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Noisy at Nite: Lots of reviews, more Price Charts coming up

Breaking Shopping News
We interrupt the Noisy at Nite feature with a shopping update. We just noticed that the Sony A100 with the 18-200 DT lens is sold by B&H Photo for $700. This is known as the A100H kit. The lens alone goes for around $460, valuing the DSLR at around $250. Ideal for those who are interested in an additional Alpha-mount body and want the 18-200 lens at the same time. We do not currently have the A100 listed in the DSLR Review Matrix. It will be added eventually though.

Reviews galore
Lots of new reviews have been posted the last few days, be sure to check them out in the Reviews category of the Noisy Newsroom. There you will also find the latest hot topics, educational topics (under Edu) and lots more. And a couple of reviews not listed there, the buzzworthy Panasonic FX35 and the if-only-it-had-RAW Nikon P5100, both at Photography Review.

Price Charts is the theme of the week
We are taking snapshots of the latest DSLR prices in a new feature, the DSLR Price Charts. We started with the Nikon mount DSLRs, and continued today with the Canon mount DSLRs. Sony-Minolta-Alpha will be posted on Thursday morning, and Four Thirds and K-mount are coming later on. We hate to break Sigma-Foveon fans hearts, but with just one DSLR (and barely available at that), we are not going to have a Sigma mount price chart.

Save those pennies!
Nine hundred ninety nine pennies ($9.99) can get you a Kodak 68" Go Anywhere monopod, sold by 47th Street Photo on Amazon. There are ten user reviews of that monopod on Amazon, with an average rating of five stars.

Feed your LBA hunger with the Tamron 28-80 f3.5-5.6 lens, the Pentax flavor, going for around $53 on Amazon, either directly or by Cameta.

And with all the savings from the thrifty purchases above, you can spend them the balance of your "allowance" on a nice Mother's Day Digital Camera Gift :)

Closing Thoughts: The Insiders
We'd like to thank Scott Kelby of Photoshop Insider for featuring this blog in their latest update!

For wide-angle-view news from the world of photography and imaging, be sure to check the Imaging Insider.

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Canon DSLR Market: The Price Charts (a snapshot)

We started this new series yesterday with the Nikon mount price chart and we continue today with the Canon mount, which at the moment consists only of Canon DSLRs. Please note that for the purposes of this exercise we are only looking at the standard kits, and we do not include any special bundles individual retailers create.

Canon-mount DSLR Price Chart
DSLRB&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAmazon (3rd party)
Digital Rebel XT (350D)
body only
w/18-55 EF-S




$395 J&R World
$430 Calumet
Digital Rebel XTi (400D)
body only
w/18-55 EF-S




$520 J&R World
$600 J&R World
Digital Rebel XSi (450D)
body only
w/18-55 EF-S IS




$900 J&R World
Canon 30D
body only
w/18-55 EF-S




$1000 Calumet
$1181 Calumet
Canon 40D
body only
w/28-135 EF IS
w/17-85 EF-S IS




$1065 Cameta
$1330 JR World
Canon 5D
body only
w/EF 24-105 IS




$2200 Beach
$2750 J&R World
Canon 1D Mark III
body only




$4100 JR World
Canon 1Ds Mark III
body only




$7750 Cameta
DSLRB&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAmazon (3rd party)

1) The "Amazon (3rd party)" category shows the lowest price among reputable and recognizable 3rd party sellers at Amazon.

2) For the purposes of this feature we are only looking at the standard kits. A number of retailers also create special bundles, but it becomes very difficult to have an apples and oranges comparison so they are not included. If the standard kit is not available we mark it as "n/a".

3) The prices are snapshots, they are not statistical averages.

4) There may be typos or errors in this post. Please don't panic :)

5) "n/a" means not available as a standard kit. It may be available in special bundles. "refurb" stands for refurbished.

6) For silver/black Canon models, the lowest price is shown. We did not want to further complicate the table by differentiating between silver and black Digital Rebels.

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Gift ideas for Mother's Day (digital cameras)

Mother's Day is May 11, but don't wait until the last minute to purchase a gift! And what better gift for Mother's day than a digital camera! Sure, flowers, and chocolates are nice for a day or two, but flowers spoil and chocolates have lots of calories. So instead, consider a gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

Unlike most Mother's Day buyer's guides that are dressed in pink and only recommend shiny silver point and shoot cameras, we will try to offer a diverse group of digital camera gift ideas since Moms are a diverse group of individuals and photographers. Holidays sometimes create a "santa-clausification effect" and we sometimes forget that we are still talking about real people :)

Photography Enthusiast to Expert Moms
If you are in the market for an expensive gift, and if the Mom has worn out her Nikon D200, or looking to upgrade from the Nikon D80, or had enough of the EOS without a spotmeter, then consider the Nikon D300. It is the most "buzz for the buck" DSLR out there!

Is Mom a very involved photographer who enjoys RAW and post-processing and making the most out of her images, and prefers alternatives to the mainstream? Well then consider the Ricoh GX100 special kit for around $550. This includes extra like a OVF, spare battery, hood and case. If no extras are needed, the standard kit is around $440.

If Mom is an enthusiastic photographer but looking for a "safer" and more mainstream camera gift, then you can't go wrong with the Canon G9, Canon's most versatile non-dSLR camera at the moment.

Is Mom an old-school K-mount user with an attic full of K-mount lenses of all sizes and ages? Then consider the Pentax K10D!

How about an all-purpose sub-$1000 DSLR? Well, there are so many good choices out there! There's the Nikon D40, D60, D80, the three Digital Rebels, the Olympus E410, E420 and E510, the Sony A200, A300, A350, Pentax K200D, and such!

Do-it-all super-zooms
Another group of cameras that makes a nice gift are the superzooms that can also be used to capture video, and have the benefit of carrying just one gadget instead of two. From this group, there's the fun-zoom Panasonic TZ5 that got recently reviewed by dpreview.

For more super-zoom ideas be sure to check our Super Zoom Buyer's Guide.

The Outdoorsy Mom
While none of the consumer digital cameras out there are designed to battle the elements, the Olympus SW-series has better chances of surviving the elements, be it drops (as in dropped to the ground), water, rain, and such. Mind you these are not industrial-strength cameras!

Onecall has created a special starter bundle with the Olympus Stylus 850SW, 1gb Olympus xD memory card, 3.5" Sunpak digital picture frame, for $338 + S&H starting at $11.

The Social Causes Mom
Fuji has a special edition of their Fuji Z5fd camera, available at Best Buy and perhaps other locations. A portion of the proceeds are donated to organizations that are fighting Breast Cancer.

Casio had a special edition of the EX-Z75 that supports Breast Cancer awareness however it is currently out of stock at Amazon.

The Alternative Mom
Is Mom just different from most people out there? Does not want to follow the masses (aka sheep). Wants to boldly go where most people do not dare to go? Well, in this case, meet Foveon! Can't get more alternative to the Bayer-sensor digital cameras that are the 99% of the market. So if Mom wants to make an alternative statement, here is the Sigma DP1 or the Sigma SD14 DSLR.

