FX-series.

Don't tell anyone! There's a secret review! That's right, it's hiding in the Imaging Resource newsletter! A review of the Eye-Fi wireless memory card.

Five new cameras get sample picture galleries in anticipation of their upcoming reviews at DC Resource. This includes the Sony Alpha A350.

Tech News and Updates
Image Sensors World discusses a paper on resolution vs quality. And it's available online for all to read. Here's the abstract with a link to the PDF paper.

Nikon updates its website and tries to mix-in some Web 2.0 principles in its content. Don't expect it to become a Digg clone though :)

Would you like to have a ...Picnik without ads? Yes, ads, not ants!

Amateur Photographer UK notes that Phase One and Mamiya are combining for a new medium format camera launch in mid-March.

Photography Bay discusses a DIY GPS add-on to the Nikon D200. Check it out!

The new Kodak 1.4 micro pixel sensor is coming to a camera phone near you notes the Image Sensors World blog.

Compactflash is modernizing exclaim the Nikonians.

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Photography Soup (Law & Order meets Dollars & Sense)

We continue with part two of a three-part Photography Soup. If you missed Part One, you can catch up, but this is not a soap opera, you can read them out of order. Part Three comes out in a couple of hours.

Dollars and Sense
The Photo Business Forum blog has a big savings suggestion to make. It involves the ASMP! And it is related to photography. Read on to find out!

A Photo Editor notes that there are job openings for photo directors.

Nikonians informs Nikonians in the UK of a new Nikon cashback promotion.

Chase Jarvis talks Getty Images sale. No, I wasn't the one who bought them, I was a few pennies short of the asking price ;-) More on this at the Adorama News Desk.

Law & Order
JMG Galleries talks facebook and photographer rights. How far is too far? Not to be confused with MASM's NEAR and FAR ;-)

Photographer plays "Law and Order" and wins the case says Rob Galbraith.

Round-up of Round-ups
You knew it was coming! We have a round-up of ...round-ups! First up, the 2/27/08 edition of The Photo Feed by PDN Pulse. Not to be confused with Pink Floyd Pulse!

And if you missed the 2/26/08 edition, be sure to check it out! The top story is a certain campaign photo that created a lot of buzz in the world of poly-ticks!

A jam-packed tech-priority round-up at CNet's Underexposed blog.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Sigma DP1 samples, this time at Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted sample pictures from the Sigma DP1. The sample pictures are right here in the Samples segment of their review-page infrastructure. These are review-sample-pictures, in preparation for their review. We won't inject any bias into your analysis of the sample pictures. We blog, you decide!

What this also means is that there is an Imaging Resource review of the Sigma DP1 coming up soon!

For more reviews, previews, sample pictures, and other coverage, be sure to check all our posts with the Sigma DP1 mania tag! As of right now there are nine posts with that tag.

You can also check for the reviews and previews in the Power Compacts Review Matrix.

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Nikon D60 now shipping from B&H Photo!

We have an instant update for fans of the Nikon D60. We were just notified that B&H Photo is now shipping the Nikon D60 with the new 18-55mm DX VR Lens for the list price of $750 plus shipping.

For a list of early reviews of the Nikon D60, and many other DSLRs, be sure to check our DSLR Review Matrix.

For our previous coverage of the D60, be sure to check coverage of the official announcement, its availability for pre-ordering, as well as the earlier rumors.

For discussions on all things Nikon D60 and such, be sure to check the dpreview Nikon SLR forum, and at Nikon Cafe.

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Shuttered Dreams: No full-frame Leica rangefinder this year

A few days ago we had a round-up of the coverage of the firing of the Leica CEO. Buried among the reactions was a new statement from Leica, spotted by the Adorama NewsDesk. In that letter, the new world order at Leica states that the "full frame" statements made by fired CEO Lee were "too optimistic and premature".

The PDN Pulse blog also discusses the Leica-CEO situation.

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Noisy Shopper: Pentax K20D, Dell Vostro, Pre-orders & more

We start this installment with an affordable notebook. This is not be a Photoshop workhorse laptop, but rather more of a utility laptop for logistical tasks: Save $135! Get the VOSTRO™ 1000 LAPTOP for ONLY $419! But that's not all. As part of this promo the Vostro 1400, 1500 and 1700 along Latitude D630 and D830 are offered. And for those allergic to Vista, some of the models are offering with Windows XP.

The Sony H10 is moving on up in Amazon pre-orders, listed at $300. This is Sony's second attempt at the "fun zoom" segment. For more pre-orders, be sure to check our 2008 Pre-Ordering Centre. No smooth jazz played in the background however :)

Meanwhile the lovely Canon SD1100 IS blue has started shipping on Amazon via 47th Street Photo at the list price of $250. Does the name sound familiar? It was just reviewed at dpreview!

Continuing to generate buzz are the first shipments of the Pentax K20D at Amazon. The Pentax K20D is also shipping from B&H Photo, and Adorama, and for those with a west-coast-bias. OneCall is located in the state of Washington.

The Sigma SD14 body only is shipping from Cameta upon Amazon for $600. As you may recall, a Sigma exec told Amateur Pho UK a few days ago that a new Sigma SD15 is coming in 2008. Unlike Leica, he hasn't been fired yet - as far as we know that is :)

And here is something that encourages pixel-peeping: A 24" Sceptre Widescreen LCD Monitor with 2ms response time, 4000:1 contrast ratio, 1920x1200 pixel-peeping dots, black finish,and $300 after a $50 mail-in rebate (expires 2/29/08) at Tigerdirect.

And we conclude this episode with the camera that finished second in the shootout with the Hello Kitty VX 43200 VZi SuperZoom QVGA Lite Elite ;-) The Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens, now at $2025, by Cameta Cameras upon Amazon.

Want more? Be sure to check our previous editions of the Noisy Shopper.

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Impact Review: Panasonic FS20 at Photography Blog (first Venus IV review)

We have a new impact review post! The Panasonic FS20 review at Photography Blog. An ultracompact camera gets an impact review? How so you ask? That is a reasonable question! Why then?

Because this is the first review that takes a look at a Panasonic camera using the new Venus IV Engine! As you may recall, there have been volumes and volumes written about the "monetization" issues of previous Venus Engines. So with Panasonic promising improvements, but at the same time the sensor adding more megapixels and growing just slightly, how did Venus IV do? We won't spoil the review, you have to read it yourselves.

And then we can enter the speculative arena. This camera is a mid-range point and shoot using a 10mp 1/2.33" sensor. How would the Venus IV engine and accompanying sensor perform at larger sizes, like 1/1.7" or beyond? That question will remain unanswered for a while - until (or if) Panasonic announces new cameras with sensors of that size.

More on the Panasonic FS20
Check our coverage of the initial Panasonic leak & announcement of the FS20 in January 2008!

The FS20 is available for pre-order at Amazon for $300 in three colors as follows. Click on each for more Amazonian details:

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Photography Soup (Photography-priority topics)

It looks like our almost daily "Photography Soup" has turned into a weekly column. Oh my! How did that happen? Here is last week's edition. But fear not, we have a jam-packed edition of the Photography Soup! So jam-packed that we had to break it in three pieces to make it more readable. This is Part #1:

Noisy U: Tutorials, Tips and How-tos
Epic Edits talks digital film grain and Photoshop - a five-step approach!

David Ziser talks more Lightroom tutorials. Adobe Lightroom of course.

Low light digital photography is the latest subject at the Digital Photography School, ran by Darren Rowse, also famous for the ProBlogger blog.

Five quick tips for stock photography by Pop Photo's Flash blog.

Alternative to what? DPS talks about image processing software.

David Ziser has a video tip on shooting wedding cakes. Yum! But beware, you absorb 100 calories through the air just by looking at a wedding wake ;-)

Amin Foto talks upsizing images.

Episode #122 of Photoshop User TV has been published!

Aspiring to be a wedding photographer? Looking for a few more tips? Here are 21 of them at DPS!.

And a quick focusing tip on the Nikon D300 at Nikonians.

Photography-priority stories
Pop Photo profiles Sophia Tolstoy, a photographer and a writer too!

Yet another nicely crafted image by David Ziser, this one is titled The Violinist. And speaking of fine images, be sure to check the brand new Fine Art Photoblog, where a group of fine fine-art photographers are showcasing and selling their work.

Also at Digital Pro Talk, David shares some of his photographic history and career in a multi-part series.

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Noisy Agenda: Coming up later today

We actually have a plan for the day for a change! Today we will be posting a new edition of the Photography Soup. It's been a week since we had one, and today's edition grew so long that we had to break it in three pieces, one will be photography-priority, the other equipment-priority, and one will be dollars and sense. Oh my!

Then we will add a new set of reviews to the Super Zoom Review Matrix. Which camera will be added today? You have to wait to find out :) Not because we are trying to create suspense, but because we haven't decided yet :)

Also coming later today, a round-up of the latest stories at the Imaging Insider.

And *fingers-crossed* we may have the first post in our new and on-going soap-opera, the "Camera Charts". More details when it is launched. Here is a sneak preview.

And of course we will have a new installment of the Noisy Shopper. If you missed any of the previous episodes, here they are!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Noisy at Night: Shopping under the stars

We have two limited time Dell specials! $40 off - Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07T Chocolate Brown 7.2 MP 3.6X Zoom Digital Still Camera Coupon code: 3VQ?GLWZ09JZC0. This brings the price of this tasty chocolate down to $195 after discounts and coupons and such.

The second one is $40 off - Canon PowerShot A720 IS 8.0 MP 6X Zoom Digital Camera Coupon code: $CFT5R?NSM7Q3R. After coupons and discounts are factored in, the price goes down to $195.

Both of the coupons are limited time offers. They expire once an X number of them are used.

And now something that is not as effemeral ephemeral, but it keeps on giving! Membership in ASMP! What is that you ask? Check this post at the Photo Business Forum blog for all the details!

Recap of Noisy Shopper
Earlier today we noticed that the Pentax K20D is now shipping. Also, there's a special Olympus E3 deal at Cameta, and we posted 16 shopping ideas at the 2nd edition of the Noisy Shopper table.

Feedback segment
What do you think of the "Noisy Shopper" feature so far? Interesting? Maybe? Not sure yet? Boring? Exciting? Lettuce know!

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Experimental Feature: The Camera Charts

We are trying a brand new exciting feature that takes our Charts feature (34 posts currently) to a new level. More details will be revealed in the next few days. For now, here is a very small alpha test of how the camera charts may look. The source of all the data will be Please keep in mind these are snapshots, however, Amazon uses some sort of weighted average algorithm. The intend of this is for fun and entertainment purposes for camera geeks and math/statistics geeks.

1.1.Canon A570-IS$140
2.2.Canon SD1000 silver$168
3.3.Canon SD 850$240
6.4.Canon S5 IS, [Top Zoom]$330
4.5.Canon SD 750$175, 47th Street
5.6.Canon SD 870 IS$297
7.7.Canon G9$440
9.8.Canon SX 100 IS$232
8.9.Canon D-Rebel Xti, black, bo, [Top DSLR]$598
10.10.Canon SD950-IS$336

Please let us know what you think!

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Deal! Olympus E3 + HLD-4 battery grip + BLM-1 for $1700 at Cameta on Amazon

We have an instant bargain alert for the noisy shoppers out there! The Olympus E3 with the HLD-4 power battery grip and the BLM-1 battery pack is offered for $1700 by Cameta Cameras on Amazon!

For comparison, the body only version of the E3 goes for $1685 at Amazon, and $1700 at B&H Photo and Adorama.