The Who-Stole-My-Dynamic-Range Mom
Yes, of course we are talking about the Fuji S5 Pro. Who else would we be talking about? :)

The fit-in-a-small-purse camera
Looking for a small and convinient digital camera for a Mom who just wants to take occasional pictures with a simple easy to use, affordable yet not clunky camera? Then how about the Canon SD1000, currently going for about $150.

Many Ultracompact choices
Apart from the ones already mentioned in this post, there's plenty of ultracompacts to consider, such as the Nikon S600/S550/S210, the whole Canon Elph (Ixus, Ixy) series, the Panasonic FS-series and FX-series, Fuji Z-series, Kodak M and V series, Sony W and T series, the Casio EX-Z and S-series, Samsung L-series and NV-series, and lots more.

The AA-powered Mom
If Mom loves using rechargeable AA batteries, then consider the very affordable and flexible Canon A590-IS. This is quite possibly the best bang for the buck digital camera out there at under $200.

The Desperate Housewive
You can't get more stylish than the Casio Exilim series of cameras! Especially the smaller S-series that use ceramic lenses. These are style-priority digital cameras, and considering the size, do not expect them to take pictures like DSLRs. But for occasional general-purpose use in bling-bling-priority situations, then consider the Casio EX-S880, available in red, or black.

But wait there's more!
Of course there is more! There are more than 200 active/current digital camera models out there, and we could make a case for at least half of them. But then we would end up with a 50-page post that no one wants to read :)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nikon DSLR Market: The Price Charts (a snapshot)

Just like any living market, DSLR prices go up and down, although mostly down in the long run. This new experimental feature captures a snapshot of the DSLR prices at some of the most influential retailers.

Please note that the prices are as of the time of writing and they are a snapshot, not a statistical average. In the first installment we have the Nikon mount, which includes the Nikon and Fuji DSLRs. But fear not, we have not forgotten the other mounts, they will be posted in the next few days, with Canon, K-Mount, Sony-Minolta, and Four Thirds, which will include Olympus, Panasonic and Leica(sonic).

Nikon-mount DSLR Price Chart
DSLRB&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAmazon (3rd party)
Nikon D40
w/18-55 DX
two-lens kit




$470 Cameta
$550 J&R World
Nikon D40XGonerefurbGoneGone
Nikon D60
w/18-55 DX VR
two-lens kit




$700 OneCall
$865 Cameta
Nikon D80
body only
w/18-55 DX
w/18-55 DX VR
w/18-135 DX




$726 Beach Camera
$829 17th Street
$900 Crutchfield
$1010 J&R World
Nikon D200
body only
w/18-135 DX
w/18-200 DX VR




$1260 Cameta
$1500 Adorama
$1930 Cameta
Fuji S5 Pro
body only




$1700 Ritz
Nikon D300
body only
w/18-135 DX
w/18-200 DX VR




$1770 OneCall
$1950 Vanns
$2240 Cameta
Nikon D2Hs
body only




Nikon D2Xs
body only




$4343 Calumet
Nikon D3
body only




$5000 Cameta
DSLRB&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAmazon (3rd party)

1) The "Amazon (3rd party)" category shows the lowest price among reputable and recognizable 3rd party sellers at Amazon.

2) For the purposes of this feature we are only looking at the standard kits. A number of retailers also create special bundles, but it becomes very difficult to have an apples and oranges comparison so they are not included.

3) The prices are snapshots, they are not statistical averages.

4) There may be typos or errors in this post. Please don't panic :)

5) "n/a" stands for not available. "refurb" stands for refurbished.

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Noisy Round-up: Charts, Reviews and other stories

For the latest news and updates be sure to check and bookmark the Noisy Newsroom or if you find that too crowded, try the Ten Stories Only, which as the title suggests has only ten stories.

If you missed it, be sure to check out the latest top seller digital camera charts, with lots of action, and the Panasonic TZ5 threatening to become a dynasty of three colors! The next episode of The Charts will be posted on Thursday.

Meanwhile, our Big Monday feature turned out much longer than expected, we took a very detailed look at who reviews digital cameras.

Both Panasonic (Matsushita) and Sanyo denied rumors of a take-over or merger. What do they say about double denials? :)

If you missed any of our 20+ posts of last week, be sure to check out our weekly round-up.

And if you like open box specials, open your wallet, B&H Photo has new open box specials.

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Panasonic TZ5 Dynasty, Nikon D40 jumps, Sony returns (Amazon Top Sellers)

We have a new episode of the Camera Charts, with lots of drama!

Some of the exciting developments:

  • New Top DSLR: Nikon D40's big jump steals the [Top DSLR] spot from the D-Rebel XTi (400D)
  • We are not sure what caused the big Nikon D40 jump, perhaps temporary price drop
  • New #1 (yet another Powershot)
  • Canon reseals the Top 10 as a $6 price increase sends the Kodak C613 into a tail spin Oops! We forgot about the Nikon D40 in the Top 10. Scratch this line :)
  • Price drop makes Panasonic TZ5K jump just outside the top 10
  • Two colors of the Panasonic TZ5 in the top 15 and the silver is a new entry in the Top 25! A new dynasty in the making?
  • Sony returns to the Top 25 (oh my, they were gone!)

    For the whole Top 25, as well as the Top 50 using a new format, be sure to check the latest top selling camera charts.

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  • Monday, April 28, 2008

    The Noisy River (Last 100 Posts)

    Inspired by TechMeMe's River, we decided to give the Noisy River a try! Right below you will find the titles of our last one-hundred (100) posts. If you want to see more than the last 100 post titles, just let us know!

    This is powered by Javascript, so if you are reading this in a newsreader, you may not see anything below. In such a case, just visit the blog page and all will be revealed.

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    *** This feature may experience intermittent technical difficulties at the moment ***

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    Who Reviews Digital Cameras?

    That is a simple question on the surface, but the answer is actually very long when you dig into it! This giant post is broken down in different overlapping categories, but we had to draw lines somewhere, otherwise it would be totally unreadable. This is version 1.0 so it is very likely that some deserving camera review websites were not listed - this is unintentional. In such cases, please let us know in the comments section or via email. More on that at the bottom of the post.

    Please note that because of our limited "linguini" skills we are only covering websites written in english.

    If you find this post helpful, be sure to bookmark this post and add it to your online/social bookmark sites!

    The Genre-Defining Big Six

    These are the sites that in our opinion defined the genre of the photography review site back when digital cameras were breaking into the mass market. Just like the accounting big six, they are no longer six!

    dpreviewThe most recognizable name in digital camera reviews, dpreview has grown in size and reviewers over time. The brainchild of Phil Askey earned its reputation for "IEEE Transactions" quality technical camera reviews. Now a part of the Amazon portfolio of companiesReviews
    Imaging ResourceImaging Resource is the second most recognizable name in camera reviews on the internets, and is providing detailed technical reviews as well. One of the favorite features on their site is the Comparometer.Reviews
    DC ResourceDC Resource has been consistently producing a steady stream of camera reviews, something that satisfies the always hungry camera-review audience. They are the only major site that publishes a very detailed review schedule.Reviews has been producing reviews for years, both in english and in french. Their reviews are more compact in size, making them a less intimidating read for the uninitiated.Reviews
    Steve's DigicamsSteve's digicams has maintained a consistent review format, making them easy to consume for the average consumer.Reviews
    A Digital EyeNo longer updated, and perhaps a sign of the times, as the last camera reviewed at ADE was the Sony R1. The end of two eras? Their last update was around PMA 2006.Reviews

    The Experts

    The experts are loosely broken down in two highly-overlapping categories, which we will call the "technical experts" and the "experiential experts". The first group approaches reviews more from a technical point of view, the second one approaches equipment reviews as tools of the trade. The list below is not ordered.