But that's not all, Cameta Cameras has created about a dozen different Olympus E3 bundles, mixing and matching different lenses and accessories. To see them all, be sure to check Cameta on Amazon.

For a list of reviews of the Olympus E3, along with other recent DSLR models, jam-packed in one page, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix. For coverage of the Olympus E3 pre-release mania, be sure to check the posts tagged with Olympus E3 mania. For all our Olympus-specific coverage be sure to check the posts tagged with Olympus.

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The Pentax K20D is now shipping at Amazon!

We have a shipment alert! Amazon is indicating that the Pentax K20D body only, has started shipping for the list price of $1300, and free shipping!

The extra D-LI50 battery is also available for $40.

Pentax coverage at 1001 Noisy
Here are some of our related posts on the K20D and Pentax: Details on the new 14mp CMOS Pentax-Samsung sensor... Official K20D announcement coverage... K20D and lenses leak coverage... Coverage of reactions to sample pictures.

For all the posts we wrote focusing on Pentax, be sure to check the Pentax tag (40 posts as of right now). And we should also spotlight our "bridge to nowhere post", the Countdown to the Dubai Press Event.

For a list of DSLR reviews, including a few on the K20D, be sure to check the DSLR Review MaTriX.

The Pentax K20D is also shipping from B&H Photo, Adorama, and with free 3-day FedEx. At the list price of $1300 at the moment from all three retailers.

You can aslo give your brand new K20D or existing K10D a power boost with the Pentax D-BG2 grip offered by for exactly $150 with USPS Priority mail shipping of $4.60. Can they fit that in the flat-rate envelope? :-)

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1001 Noisy On The Net Part V: The Thank-a-thon continues

We continue the new "thank-a-thon" feature with episode V! We were unable to get George Lucas to direct it, so you have to bear with us instead :)

We start with a round-trip thank-a-thon! Thanks to David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk blog for thanking us in their Fab Fridays segment.

Thanks to new site Endless Years for adding this noisy blog to their site-wide links!

Thanks to CNet's Crave blog and Underexposed, as well as TechMeMe, Slash Gear, and Engadget for their coverage of our Leica CEO firing coverage.

Also thanks to CNet Asia, and Scott Thomas Photography for mentioning this blog!

Also thanks to the MyDP1 blog for adding us to their list! The MyDP1 blog covers all things Sigma DP1 by a fellow blogger and photographer.

The thank-a-thon continues with Red Skies at Night, where Red Skies are pointing to our power compacts review matrix. Guess which song mentions "red skies at night"!

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Sigma DP1 goes on sale in Japan on March 3!

The great Japanese site has written that the ever-so-elusive Sigma DP1 will be released in Japan on March 3, 2008! Details from Sigma Japan.

This is great news as the DP1 has been a soap opera of the camera variety! Given that today is February 27, we are less than a week away from general release in Japan!

For more DP1 coverage, be sure to check our recent round-up, reactions to the Sigma Japan 37 official samples, the first Sigma dp1 review, and the detailed Sigma DP1 pre-order page.

For more on the DP1, and an upcoming shootout once it gets released, be sure to check Amin Photo and My DP1 blogs.

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Noisy Shopper: Wednesday February 27, 2008

Welcome to episode #2! Before we go into the table, we'd like to remind you that if you are looking for reviews for some of the cameras mentioned in this blog, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix, and the Power compacts review matrix. More "Noisy Shopper" entries will be added throughout the day, with newest items added on top, to make it easy for regular readers to figure out what has been added since they last checked.

You can subscribe to all the entries marked "Noisy Shopper" using our special  Noisy Shopper RSS feed. You can also subscribe to our  main RSS feed which includes everything posted here.

2nd Edition of the Noisy Shopper
Pentax K20d, now shipping at $1300, AmazonPentax Optio X, $150 via Butterfly Photo on Amazon (now that's a blast from the past camera!)
Olympus LC-41 41mm lens cap, $12 at AmazonLowepro Fastpack 350 DSLR & Notebook Backpack, Water Resistant & 180-Degree Access Panel, Red, $113 at Adorama
Canon 5D, body only, $2100, AmazonUltra brand 1gb SD card, $6, Tigerdirect
Nikon FM10 kit, with the 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 lens and case, $250 at AdoramaSamsung S630, $90 via J&R World at Amazon
Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5, Macro, Nikon mount, $397 at AmazonOlympus SP-570uz, $500, pre-order at Amazon
Canon D-Rebel XTi, silver, aka 400D, $520 at AmazonNikon S51 red, $195 at Adorama
Sigma 18-50 f2.8 EX DC HSM, macro, $483 at AmazonFuji S8000fd, $265 after a $50 rebate, Amazon
Olympus E510 2-lens kit with 4gb CF, spare BLM-1, Incognito bag + trinkets, $730 by Cameta on AmazonSigma DP1, $800 pre-order at Amazon
More Coming Later Today

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Let's Go interviews a Canon representative

Let's Go Digital just published an interview with a Canon Vampire, recorded at PMA 2008, but seeing the light of day just now.

Canon product specialist Richard Trestain gets asked the tough questions by Let's Go. Some of the questions he is asked are about the Canon G9, superzooms, the lack of advanced non-dSLR digital cameras, the growth of the digital camera market, WiFi and more topics.

After reading the interview
We won't spoil the answers, but after reading the interview, are you buying the Canon guy's answers or do you find that they have more spin than a politician running for office and desperately trying to defend his record? We blog, you decide!

You have to give credit to Let's Go Digital interviewer Bas de Meijer for asking the Canon representative the questions forum users are asking, and not letting him "get away" with canned answers.

Read the rest of "Let's Go interviews a Canon representative"...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Noisy at Night: Canon 1D Mark III Autofocus Update by Rob Galbraith & other tidbits

Noisy at Night is a lightweight post we are trying, picking up on news and tidbits we may have missed during the day.

And here is one: Rob Galbraith has a new update on the Canon 1D Mark III autofocus issues. Read on to find out what they found out and see their on-going analysis.

Meanwhile continuing with the Sigma DP1 theme, ShoulderButton is pointing to a Korean Magazine review of the Sigma DP1.

Endless Years has picked up a Pop Photo story, rounding up the new lenses of 2008.

We served early breakfast to Pentax and Nikon users, more specifically pancakes. And if you don't have a plate, you can always serve your pancakes on the ultra-thin Lenovo X300 ;-)

And a late night PSA: Recycle your rechargeable batteries! Details at

Update March 10, 2008: The Canon 1D Mark III now drops to $4040 at Amazon.

Read the rest of "Noisy at Night: Canon 1D Mark III Autofocus Update by Rob Galbraith & other tidbits"...

Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2.0 SL-II Manual Focus Pancake Lens - where's the syrup?

As we promised lens fans, we are gradually increasing our coverage of lenses. So today we are serving pancakes, lots of pancakes. All you have to do is bring the syrup :-)

The chef? Voigtlander! The lens? The Ultron 40mm f/2.0 SL-II Manual Focus Pancake Lens available in Nikon and Pentax flavors. The starting price is $380, and the lens is available as follows:

Pancake Buffet
Pentax mountNikon mount
B&H PhotoAdorama
AdoramaB&H Photo

Some discussion of the Nikon version of the lens at the Nikonians forum, including side by side pictures at Pbase (Voigtlander) and Pbase (Nikon 50mm).

The Nikon version gets some love in the forums at as well. Another discussion.

Read the rest of "Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/2.0 SL-II Manual Focus Pancake Lens - where's the syrup?"...

Welcome to Noisy Shopper

We are introducing yet another new feature, the Noisy Shopper. Will it stick? features are like new TV shows, they get canceled? We blog, you decide! Let us know if you like it or not!

The Noisy Shopper replaces the "Bargain Hunters Corner" box that was at the top of the main column. It has been replaced by the "Noisy Headlines" segment. But we don't want to disappoint fans of the Bargain Hunter's Corner, so we are introducing the Noisy Shopper.

And as an extra convenience for our readers, we have created a  special feed with all posts tagged "Noisy Shopper". This is a subset of our main feed, so if you subscribe to the main feed you will be receiving every single post. A good use of the additional feed is if you use an online news reader for the main feed, and use a desktop reader for the "Noisy Shopper" subset. Desktop readers are in general faster, so you can "get in" on any special sales before they go out of stock. One of the most popular families of stand-alone news-readers has switched to FREE for everyone. Newsgator offers readers for PC (FeedDemon), Mac (NetNewsWire), and Mobile (Newsgator Go!).

Okay, enough with the intros. How about some shopping? Empty your shopping carts, sharpen your credit cards, and get set!

1st Edition of the Noisy Shopper
Canon Digital Rebel XT, body only, black finish, $400 at AmazonRicoh R7, $250 at Adorama
Canon 40D with EF 28-135 lens, $1400 at Circuit CityCasio EX-Z77 red, $140 at Circuit City
4gb Sandisk CF Ultra II, $55 at Circuit CityOlympus Stylus 820, red, $200 + $11 S&H, at
16gb Delkin SDHC card, $80 at AdoramaOlympus FE-210, $69 at Office Max
Sigma 70-200 f2.8 DG HSM II Macro, Canon mount, $800, 47th Street on AmazonCanon A720 IS, $180, Office Depot
Nikon D40 bundle, with 18-55 DX, 55-200 AF-S, Gadget bag, 2gb SD + trinkets, $640, Cameta on AmazonRicoh GX100, $440 at Adorama
Tamron 70-200 f2.8 Di LD, Macro, Nikon mount, $700, AmazonRicoh GX100 special bundle, with extra battery, hood, and external viewfinder, $570 at Adorama
Olympus E510 2-lens kit, plus 4gb CF, spare battery, Incognito bag + trinkets, $730, Cameta on Amazon Ricoh GRD I, anniversary edition, $450 at Adorama
Canon EF-D focusing screen for 40D, $37, AmazonPanasonic FX100 silver, $280, Amazon
Gary Fong Two DVD Master Box set, $100 at AdoramaPanasonic LS75, $100 at Amazon by various
Lenovo X300 pre-order, $2500+ at Lenovo, super-hot ultrathin notebookSamsung S850, $118 at Amazon

If you are looking for reviews for some of the cameras mentioned above, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix, and the Power compacts review matrix. The Super Zoom Review Matrix was just launched, so it will take a few days before it gets populated. We are on the one-a-day plan :)

Read the rest of "Welcome to Noisy Shopper"...

New segment: Networking Tuesdays!

We were inspired by the daily themes at Digital Pro Talk, so we are starting a new segment, the Networking Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday we will be posting something of networking or interactive nature! Today's episode features Web 2.0!

Do you have any favorite websites or blogs, or specific articles or essays or resource pages that are not getting the attention they deserve? Let us know and we will promote them in the Web 2.0 "webosphere"! They can be your own content or your favorite content from other bloggers and photographers. They can be new or old websites. The focus on "undiscovered" sites - after all almost everybody knows about Dpreview and Imaging Resource and such.

You can submit them in the comments section or send us an email. The email address is "decorated" to prevent harvesting bots from grabbing it: [1001noisycameras] ]]at[[ ***gmail*** DOT __COM__.

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Noisy Round-up: Sigma DP1 samples, new reviews, and more

Without any intros, we jump right in! We added the new Sony W300, Cybershot H50, and Panasonic FX500 to the New Digital Cameras of 2008 list.

Sigma Japan has unleashed official DP1 samples. We cover the reactions to the 37 sample pictures.

UPDATE! AminFoto has uncovered a new hands-on first impression on the Sigma DP1! Check it out!

Meanwhile, gadget blog Crunch Gear has a video hands-on with the H50, Sony's brand new 15X superzoom.