    Thom HoganA Nikon guru and author of volumes of Nikonalia, Thom publishes extensive reviews of Nikon-mount equipment.Reviews
    Ken RockwellThe most controversial of the group, Rockwell's reviews and comments generate a wide range of reactions, both from his fans and his vocal anti-fans (a PC word for "haterz"?). Rockwell reviews a variety of brands. For those not familiar, this is a classic "controversial" Ken Rockwell piece, Your equipment doesn't matter.Reviews
    Bjorn's NaturFotografBjorn does not post reviews often, but when he does, they are usually impact reviews, such as his Nikon D3 review. Mainly Nikon equipment.Reviews
    Luminous LandscapeLuminous is the brainchild of Michael Reichmann and produces a variety of equipment reviews. Uses the video format for presentation extensively.Reviews
    Reid ReviewsReid's Reviews is the only site using the paid membership subscription model for their reviews (and site in general). A variety of equipment is reviewed there, not just traditional digital, but also film and rangefindersSubscribers Only
    Bob AtkinsBob reviews a variety of equipment, both under his website and on other websites as well.Reviews
    Digital Outback PhotoOutback reviews select high-interest cameras, with their unique "dairy" format style. If a camera is picked for review by DOP, it probably means it's a very buzzworthy camera.Reviews
    Photo.netStarted by Phil Greenspun many years ago, is now a collective of expert reviewers, looking at some of the most interesting cameras (mostly DSLRs) out there. The reviews are single-page format and devoid of "obstacles" making them quite possibly the most reader-friendly reviews. And as a side-note, is quite possibly the "best bang for the byte" in terms of information included per page.Reviews

    Many Review Sites

    Apart from the review sites mentioned above, there is a number of websites that specialize in digital camera reviews. The list below is not ordered.

    Photography BlogIn their trademark six-page format Photography Blog reviews cameras big and small.Reviews
    Let's Go DigitalA site available in various languages, Let's Go reviews cameras big and smallReviews
    Camera LabsCamera Labs reviews cameras as well as lenses.Reviews
    Photography ReviewPR reviews cameras as well as a variety of photography-related equipmentReviews
    Digital Camera ReviewDCR reviews cameras in their trademark one-page easy to read format.Reviews
    PhotoxelsPhotoxels uses a standard multi-part review formatReviews
    Digital Camera InfoDCI reviews cameras using a multi-page format.Reviews
    e-photographiae-photographia made a name for itself with great timing in the posting of their reviews and previewsReviews
    Think CameraThink Camera reviews cameras in a single-page format.Reviews
    ephotozineephotozine uses a single-page review format with four performance bars at the bottomReviews
    Trusted ReviewsTR uses a standard 7-page format for their reviews.Reviews
    NeoCameraNeoCamera uses an innovative approach of integrating their assessments into a buyer's guide. Practical use of colorful graphics as well.Reviews
    PhotoReviewPR posts single-page narrow-band column reviews, putting the content right in the middle of the screen.Reviews specializes in lens reviews, and there are lots of them posted there, especially Canon, Nikon, Pentax and 3rd party. Probably the largest concentration of lens reviews on one siteReviews
    SLRGear.comA spin-off from Imaging Resource, specializes on all the SLR gear, except of course the DSLRs themselves which are covered at IRReviews
    DigiCamReview.comDigiCamReview reviews a nice mix of DSLRs, superzooms, and compacts, and has some of the hard to find Ricoh reviews as well. They use the single-page format which some people prefer.Reviews
    DPInterfaceDP Interface reviews a variety of digital cameras, from point and shoots to DSLR, including cameras that sometimes don't get a review on some of the mega-review sitesReviews
    PDN Gear GuideThe online review arm of the PDN franchise posts reviews of digital cameras and related gear and accessories. One of a few websites to post a medium format digital camera reviewReviews
    PhotocratiA new website featuring a number of photographers, headlines by the industry veteran Peter K. Burian, reviewing DSLRs and other camera gearReviews

    Photography Magazines

    These are the traditional print photography magazines, posting their reviews online, sometimes with additional bonus material and sample pictures. For some, the transition to the web continues to be painfully awkward.

    Pop PhotoApart from cameras, they also review lenses and select other photo equipment and accessoriesReviews
    AP UKAmateur Photographer UK makes some of their reviews available online.Reviews
    ShutterbugMagazine reviews available online as wellReviews
    Rangefinder MagazineInfrequent reviews posted in PDF format (yes PDF)Reviews
    Photo District NewsOnline content is available for magazine subscribers who can create free accounts for complete accessSubscribers only

    High Tech Media 1.0

    This category includes websites from the first era of the internet, websites such as CNet, magazines like Wired and PC Magazine, and established print tech writers, freelancers or newspaper/magazine writers.

    CNet networkThe network of CNet sites (USA, Asia, UK) produces a number of camera reviewsReviews
    PC MagazineSingle page easy to read reviews with pop-up benchmarksReviews
    WiredThe trademark Wired reviews are also posted on the netReviews
    Various othersOther magazines, old school web 1.0 tech sites, national and syndicated tech writers, and such. For example the NY Times Tech column, with the Casio EX-F1 review by David Pogue.Various

    High Tech Media 2.0

    Ths category includes the newer Web2.0-flavored high tech sites and blogs, which also encompasses the very popular gadget blogs. The scope of the Web 2.0 gadget blogs is the diverse technie universe, so their camera reviews are relatively short and easy to read for the non-hardcore camera geeks.

    ReviewsSingle camera reviews such as the Casio EX-F1 at Gizmodo.Various
    Feature showcaseThese usually take a look at specific buzzworthy features of buzzworthy cameras. For example, Casio EX-F1 and tomatoesVarious
    Head to head reviewsMultiple cameras reviewed, such as this four DSLR Battlemodo at GizmodoVarious
    UnboxingQuite possibly one of the defining characteristics of Web 2.0 are "unboxing" ceremonies when new highly anticipated equipment arrives. You won't see an "unboxing" at dpreview, but it is very common in the world of Web 2.0. Take a look at the unboxing of the Rebel XSi (450D) at Engadget, complete with a detailed galleryVarious

    Infinitely Diverse Reviewers

    We had a hard time finding a good title since this is such a diverse group of reviewers, so we gave it the most descriptive title we could come up with :)