You may have noticed that the top of the middle column has switched from the "Bargain Hunters Corner" to the "Noisy Headlines", where we will spotlight the latest impact stories of interest in our noisy opinion. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed. We are currently syndicating a summary-feed because of sploggers and such, but we are considering switching to a full-text feed. We will eventually go to a full-text feed, but we don't have a time frame at this point.

But we don't want to disappoint our bargain hunting readers! We will start a new regular "Noisy Shoppers" column, and will create a special feed that includes just those posts. Of course those posts will also be included in our main feed. Details on that in the next couple of days.

Continuing with the "Silliness Week" theme, we posted Political Slogans for Photography companies, and The Noisy Situation Room.

Oops, we forgot! We launched the third Review Matrix, the Super Zoom Review Matrix. We will be posting reviews and previews of some of the most popular and/or critically acclaimed superzoom digital cameras, starting with the latest models and then moving back in time. We will be posting one new model per day. Today's addition was the Panasonic FZ50. And while we are on it, we are surprised at how little is out there on the Casio EX-F1 after the official announcement. Come on Casio, give us something :-)

Coffee Talk Radio
And for coffee drinkers, this is your chance to break free from the Starbucks chains and (re)discover your local coffee shop or Peet's Coffee. Why? Starbucks will be closed for almost four hours today for employee re-training!

On a totally unrelated note, this blog will be closed between 5:30pm to 5:31pm for blogger retraining :)

The Lenovo X300 super-thin laptop is out!
From the world of high-tech and gadgets, the ultrathin 0.75" Lenovo X300 notebook is officially out and about on the net.

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New Sigma DP1 samples from Japan

Sigma Japan has posted official samples from the lovely Sigma DP1. Details in this dpreview forum discussion. And we are not talking about one or two sample pictures. Sigma has gone all out with 37 official sample pictures! with full size JPEGs available.

For more extensive discussions be sure to check the Sigma Talk forum at dpreview. Of the various threads, be sure to check the discussion on the glued lens titled awesome lens. Meanwhile the Foveon bulls are storming the forum, is the DP1 better than the Canon 5D? Keep in mind the Canon 5D costs $2100 body only, while the Sigma DP1 costs $800 with the glued-in lens included. What do you think? We blog, you decide!

For continued coverage of the Sigma DP1 and to have your input in the design of an upcoming shootout be sure to visit and bookmark AminFoto.

Also, be sure to check our previous post covering the first Sigma DP1 review.

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Political Slogans for Photography companies

With elections all around the world, this seems appropriately inappropriate. Here are some political slogans for photography companies!

Sigma: "We didn't major in (megapixel) math, we majored in (megapixel) miracles"

Ricoh: "Change we can ...Xerox"

Pentax: "The official camera of Change"

Canon: "Make every vote, a PowerVote"

Panasonic: "Change we can Monet-ize"

Adobe: "Change we can Photoshop"

Fuji: "We came to the State of SuperCCD, and we found our voice"

Leica: "Change we can ...change from within"

Cokin: "Change we can polarize and neutralize"

Bogen-Manfrottto: "Change we can stabilize"

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Super Zoom Digital Camera Review Matrix

Hot on the heels of the DSLR Review Matrix and the Power Compacts Review Matrix, we are now launching the Super Zoom Review Matrix, where reviews of some of the most popular and influential super zoom digital cameras are listed. Priority will be given to current and upcoming models, and then we'll start going back in time. Given the sheer volume of superzooms, we won't be able to list every single model out there. It would take forever and a day :) We will be adding about one new camera model to the table per day.

Super Zoom Review Matrix
ModelReviewsBuy? Pre-Order?
Casio EX-F1NY Times (David Pogue)Nowhere yet
eBay search
Fuji S100fsHugo Poon (sample pics)
Aiharap (samples)
B&H Photo
Panasonic FZ50dpreview
DC Resource
Imaging Resource
Photography Blog
Camera Labs
Luminous Landscape
Steve's Digicams
Amazon user reviews
Cnet Au
Neo Camera
Pop Photo
PC World
UK DC reviews
D-Photo NZ
Test Freaks
Tech UK
Good Gear Guide
B&H Photo
Local Camera Shop
NextMore coming upLocal Camera Shop

More reviews will be added over time. Given the huge number of super zooms out there, I probably won't be able to list every single one. If you have any favorites, just let me know and I'll see if I can boost their priority.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Noisy Situation Room

Welcome to another edition of the Noisy Situation Room with your host, Volf Blidzor! Volf, you have the floor!

Volf: At this hour, there are mixed rections to the 14-megapixel Sony W300 announcement. Protesters are gathering outside the Sony Embassy in the capital of Dpreview. But the protests are peaceful. Protesters are singing the praises of the Sony R1, to remind Sony of the glory days. Our top field reporter, Cindy Corlwey is reporting from the field, Cindy?

Cindy: Yes, Volf, the reactions are mixed to the 14mp Sony W300 announcement. One group of users called it plain silly, while another group is calling for Sony to stop playing megapixel games and deliver a Sony R2 now! Back to you Volf.

Volf: Thanks Cindy, Cindy is a member of our best analytical team in the blogosphere. Meanwhile reactions to the new Sony H50 superzoom are more or less what was expected. The absence of RAW is surely a sore point, but something that was not unexpected. And now let's take a commercial break! We'll be back in two lines!

Commercial Break: Looking for a new way to showcase your pictures as art? Try CanvasOnDemand - your photos on canvas as art!

Volf: And we are back! Now to our senior contributor, Jacques Kaffertie, with the KAffertie RAW files. Jacques?

Jacques: Thanks Volf. You know you are in trouble when you have to fire your CEO mid-stream. That's what happened to Leica. Not even two years after they hired their new CEO, the owners stepped it on take over. Is that a sign of mismanagement or what?

Volf: Thanks Jacques! Now to our financial analyst Dr Reece Sesssion. Dr?