    Satellite ReviewsThis category includes domain experts in various fields of photography who rarely review digital cameras as part of their day job, but when they do, it is usually because it is a digital camera of high interest. For example, Scott Kelby reviewing the Nikon D300, Moose Peterson reviewing the Nikon D3, The Online Photographer reviewing the Zeiss Ikon ZI, or the Canon G9, and on and on. (Although TOP may perhaps moving towards having more regular reviews (eg Pentax K20D under way))Various
    Group reviewsThis is one areas of camera reviews that is under-represented, we are assuming because of logistical issues. Plus getting a group of photographers to agree for a long period of time may make herding cats look organized ;-) In our opinion the best group review we've seen (and we haven't seen them all out there) is the Olympus E3 at BioFos.Various
    ShootoutsThese are designed experiments to test specific features of specific cameras. They are not intended as wall to wall reviews. For example, the on-going Sigma DP1 shootout at Serious Compacts, or the various Camera vs Camera at Foto Tramp.Various
    The BelieversThis is a working title for this group. We couldn't find a good name. We also thought of "The Fans", "The Converted", or "The Homers", but they might offend some. These are reviews by people who are strong supporters and fans of a particular brand. For example,,, Alpha Mount World, Sigma User, Four Thirds Photo, Photo Club Alpha, BioFos, and quite a few more.Various
    The BloggersThis in itself is a very wide and diverse field, from seasoned and grizzled professional photographers to advanced amateurs, to enthusiastic enthusiasts, to "hello world" beginners.Various
    Forum user reviewsThese are regular forum users who add their reviews to the user-review infrastructure of photography forums such as Fred Miranda and dpreview, under each camera brand in the "Camera Database" segment for the latter.Various
    In-forum live reviewsThese are live reviews, where the reviewer starts writing the review in a forum, and the other forum users are asking for particular tests and constantly giving feedback. These can be fun and exciting reviews to see develop!Various
    Customer ReviewsA large number of retailers, from Amazon to Circuit City to B&H and Adorama to Staples and New Egg and eBay invite their customers to post reviews on their cameras. In some instances there is an option for the reviewer to use the ordering system to verify that he/she actually bought the camera from said retailer. Of course there is no way (yet) to verify that they actually used the camera :)Various
    Opinion site reviewsLots and lots of websites offer this feature, such as This is slightly outside the solar system of this post so we won't cover this any furtherVarious
    Press release reviewsWe are trying to keep this at a relatively positive tone, so we won't name names, but I'm sure you too have seen these "reviews", the rehashing of the press release or product info from the manufacturer's site portrayed as a "camera review".Various

    We looked at dozens and dozens of websites for this feature, and one thing we noticed is that a number of websites make it difficult to find their reviews, especially if one is multi-tasking. I had to "hunt" for reviews for the purposes of this post, but the average reader may not be as patient.

    Can't believe we actually finished this marathon post! This is version 1.0 so we are sure it will have a few updates and corrections throughout the first week. Please let us know what you think of this giant feature!

    If you have any corrections, or feel that some websites should have been included, please let us know in the comments section or send an email. The email address can be found in the "Contact via email" post. Look at the "About" heading in the top right column of the blog, then click on "Contact via email", and the email address is right there, "decorated" to prevent spambot harvesting. The "About" heading is right above the cutesy Reddit alien button.

    If you found this post helpful, be sure to bookmark it and add it to your online/social bookmark sites!

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    Who reviews lenses? (added May 2009)
    The Lens Rentals blog has added an in-depth article on who reviews camera lenses, so be sure to check it out.

    Change Log
    Since the original publication we added, More coming up.

    Added DPInterface, PDN Magazine, PND Gear Guide, and Photocrati (May 2009)

    Read the rest of "Who Reviews Digital Cameras?"...

    B&H Photo and Adorama have re-opened

    B&H Photo and Adorama have now re-opened their stores and will start processing previous and new orders! Please be a little patient since they have to catch up with 10 days of internet orders while they were closed for the Passover holiday.

    The tax rebate stimulus package checks will start trickling into tax payer accounts this week, first with electronic deposits and then with paper checks. So spend spend spend and help the economy :) Stay tuned to this blog as we will have a blog post to help you spend it :)

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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    Ideas for Sanyo? Panasonic and Sanyo deny the rumors!

    Yahoo News,, and Engadget Japan and others are publishing denials of Matsushita Panasonic merging with (or taking over) Sanyo. Also included in the rumor soup are Goldman Sachs, Daiwa Securities and Sumitomo Mitsui.

    Of interest to the digital camera world since Sanyo is involved behind the scenes with some digital cameras from some of the other major manufacturers. It would be interesting if such a marriage were to occur. Sanyo also produces a few digital cameras and a number of hybrids (camera/camcorder hybrids) under its own banner. We don't have much historical information about Sanyo in this blog, just five posts.

    They also have Sanyo Eneloops although we doubt Eneloop(s) would be the Helen of Troy :)

    Read the rest of "Ideas for Sanyo? Panasonic and Sanyo deny the rumors!"...

    Week in review (April 21 to 27, 2008)

    Yes, it is Sunday again and we have the usual week-in-review rewind! Why read this blog every day, when you can read a week's worth of posts on Sunday? ;-)

    Impromptu Special Feature
    One thing lead to another, and a simple post mentioning that the Fuji F45fd is an amazing bargain at $105 after rebate at Ritz, became a wall to wall feature on the F45fd. The F45fd is a special edition of the Fuji F40fd, the 8mp "cousin" of the critically-acclaimed cult-like Fuji F30 and F31fd. The F31fd, along with a couple of other Fuji cameras are using the 6mp magic Super CCD sensor.

    For more than you ever wanted to know about the F40fd/F45fd, be sure to check the F45fd special post. If the post title sounds familiar, it was inspired by the 2008 Album of the Year (in our opinion of course).

    Juiceless rumors?
    Two new full-frame Nikon DSLRs? The D3X and D10? That's what the latest buzz is in the dpreview forums. Check out our coverage and be sure to check the debut of the "Rumor Box Score"!

    More on the rumors front, we had a round up of Canon 5D Mark II rumors, and yet another Canon vs Nikon Rumors edition. The big question, was the Canon Germany leak a big hoax?

    New News
    In addition to the constantly updated Noisy Newsroom, we launched a very lightweight Ten Stories Only sticky post. As the title suggests, it only includes ten of the most recent hot topics. If that's not enough, the Noisy Newsroom has 70+ story links at any given moment. Need more? Let us know and we'll add more :)

    And we had one new camera from the majors to celebrate, Ricoh launched a tough-cookie shockproof dustproof industrial-strength camera, the rugged G600.

    We had two editions of the Photography Soup this week, one on Wednesday and another one on Friday. Ideally we want to do these at least five teams a week, but that's not easy, which is why we launched the Noisy Newsroom and the Ten Stories only features, so you don't have to wait for the next edition!

    Market news
    The readers have spoken and we are going to officially make the Weekend Shopper a weekly post that gets posted on Friday, and gets updated through the weekend with new photography shopping temptations.

    We also had a new installment of our recurring ad-tracker feature, where we look at the camera ads featured in print magazines. This time our victim was the May 2008 edition of Popular Photography.

    Who are the top selling cameras and lenses at Calumet Photo? You can check their latest e-newsletter, or read our first Calumet Charts to find out. And don't forget, the $15 off special promotion through this blog ends on April 30, 2008, so if you are planning a $100+ purchase at Calumet, you can shave $15 off the total amount. Read on that, or the Weekend Shopper for all the details.

    Because of the new wave of new 2008 models hitting the market, we have now increased the frequency of our Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts feature to twice per week. The current schedule has new updates on Mondays and Thursdays. While a stand-alone snapshot won't say much, if you follow these over a long period of time, you can see some very interesting patterns!

    Earth Day Special
    We had a "green day" on April 22, we created a giant Earth Day 2008 post with more than fifty individual story links! Be sure to check it out and get green! Chlorophyll not included ;-)

    Big Mondays
    It's not Monday yet but we have a teaser for the upcoming Big Monday features. The first Big Monday was the story of the Casio EX-F1 so far.

    Relive the past
    Did you miss last week's round up? Fear not, you can catch up with last week's news as well! And you can check all our weekly recaps by following the weekly rewind tag. This is a long list!

    Coming Next Week
    Apart from the next big Big Monday featured story mentioned above, and the regular features (Photography Soup, The Charts, etc), we are also planning a Mother's Day Gift Guide, a second attempt at adding a Reader's Choice feature in the Noisy Newsroom, and perhaps a ...River feature (not what you think!). These are just some of the stories, as you can see we average about 20+ posts per week! We also hope that we can catchup and update the Review Matrices and the SuperZoom Buyer's Guide. Especially if we can find days with 48 hours instead of 24 :)

    Free subscription
    You can stay in-touch with all our posts by subscribing to our full-text feed. More details in the RSS feed post.

    We have also just joined Friendfeed. So if you want to follow all the 1001 noisy web 2.0 activity, be sure to check us out at Friendfeed.

    Read the rest of "Week in review (April 21 to 27, 2008)"...

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Rumors: D3X and D10, two new Nikon full frame DSLRs coming up? (updated)

    We took a casual stroll through the dpreview forums when we noticed this laconic yet revealing thread. A forum user has posted that Nikon is preparing two 35mm full frame DSLRs, the hotly rumored D3X at $6000 and a new "affordable" $3000 D10 full-framer. For more, and a lot discussion be sure to visit the original thread in the dpreview Nikon single-digit SLR Talk forum. The post also mentions a D80 follow-up. Check it all out!

    The model names certainly make sense. There is no need to explain the D3X name, it is the logical choice. Meanwhile D10 has a very symbolic ring to it. The D100 started Nikon's "affordable" DSLR line (the sub-$2000 revolution of a few years ago), so the D10 would be the start of their "affordable" full-frame DSLR line.

    Lots of people are jumping in the discussion, including Nikon guru Thom Hogan, although he does not directly discuss those rumors. Update: A "feasibility analysis" of the rumor by Thom. Also note his comment about the battery grips at the end of that post!

    We are also trying a new feature today, a Rumor Box Score to help frame this new rumor!

    Rumor Box Score
    Common Sense TestSounds reasonable
    Gut Check TestSounds believable

    Again, please treat this as a rumor, regardless of how credible it may seem! But don't let us stop you from day-dreaming about your next new favorite DSLR! Be our guest, in fact feel free to post your dream specs in the comments section. Dream cameras cost $0 to design and don't necessarily have to obey the laws of physics :)

    For more rumoralia, be sure to visit and bookmark our Photokina 2008 special. It is of reasonable size right now, but by the summer it will become unreadably long :)

    For covering of the existing dynamic duo of the Nikon D3 and D300 be sure to check our D3/D300 mania. Not quite Beatle-mania, but the DSLR-equivalent :)

    Read the rest of "Rumors: D3X and D10, two new Nikon full frame DSLRs coming up? (updated)"...

    Weekend Shopper: Because it's cheaper than buying new cars!

    Yes, camera fans, consider how much cheaper it is to buy new camera gear, than buying new cars! The average price of a new car is in the $20,000+ neighborhood, the average DSLR is $1,000 or even less. So if you want to feed your need for photographic gear, it's simple, buy a used car, keep a big chunk of the savings, and spend the rest on cameras :)

    Calumet special $15 off $100 (expires April 30)
    Be sure to check our sticky post on market news, it includes store schedule updates (eg B&H and Adorama closed for Passover). Also there you will find the special Calumet $15 off $100 special promotion. But hurry up that expires on April 30, 2008! The $15 off discount applies if you shop through this specially marked affiliate link, and you will see the $15 discount in your order confirmation email, not your shopping cart. Why do they have to make it so difficult? That is a good question for Calumet :)

    Since lenses are usually playing second fiddle to camera, today we start with lenses! Prime your primes! Zoom zoom yes, but $110 is what you pay for the Nikon 50mm Lens at J&R World.

    How about a Canon prime? The Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II is just $86 at Amazon. While a prime doesn't give you zooming, some people will argue that they are still the best bang for the IQ-bang lenses, other things equal. Of course if you consider multiple focal ranges, and such, a zoom lens becomes a more affordable option compared to a bag full of primes. We blog, you decide!

    And another old school lens, the Cosina 19-35mm f3.5-4.5 MC AF, Canon mount, is offered for exactly $100 at Amazon. If you are going to try it on APS-C Canon DSLRs, be sure to do the 1.6X math. It's not as wide-angle on them :)

    And a new school lens, the Nikon 55-200mm DX VR f4-5.6 G ED IF, offered by Amazon for $211. As the DX indicates this is only good for DX DSLRs, which is all current Nikon mount DSLRs (Fuji too), except for the Nikon D3 (and the older Kodak DCS full-frame Nikon-mount DSLRs).

    Canon continues with the aggressive pricing on the 40D, despite news of Canon price increases in May which do not affect cameras. So you might be interested in the Canon 40D with EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM for $1294 + $14 S&H at OneCall. The total comes to about $1310 shipped plus sales tax if applicable in your region.

    The Nikon D300 with the 18-135 DX lens are offered by Amazon herself for $1970. That's right, the buzz-worthy D300 is offered for under $2000. You can see some of the D300 reviews at The Review Matrix. But it's not just the D300, a number of other recent DSLRs are listed, with lots and lots of reviews. Be sure to read each review carefully, there will be a grueling GRE/GMAT-style test at the end of the camera semester :)

    Fans of the Sony A700 may feel betrayed as Sony blasted the A700 with three new Alpha DSLRs. But if you like the A700 for what it is, not for what it is not, and you are also in need of a versatile "digital" lens, then number-crunch this OneCall special: Sony A700 with 16-105mm DT f/3.5-5.6 for $1532 + $16 S&H, total of about $1550. We like round-numbers :)

    Meanwhile 4/3rds fans have fewer reasons to resist purchasing the lovely Olympus E3. It's current price is falling, now offered body only for just $1630 at Amazon. This is after all the Olympus and Four Thirds flagship DSLR at the moment. Although price-wise, the Leica version of the Panasonic L10 costs more :) Speaking of which, there were some rumors that a Leica version of the E3 would be coming up. But then again, things have been rather quite in terms of new "traditional" product introductions at Leica. But no so quite on the drama front (eg CEO getting fired).

    Compact digital cameras
    Is this a Samsung NV-series camera? Oh no, it isn't! Is it s small lens camera? Oh no, it isn't! It is the new Kodak Z8612 IS, their new 12X superzoom IS camera, with an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 2.5" LCD, face detection, and reasonable price of $240 via Tigerdirect upon Amazon.