Dr Reece Session: Thanks Volf! In today's market we have a bargain for value investors, the refurbished Nikon S1 is trading at the Adorama Stock Exchange for $90 per share. Meanwhile, the Canon G9 and Ricoh GX100 are now in a full-on price war as they are both trading at around $450. It's amazing what a competitive market can produce. And one more thing, the first review of the Sigma DP1 has also been generating some market buzz. Volf, back to you!

Volf: Thanks Dr Reece-Session. Before we go, we have to remind our readers of some of our recent headlines: The Panasonic Lumix FX500 is leaked through the internet grapevine. The FX500 is similar to the Panasonic FX100 but features a touch-screen and a longer 25-125mm lens. Meanwhile Sigma told Amateur Photographer UK that the Sigma SD15 DSLR is coming, probably at Photokina 2008. Not sure if that means announced, pre-announced, shown, or delivered. Sigma's timelines tend to get long-winded. Also, DC Resource has updated their camera database. Also, if you haven't visited the new baby-boomer site Endless Years, be sure to check our special on-assignment report Endless Years: the first two weeks. And we leave you with ...faux-tographic wisdom.

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Official 1001 Noisy Silliness Week

We are launching the first ever 1001 Noisy Silliness Week. During this week, you will find extra silliness and attempts at comedy and parody, in special silliness posts but also within posts and paragraphs. There will be zingers here and there, some out of the blue, some totally predictable.

We already started with the Sony W300 and Sony H50 announcement coverage posts, where you will find embedded silliness in them. And there's more to come!

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New Sony Cybershot W300, my kingdom for a megapixel!

As we noticed earlier, the Sony W300 name was leaked via accessory compatibility lists earlier this year. The model name jump from W200 to W300 worried us that Sony would indeed take the jump from 12mp to 14mp. And sadly we were right :-( (How can being right feel so wrong?)

Okay, silliness aside, the Sony W300 replaces the Sony W200 (12mp, current price: $250). The W300 is what we call a "glorified P&S", a sleek ultracompact trapped in the body of a camera with a larger sensor. At least the sensors are 1/1.7" instead of 1/1.8", but the megapixel jump still outweighs the 14mp and 12mp 1/1.7" vs 10mp and 8mp 1/1.8". But what do we know?

It will ship in May 2008 for around $350 in the USA. As far as we know, it is not available for pre-ordering just yet. But do the math, you are getting an nice bargain, at $25 dollars per megapixel! Can your local grocery store do that? ;-)

It has the definition of a stereotypical P&S lens, a 35-105mm equivalent, in 35mm equivalent terms. But fear not, it does have Super Steady Shot! This is in sharp contrast with the upcoming 25-125mm Panasonic FX500.

On the plus side, it appears to have an optical viewfinder. Tunnel, your vision is calling ;-) The display is 2.7" (230k) and as you might expect, it seems to be the most important feature marketing-wise.

Also on the plus, adjustable noise reduction. A (glass) half-empty person would point out that the noise reduction options on a 14mp 1/1.7" sensor should be: "Monet", "Monet Extreme", and "Pixel Randomista".

The LiIon battery gives it a CIPA 300 which is decent I guess for a P&S, although a rule of thumb perhaps is that the CIPA number should be higher than the price ;-)

Did we forget to mention the lens is branded Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar? We are holding out for the Voorio Tessa lenses on Hello Kitty ;-)

And speaking of which, it does have face priority, but also adult and child priority. Now if this was Comedy Central, there would be a Catholic priest joke, but we are a serious blog, are we not?

This is actually not a total P&S camera, it does have some levels of control, but when you compare it with equivalent cameras of three or four years ago, it looks like a P&S camera photographic-feature-wise. It even accepts conversion lenses, which I'm sure Sony discovered make for good accessory sales, while RAW and such do not :)

The specs at dpreview and Imaging Resource (see links right below) mention "manual exposure", so that is promising. There is no shutter or aperture priority mode though. Needless to say, sadly, no RAW!

Coverage on the net

  • Sony USA Press release at the /temp/home of Imaging Insider.
  • Adorama News Desk
  • dpreview
  • Imaging Resource
  • DC Resource
  • Endless Years
  • Cameratown
  • DCI
  • Photography Bay

    Coverage at gadget blogs
  • CNet CoNsTaNt TeCh CrAVinGs BLoG
  • Ubergizmo
  • Gizmodo
  • EnGadget

    Forum Reactions at dpreview
  • OMG thread
  • Specs vs Photo, when two worlds collide
  • Sony Talk Forum at dpreview

    But wait there's more! Engadget has a hands-on with the new Sony Cybershots!

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  • New Sony Cybershot H50: Remains at 15X, jumps in megapixels

    Sony had added a new superzoom to the world of superzooms! The brand new Cybershot H50 retains the 15X lens, but jumps in megapixels.

    The march to the double-digit megapixels continues as the H9 uses a 10mp sensor, but only 9 of those are actually used by the end user (effective). This may lighten up the load on the processor and storage, but that doesn't make the actual "sensor-pixels" any bigger.

    Sony has shown "restraint" by staying at 15X, while others have jumped to 18X and 20X. The Carl Zeiss name on the lens will help sell a few more cameras. It does have Super Steady Shot, which is Sony's catchall name for image stabilization. This appears to have optical IS (optical, meaning of the lens, not the sensor). And fans of conversion lenses will be thrilled to find out it supports them. Not sure which ones though.

    On the gadgety aspects of the camera, it has a 3" LCD, but if it gets itchy, don't worry, it's scratch resistant ;-) It uses a LiIon battery (Sony hates AAs nowadays) with an average CIPA rating of 300, an EVF of 200K, and such.

    It has face and smile detection but some other modes were not included which totally frustrates us! We were anxiously awaiting for a camera to feature frown, ponder, scowl, and wink detection! How can you possible take great portrait pictures without those features? Come on camera manufacturers, please see the light and offer these features! There is a HUGE MARKET for them!