    Zoom Zoom! The 20X Super Hyper Zoom from Oly, the Olympus SP570UZ is offered by OneCall for $418 plus $10 S&H, for a total of around $430. Numbers are rounded for readability. OneCall is making us use our math skillz this weekend :)

    More zoom zoom but of a different kind. A more affordable entry-level AA-based zoom is the new Fuji S1000fd, which Cameta Cameras has bundled and it is offering for $263 on Amazon. The bundle includes the camera (obviously), a case, 4 AA bsatteries, and an accessory kit which includes a mini-tripod and trinkets.

    Not the LOTR Elves, but the Canon Elves are taking over the photography forests :) For example, for $150 you can get the silver Canon SD1000 at J&R World. This is the bread and butter Elph, the lowest priced carry around affordable mass-market model. This is of course replaced by the multi-color SD1100-IS, which as the model name suggests adds IS. The SD1100 goes for around $230 at the moment.

    But if you love wide-angle in tiny compacts, then consider the Canon SD870 IS, shiny silver color, at J&R World as well for $260. This, along with the SD800-IS start at the 28mm equivalent. Unlike the other Elves that start in the 30s. The same goes for loans, why burden yourself/family with a $30,000 new car loan, when you can borrow $10,000 for a reliable used car, spend some on camera and lens gear, and your new debt is decreased by two thirds before you even sign on the dotted line :)

    How about a factory reconditioned camera? Well, some people like them. The prices are certainly more "down to earth". Such is the Kodak ZD710 offered by for $120 with free shipping. This is a 10X basic superzoom. Again, please note this is factory recertified, aka refurbished, aka reconditioned, or whatever other euphemism is used :)

    Don't worry we are not going to start singing! The 1gb PNY P-SD1G-RF3 SD memory card goes for $6.50 at J&R World.

    General Market
    If you want reliable but affordable laptops when you are at the office, at home, the studio or on assignment, and you don't object to refurbished/reconditioned models, we have an exclusive deal from Dell Financial for you: Save 10% on any Dell Laptop or Desktop with coupon code: CJ0408$DF. This is only for refurbished Dells sold through Dell Financial Services.

    CompUSA is back! No Bear Sterns bail-out but it was taken over by the parent company of Tiger Direct. And if you find any cameras you like there, and you use PayPal, you can get 10% Cash Back with Paypal on! Please note maximum cashback is $20 and minimum order is $200, so your best bang for the buck order should be $201 or so :)

    And speaking of which, if you are looking for a trusty companion while on the road or on assignment, the Dell XPS M1530 laptop goes for $1300. The 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT and 15.4" widescreen should help a bit with the image analysis. Also of interest it is powered by the Intel Pentium dual core T7250, has 3gb of memory, along with a 250gb of hard disk and slot-loading dvd burner. And if all your cameras stop working or ran out of battery, fear not! You can complete your assignment using the built-in webcam of the XPS M1530 ;-)

    Abe's of Maine has a mother's day promotion, $10 off your purchase with coupon code CJMDY55!. This expires on 5/31/08 so there's plenty of time to try to find the perfect Mother's Day gift at Abe’s of Maine.

    Flash! Not Gordon, but the Sigma EF-530 DG for Canon cameras, $239 at Amazon via 17th Street Photo, not to be confused with 47th street. So many streets, so little time!

    We don't want Nikon fans to feel left out, so here is a Nikon SB-600 special bundle, offered by Cameta Cameras on Amazon for $280. This includes the SB-600 flash, a rapid charger with 4 AA batteries, an extra 4 AA batteries, a Sto-Fen omni-bounce diffuser, TTL flash cord, and the Stroboframe 350 flash bracket.

    We will be increasing the interactivity of this blog by asking lots of questions via polls. We blog, you decide! The first one is at the bottom of this post, asking you, the readers, whether you would like the "Weekend Shopper" to become a regular Friday feature.

    Thanks to everyone voting in the poll! To answer the question about covering specials for the UK and other world-wide markets, unfortunately we are not very familiar with the prices and the various retailers in other markets, so it's hard for us to figure out what is a good price. But if we do run across anything that screams "great deal!", we will certainly post it.

    Read the rest of "Weekend Shopper: Because it's cheaper than buying new cars!"...

    Big Monday Teaser!

    This is a shameless teaser for our second Big Monday (April 28)! The codeword for this feature is: "reviews". And here is a new teaser: "Phil Askey and Ken Rockwell in the same post?". The featured post will go live before 12pm New York City time on Monday April 28, 2008.

    Our first Big Monday had a recap of the life of the Casio EX-F1 and includes the Luminous Landscape review.

    And a teaser for the May 5 Big Monday: "Noisy U". Apart from that, we are also working on a Mother's Day Buyer's Guide of sorts. More on that later this week.

    Read the rest of "Big Monday Teaser!"...

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    1001 Noisy now on FriendFeed

    Yes Web 2.0 fans, we have something new for you! We have just aggregated our Web 2.0 content into FriendFeed. FriendFeed takes multiple sources as input (various blogs, digg, delicious, flickr, twitter, YouTube,, and lots more) and presents them in a single timeline!

    For more interactive stuff, be sure to join our 1001 Noisy Readers List, check out our Let's Network post, and submit your photos to our Flickr Pool. The pictures are randomly showcased in this blog in this post, powered by the flickr badge tool. And if you are a local camera shop, join the Support your local camera shop initiative.

    Read the rest of "1001 Noisy now on FriendFeed"...

    Photography Soup (Friday Avril 25 2008)

    Yes, that was not a typo, but an homage to our french-speaking viewers :)

    There is a new Sigma DP1 review, and it was written by one of the most highly thought after writers! Thoreau came out of centuries of retirement to write a new Sigma DP1 review. And the Sigma SLR Talk dpreview forum was ready to discuss this historic review.

    CNet Asia Crave has a sneak peek at Photokina 2008. For our on-going Photokina 2008 soap-opera special, be sure to check the Photokina 2008 Rumoralia.

    Looking for a bandwagon to jump on? Consider the Fuji F45fd, a gun metal gray color version of the F40fd, on sale for $105 after a $75 mail-in rebate at Ritz/Wolf cameras online and in-stores. This was so good we had to start wall to wall coverage of the Fuji F45fd.

    Those who may have temporarily seen a "Reader's Choice" post, we have to temporarily put it in draft because we were having some technical difficulties to make it work as we thought it would work. Stay tuned for more details later on!

    Do you like FREE? We do! Moose Peterson, one of the gurus out there, is offering a free edition of his 28-page BT Journal. Volume 72 is available as a free download. The journal is a quarterly publication, with an annual $28 subscription. And what does "B and T" stand for? We won't tell!

    Nikonians of the world unite and take over! Or at least predict the next new Nikon lens. My prediction? A 2-20000mm DX VR AF-S ED lens (with 1nm macro) for just $499 :)

    We can't post a new Photography Soup every few hours, but we can update the Noisy Newsroom with new stories. This has 70+ stories powered by the Google Reader. If that is just too much, we also pick ten stories only, this feature powered by del.ic.ious.

    Strobist, the lighting blog, is discussing a new lighting book hitting the market, "Minimalist Lighting: Professional Techniques for Location Photography". Check Strobist for more details!

    And speaking of lighting, Chase Jarvis has written a Dear Light Meter post. Oh what did he write? What did he write?

    If you are getting a significant chunk of your income from photography, you are likely behaving like a small business, even if it is a one-person show, so keeping some best business practices in mind is always helpful. And with that preface, we present part IV of the on-going series "How to keep your clients coming back" at David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk.

    Did you know that Fred Miranda, the guy behind the popular FM Forums, was actually a male model and a bodybuilder? I hope that doesn't affect his "pho cred" :) What's next? Phil Askey was actually Jason Donovan? And Thom Hogan is actually Hulk Hogan? ;-)

    And why are there not any female photography gurus? Where are they? Let us know where to find them! I sense another glass ceiling waiting to be shuttered!

    This is a teaser headline! But CNet Asia is not talking about Casio EX-F1, but F1 cars. You know, those things that are ruining the Earth every single nanosecond they are operating :) Oh my! When did we become enviro-wackos? Someone must have spiked our coffee with wheatgrass/chlorophyll shots ;-)

    How about an Apple Conspiracy Theory? Scott Kelby has more!

    You can listen to the radio on your computer these days we am told. And if you have one listening hour to spare, Shutterbug Radio is a weekly one-hour show. If you have five minutes to spare, read this blog instead ;-)

    UK Pentaxians, Samsung has announced a cashback promotion on the Samsung GX20, which is a near-clone of the Pentax K20D.

    Not enough stories? Check the Imaging Insider for more!

    Did you know you could  subscribe to our full-text RSS feed? That's right we are publishing the full-text feed! This works with both Atom and RSS newsreaders! For more feed details be sure to check our feeds post. And best of all, it's FREE!

    Read the rest of "Photography Soup (Friday Avril 25 2008)"...

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Supernatural superserious sweet delirious Fuji F45fd!

    We now owe REM $0.001 eCPM in royalties for that headline :) But it is indeed a sweet and delirious deal at Ritz and Wolf cameras, where you can get the Fuji F45fd for $105 after a $75 mail-in rebate. That's right, just one hundred and five dollars after your receive the mail-in rebate! The special is good online and in-store, but please keep in mind that the Ritz stores and websites are separate entities. You can't buy online/pick-up at the store, or exchange and things like that.

    The Fuji F45fd is a special edition of the Fuji F40fd, essentially the same camera, but in gunmetal gray for the USA market, and a different color (fashionable blue?) we believe for the UK market (Argos stores).

    The $75 mail-in rebate offer expires on April 30, 2008, and you have until May 31st, 2008 to send your rebates. Be sure to read the rebate form for all the details and make copies of everything you submit!

    Currently (August 2008), the F45fd is available at Amazon and at Wolf/Ritz Camera for about $160.

    Fuji F40fd vs F45fd vs F47fd
    Before we get into the Fuji F45fd madness, here is a quick primer on the three confusing model names

    • F40fd: Most "famous" of the three, uses 8mp 1/1.6" SuperCCD sensor. Details at Fuji UK
    • .
    • F45fd: Similar to the F40fd, but in different color and offered only through select retailers (Argos UK, Ritz/Wolf USA, etc). Details at Fuji UK

    • F47fd: Uses 9mp 1/1.6" sensor instead of the 8mp sensor. Details at Fuji UK.

    • There is a Fuji issued firmware update that enables use of SDHC cards with the F40fd/F45fd.

    • Announcement details at IR and dpreview.

    Discussions on the Fuji F45fd and F40fd
    The F45fd special at Ritz is discussed in detail at FatWallet, along with the dpreview Fuji Talk forum.

    The Ritz special is discussed in this Fuji SLR Talk dpreview forum thread.

    Trying to decide between the F50fd and the F3x/F4x? Check this thread out. We can't promise you an absolute answer though :) Ultimately it's a personal choice.

    The FotoTramp has a comparison between the F40fd, F50fd and a couple of Canons (Elph and G9). See what the Fototramp thinks of that quartet.

    More discussions and reactions coming up!

    FinePix F45fd Digital Camera - Regularly $179.99 - $10 Instant Savings - 1-Week Only Summer Sale!

    Fuji F40fd (and F45fd) reviews
    The F40fd (and consequently the F45fd) got their share of reviews, although they did not get the all important dpreview and Imaging Resource reviews.

    The most high profile reviews come from DC Resource by Jeff Keller, Steve's Digicams, and which also points out potential noise reduction side-effects.

    The smoothest review perhaps is the one at NeoCamera. Be sure to check the F31fd vs F40fd box on page 2 of the review!

    The most bullish perhaps reviews come from Trusted Reviews and digicamreview, and Digital Camera Review. Similar names, but different websites.

    The most bearish review came from Photography Blog and perhaps DCI. A shorter version of the DCI review can be found at

    Think Camera has a user style single page review, for those who do not want to spend too much time digging into multi-page reviews. Also a single-page format review by Pocket Lint.

    And how the traditional techie sites? CNet gives it the usual CNet treatment with their regular camera reviewer Phil Ryan. Meanwhile Molly at PC Magazine tests it out as well.

    Believe or not, there's a few more reviews, we'll post them at a later time time-permitting. We think the above selection is more than enough to help you make a decision. Is it not? :)

    Fuji F40fd/F45fd user reviews
    This is the F40fd in a nutshell. The forum user has posted his findings after 2-3 months of using the F40fd.

    There are 24 user reviews at the dpreview site. This is separate from the dpreview forums. This is a place where people enter their own reviews. The latest one was posted just today.

    There are 56 customer reviews posted at Amazon, with an average star rating of four out of five. In this view of the customer reviews, you can see the top bullish and top bearish reviews for the camera, which can give you a better overall feel without having to read every single user review.

    There are more of them, time permitting we will add them. Especially if someone has read all the ones mentioned above and asks for more :)

    Read the rest of "Supernatural superserious sweet delirious Fuji F45fd!"...

    Panasonic TZ5 buzz, Canon DSLRs gone wild (today's Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)

    If you missed the previous edition, be sure to check it out. Today's headlines: Canon DSLRs gone wild, and the Panasonic TZ5 gets a dpreview review bump!

    We have a bonus today, not only the Top 25, but we also filled in the Top 60. And surprise-surprise Sigma DP1 fans, the DP1 is in the Top 100! Check it out!

    We also have our obligatory screen-shot teaser, showing the Canon DSLRs going wild!

    Opinionated pseudo-analysis

    Canon dSLRs going wild: Oh my, the two Canon 40D kits are selling as if they were $300 Elph/Ixus/Ixy models. What are they feeding the Amazon shoppers? Did they get their tax refund checks already? Or are they Exxon-Mobil shareholders? ;-) This is an interesting thing to observe, while the Nikon D3/D300 duo is winning the "buzz wars", Canon's affordably priced 40D and the new rebellious XSi (450D) are boosting the Canon market share.

    Who would have thought that Canon's 2008 election platform would include affordability? Also of interest the two older D-Rebels are pulling back a bit, as the new XSi makes its way into the hearts, minds, wallets, and camera bags of photographers. The XSi of course was a Rebel in that it broke into the spec-sheets of the more expensive Canon DSLRs and stole some of their features ;-)

    Panasonic TZ5 dpreview-review-bump: Yes, the Highly Recommended just (pun intended) managed to give the TZ5 a boost as we now have two TZ5 colors in the Top 25. That's right, the blue version is at #15, and the black version made its Top 25 debut at #24. See it all in the new Top 25+. However, the popularity and sub-$300 pricing of the TZ5, and the TZ4 going under $250 have had their side-effects, as the lovely TZ3 is losing ground but also gaining in price. Is the dpreview-review bump as strong as the Colbert-bump?