    Okay, back to reality, it does have manual exposure which is always nice, considering that these are actually cameras, not QVGA webcams. Also nice is the adjustable noise reduction which among others got both dpreview and dcresource excited. Kudos to Sony for both of these!

    The Nightshot feature is playing hide and seek on Sony cameras. This time you are lucky, you found it! Improved are the DRO (dynamic range optimizer) and Sports modes.

    Thanks to the extra megapixel haul, the burst mode crawls at 1.6 fps at which you can take 100 shots or so.

    And if you are wondering why you haven't seen RAW mentioned yet, it's because it does not have RAW! Not that we expected it to have RAW, but in today's age, RAW should be available in every mid-range camera, just like PSAM. They are cameras after all, photographic instruments, not QVGA webcams you glue inside a laptop!

    It will be available in "it came from space" shiny silver, and "sleek night gown worn at the Oscars" black. We gave the colors those names, not Sony! So don't blame Sony for the silliness :)

    It will be released in the USA around May 2008 for a starting price of $400. As far as we know, it is not available for pre-ordering yet.

    Coverage at photography sites

  • The Sony USA press release at the temporary home of the Imaging Insider
  • Adorama News Desk
  • Sony announcement at dpreview. Be sure to check the dpreview commentary at the top of the post, and also the text in neon-green towards the bottom of the post.
  • Imaging Resource
  • DC Resource
  • Photography Bay
  • dpnow
  • CametaTown
  • Endless Years

    Coverage by high tech and gadget blogs
  • CNet Crave
  • Engadget
  • Electronista
  • Gizmodo

    The Crunch Gear gadget blog has a video itnroduction to the Cybershot H50. Check it out!

    But wait there's more! Engadget has a hands-on with the new Sony Cybershots!

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  • Bargain Alert: Refurbished Nikon S1 for $90 at Adorama

    We start the day with a bargain alert! Adorama has a special on refurbished Nikon Coolpix S1 for the super-low price of $90. Yes, ninety dollars! This is an older camera obviously.

    A quick Google search picks up reviews of this at DC Resource, Imaging Resource, and Steve's Digicams among many other places.

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    Sunday, February 24, 2008

    New Panasonic FX500 starts at 25mm and $400

    We were browsing through the Panasonic dpreview forum where we noticed a new Panasonic model name discussed. This is discussed in this thread, this thread, and this older thread. The leak originated from this discussion thread.

    So it looks like Panasonic has come up with a brand new digital camera, the Lumix FX-500, available in silver or black. Not sure if the Raiders will commission a special silver & black edition ;-)

    Pre-order the Panasonic FX500!
    The FX500 is available for pre-order for $400 at B&H Photo, for either the black FX500 edition or the silver edition. Estimated delivery is around May 2008.

    Judging from the pictures, this camera has a 10mp sensor, a 5x optical zoom lens (25mm to 125mm equivalent), 3" touch-screen, which is a plus for fans of touch-screens. The lens starts at 25mm, just like the Panasonic FX35. It appears to be along the lines of the Panasonic FX100 and the FX35/etc, so don't hold out any hopes for things like RAW, PSAM, and manual controls. The official announcement is out, it does have manual exposure along with shutter and aperture priority.

    No signs of a Panasonic LX3 or LX5 or FZ60 or FZ55 or FZ80 or anything like that :( More information when it becomes available...

    If you like this post be sure to bookmark it and digg it!

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    Ricoh GX100 vs Canon G9: The Price Wars!

    Once upon a time the price difference between these two cameras was about two stops. What is a stop you ask? Good question! One stop in terms of price is $100 :) Unlike photography, we don't want to use complicated math, physics and fractions, one stop is one hundred dollars, two stops is two hundred, three stops is three hundred, etc.

    But back on topic. The price difference made the G9 the price-leader in the field of prosumer/RAWsumers. However, now that the GX100 has had price adjustments, their prices are actually level. So now they can have a good old fashioned price war!

    The Canon G9 is listed for $455 at Adorama, while the Ricoh GX100, without the optional viewfinder is listed at $440 at Adorama. Other reputable retailers list the Canon G9 at about $440 and $450, so for all practical purposes, their price is now the same!

    So how do you chose between the two if you are looking for a prosumer (RAWsumer) at that price range? That is a very good question, and the answer cannot be given in 1000 words or less, because there are many variables, and this also depends on your workflow, what you plan to shot, how, when, where you plan to take the camera, system integration, JPEG vs RAW, wide angle zoom vs longer reach zoom, stabilization or not, etc, etc, etc.

    If you haven't been through this internal debate, be sure to check the dozens and dozens of reviews of these two models, conveniently listed at our Power Compacts Review Matrix.

    To further complicate things however, the GX100 is also available in a kit with external VF-1 viewfinder for $540, $100 more than the stand-alone model.

    But the biggest bang for the buck for those who are mesmerized by the GX100 (you know who you are; if you have to ask, you are not one of them!), is the Adorama exclusive kit which includes the viewfinder, an extra battery, a case, and the HA2 hood.

    And while we are on the topic of price wars, the "older" Ricoh GRD I has become more affordable, or in the half-empty case, less un-affordable. The anniversary cyan-blueish edition is on sale for $450, while the standard edition is $500.

    Actually the anniversary edition has a story behind it: It was designed by renowned Japanese illustrator Katsuya Terada, and it has a blue sky and clouds as the base color for the camera with figures of angels beside the lens and on the top of the camera body. Glass half-empty people will point out that you may need their help to get noise-free pictures at higher ISOs ;-)

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    Sigma SD15 coming at Photokina 2008!

    Among the dpreview forum discussions of the first Sigma DP1 review, there was a mention of a quote by a Sigma executive hinting at a new Sigma SD15 DSLR at Photokina 2008. The story at Amateur Photographer's Informer. Amateur Photographer created a lot of buzz yesterday when they broke the news of the Leica CEO getting fired.