    Kodak breaks the Canon monopoly: Yes, the top ten is usually the house that Canon built, but in this edition, the super-cheap $75 C613 managed to sneak into the Top 10 and break Canon's monopoly. So much for Kodak's press release that they are "exiting the entry-level market". I am assuming the VP or executive who issued that press release is fired Leica-style by now? ;-)

    Sigma DP1 in the Top 100: Yes Sigma DP1 fans, let the parties begin! An $800 camera from a lens-maker manages to make the Top 100 despite the systematic campaign by the CaNikon haterz to belittle it and marginalize it! Let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy the Foveon colors while the Bayer fanboys spend their long nights post-processing their dull Bayer colors ;-) This paragraph is brought to you by the Sigma DP1 fan club ;-)

    DSLRs in the Top 100 Okay, now that we got the Sigma loonies out of the way, we can talk about real cameras ;-) Two Canon 5D kits are at the bottom of the Top 100 where we also find the Pentax K20D body only. Meanwhile the Nikon D60 is not moving as fast as thought it would move. Perhaps Nikon needs to be taught a focus-motor lesson! But on the other hand, the D300 with the 18-200 DX VR lens is in the top 60, while the body only is just outside the Top 25. At #26 for a $1750 DSLR! Not bad at all. In fact it's amazing! The $1700 price level was what got it in the Top 25, and once the price went up, the D300 started falling as expected. This paragraph is brought to you by the SLR Traditionalists fan club ;-)

    Read the rest of "Panasonic TZ5 buzz, Canon DSLRs gone wild (today's Amazon Top Seller Camera Charts)"...

    Ad Tracker: Pop Photo (May 2008) - noteworthy ads!

    If you are a fan of advertising and camera brands, you are reading the right post. In this post we browse through the latest issue (May 2008 edition) of the Popular Photography magazine and comment on the ads that caught our eye. Please note this is not a comprehensive listing of all the ads, but rather a noisy review of the ads.

    Ad reviews
    Pentaxians will be thrilled to open the magazine as they will find a two-page Pentax K20D ad facing them. Pentax once again scores points with a clever ad. Other than the silly "peddling inspiration", we love the last few Pentax ads we saw. This one has a glass of martini showering two K20D bodies. Olive is included. If you are buying a used or demo K20D on eBay, and it has the smell of martini, it may be the one used in the ad shoot ;-)

    Interestingly Sony has two separate Alpha System ads, but the model names are not mentioned. One features the back of a body and the other the lens lineup group hug picture. Perhaps Sony did not want their four current and one upcoming DSLRs to feel jealous, so they did not feature an individual model? :) We don't really follow the logic of "HDNA", but the HDNA logo is quite nice and eye-catching. Also from Sony a one-page ad promoting their upcoming Digital Days workshops.

    Nikon has a three-page ad co-promoting the Mentor Series, and it's always nice to see photography ads filled with pictures, instead of marketing people thought-streams :)

    Sigma has four indidivual ad pages and DP1 fans will be thrilled that their lovely new camera is featured (page 14) - missed the lucky 13 by one :) It's a good thing the ad features a stationary camera, and not shooting pictures of fast-moving objects (zinger alert!) Also featured in single-page ads are the SD14 DSLR, and APO 50-150mm f2.8 and APO 70-200 f2.8 lenses.

    Tokina has a single-page ad featuring some of their lenses, with the AT-X 107 DX fish-eye getting the spotlight.

    Not to be outdone, Tamron has two individual ad-pages, the inside back-cover featuring the new 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 Di VC lens, and one promoting their Photo Workshops of 2008. Lots of locations around the country and a cruise-workshop too.

    Forget the DCS DSLR series! Kodak has a full-page ad for the new T-MAX 400 professional film. Film? film? film? The Earth cries every time a film is developed ;-)

    As part of their tribute to Herbert Keppler, Pop Photo has created a special page featuring some of Keppler's memorable quotes.

    Not an ad but of interest to some of our readers for sure, American Photo will be having a portfolio review for emerging photographers in their last issue of 2008 where anyone can submit their work for consideration. See page 41 in the magazine for this ad. As always be sure to read the rules/terms.

    We tried to find this on their website (the ad-text just said ""), we even searched for it using their search engine, but could not find it. Oh magazines, will you ever "get" this strange thing called the Internet?

    You can find this at your local newsstand or purchase this single issue (May 2008) at Amazon for $5. The single issues are eligible for the Amazon 4-for-3 promotion. You can also subscribe to the magazine with an annual subscription - current price is $14.

    PS> This post is using the draft scheduling feature of Blogger. It should appear on Thursday at 930am New York City time. We hope this does not cause a tear in the fabric of the blogging universe. It is the first time we are using a "draft" feature. We are boldly going...

    Read the rest of "Ad Tracker: Pop Photo (May 2008) - noteworthy ads!"...

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    Rumors Wars: Canon vs Nikon

    Even when it comes to rumors, there is Canon vs Nikon rivalry. Rumors from both camps are swirling, and fighting for the spotlight! It's that competitive! Even the rumors!

    Please note that this post is full of rumors, speculation, wishful thinking, dreams, nightmares, and who knows what else! None of these are official announcements from Nikon or Canon!

    Nikon D90 Rumors
    A big thread on the Nikon D90 including commentary from Nikon guru Thom Hogan in the dpreview Nikon forums.

    This small thread has post-D300-review-D90 speculation.

    Nikon D3X Rumors
    Amateur Photographer UK tried to get an answer from Nikon UK but got the usual non-committal response.

    This thread discusses the potential Nikon D3X MSRP. Speculation, conjecture and wishful thinking of course, nothing official from Nikon.

    Another one discusses D3X pig-in-a-poke pre-orders.

    What are the advantages of 24 megapixels? So we can dream about the D3X in more concrete terms ;-)

    But it's never too early for disappointment! Yes, there is Nikon D3X disappointment! Oh my!

    Thom Hogan's estimated guess for the announcement of new Nikons has generated buzz on the internets, featured at Nikon Watch, Photography Bay, and many other sites/blogs/forums!

    Canon 5D Mark II Rumors
    Discussions of the Canon Germany leak continue. Was it real? Was it a hoax?

    Another "in the know" forum user has a correction on the rumored 5D Mark II autofocus specs.

    This site said that the 5D Mark II could have been announced on Tuesday. It was April 22, do you know where your 5DMk2 is?

    This thread is tracking the performance of rumor-posters in the forums!

    This thread wonders where have the rumor threads gone? Perhaps in the dark space between NDA and Canon Wrath? :)

    Previous Rumoralia
    Before this wave of rumoralia, there was plenty more, including our recent Canon 5D Mark II round-up, as well as the early 2008 Nikon D3X rumoralia.

    For even more rumoralia, be sure to visit and bookmark our on-going Photokina 2008 Rumors and Speculation post. It is currently light on speculation, but it's a little too early for that :) Our 2007 Fauxtokina speculations went out of control, and we had to break them into pieces.

    Read the rest of "Rumors Wars: Canon vs Nikon"...