    The quote mentions that the DSLR will have the same sensor but will have "other improvements". Thus perhaps the closeness in the model names, going from SD14 to SD15. Amateur Photographer UK is a respectable news source, so this is more than just a rumor. But this is not an official announcement. We've all seen what happened with the Leica CEO making comments on future products.

    Be sure to check our on-going Photokina 2008 rumors and speculations. This will grow over time, and become a giant post like the PMA 2008 rumors and speculations post, and Fauxtokina 2007.

    This perhaps partially explains the recent price drops of the SD14 at select retailers, for example, the SD14 body only is offered by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $600, while the bundle with the Sigma 18-200 f3.5-6.3 DC OS lens is offered by Cameta on Amazon for $900.

    And for those in the USA who want to subscribe to Amateur Photographer UK, you can get it via Amazon for $229 for 52 issues (one year).

    Read the rest of "Sigma SD15 coming at Photokina 2008!"...

    The first Sigma DP1 review is published!

    Yes Sigma DP1, the DP1 has gotten its first online review at The review is not in english however. But there are quite a few pictures. And you know what they say about pictures and words!

    The review is discussed in this dpreview News forum thread, and the dpreview Sigma Talk forum thread. For more, be sure to check the dpreview Sigma forum.

    Update! AminFoto is discussing picture comparisons between the Sigma DP1, Canon 5D and Samsung GX20 posted at the!

    For more on the Sigma DP1, be sure to check our coverage of the announcement and a detailed list of the Sigma DP1 accessories available for pre-order.

    Read the rest of "The first Sigma DP1 review is published!"...

    DC Resource updates digital camera database

    For all us camera junkies out there, DC Resource has updated their camera database. The new features include the addition of a viewfinder column, the removal of digital zoom (hip! hip! hooray!), and the addition of 35mm equivalent focal range for the lenses. They also improved the search feature and added more details. You can discuss the changes in the DC Resource forums.

    Read the rest of "DC Resource updates digital camera database"...

    Friday, February 22, 2008

    Weekend DSLR Shopper (February 22 to 24, 2008)

    In this new experimental segment, we will be tracking any DSLR deals of interest for this weekend, February 22 thru 24, 2008 (Friday to Sunday).

    Weekend DSLR Shopper
    Olympus E410 bundle by Cameta Cameras on AmazonMore is more in this Cameta bundle, as you get the 14-42 Digital Zuiko lens, a bonus 2gb 133x CF Transcend card, gadget bag, memory card reader, and a few trinkets. The E410 is small in a good way, but unfortunately it does not have sensor-shift stabilization. However because of its small size, it is finding uses and fans
    Canon 40D body only, $1150 at AmazonSee the entry right below! To summarize, the price is right.
    Canon 40D with EF 28-135 IS USM lens, $1358 at AmazonThe price is certainly right for the Canon 40D. It may have "lost the buzz wars" to the dynamic Nikon D3/D300 duo, but at its current price the 40D is a tempting alternative to the D300, considering the price differential
    Canon Digital Rebel XT with 18-55 EF-S lens, $450 at AmazonRebel Rebel! Your price is going down! Now at $450, you can get the D-Rebel XT (350D) with the kit lens (not the new IS kit lens obviously) for just $450. Oh my!
    Sony Alpha A700 w/16-105mm f/3.5-5.6 DT Lens, $1680 at with free 3-day FedEx shippingNice price as this includes the 16-105 DT lens! At least $100 cheaper than the lowest reputable seller at Amazon, and $200+ cheaper than B&H/Ado!
    Nikon D80 Body only, $740 at Calumet PhotoThe best bang for the buck DSLR for the Nikon mount! While not as advanced as the D200 or D300, it costs almost 1/2 and 1/3rd as much!
    Vivitar V3800N w/ 50mm f1.7, $140 at AdoramaThis is a 35mm FILM SLR. And an old school at that! K-mount, hot shoe, old school! The perfect way to contrast yourself with someone running around with a Nikon D3 or Canon 1Ds
    Olympus E410 2 Lens Kit with Accessory Bundle, $600, at, S&H starts at $19The extras include a 1gb eFilm card, and the Oly E410 starter kit which includes a bag, battery, filters and trinkets. For someone who is just getting started to SLR photography, or wants to give 4/3rds a try, or wants a small DSLR to go with their bigger SLRs, this is a nice bundle!
    Olympus E-410 Single Lens Starter Kit, $500, S&H starts at $16Same as above, but only one lens, the 14-42mm lens, and no memory card.
    Nikon D200 body only, $1300 at Calumet PhotoSomewhere in between the Nikon D80 and the D300 lies the D200 which predates both of them. This dSLR is ideal for people who want what the D80 doe snot have, but also don't want to pay $1800 for the D300.
    Sony A100 with 18-200 lens, $1000 at Amazon, various sellersThe A100-H bundle is the one with the 18-200 superzoom lens. Do the math, there are three different A100 kits listed in this table, depending on whether you need any of the lenses "kitted" with.
    Sony Alpha A100K with 18-70mm DT, $600,, free 3-day FedEx shippingThis or the new A200? That is the question!
    Sony A100 body only, $530, body only, free 3-day FedExSame as above, but body only
    Olympus E-500 Silver LE with 18-180mm, $800,, free 3-day FedEx shippingThe lens itself goes for around $425, which puts the limited edition silver body at around $375. If you like the E500 and the space-age silver that is.
    Olympus E330 with 14-45 lens, $400, Cameta on AmazonAn old DSLR, one of the first to have a form of Live View! Keep in mind this does not have sensor-shift stabilization

    For reviews of some of the DSLRs mentioned above, be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix.

    Update Log
    Newer items go first in the table. New additions: Canon 40D and D-Rebel XT (350D).

    Read the rest of "Weekend DSLR Shopper (February 22 to 24, 2008)"...