Saturday, May 31, 2008

Canon 1D and 1Ds Mark III going for $3960 and $7300 shipped! is having a special weekend sale of Canon's two flagship dSLRs, the 1Ds Mark III and the 1D Mark III. OneCall's prices are very good, but they are only good for the weekend.

The speed demon known as the Canon 1D Mark III (Body Only) is currently on sale for $3961 with free 3-day FedEx shipping and handling. The lowest price among B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon for this is currently $4050 and the highest is $4100, so the OneCall savings range from $89 to $139.

It also crosses the psychological price barrier of $4000, although the next body-only DSLRs below it in terms of price are the Canon 5D and Nikon D300, which are under $2000 at the moment, around $1900 and $1700 respectively. There a big gap there, Photokina are you going to fill it? :)

The flagship of the DSLR world, at least in terms of price and megapixels at the moment, the Canon 1Ds Mark III (Body Only) is offered by for $7300 with free 3-day FedEx shipping. The lowest price among Adorama, B&H Photo and Amazon is $7700, and if you look at the Amazon 3rd party sellers, 17th Street Photo has it at $7600. The highest is $8000. So the OneCall savings for the 1DsMk3 range from $300 to $700!

For a long but not comprehensive list of reviews of both the Canon 1D* Mark III DSLRs mentioned above, but also many other DSLRs be sure to check the DSLR Review Matrix. We are trying to come up with a more user-friendly way to present the DSLR Review Matrix, hopefully we can launch it before Photokina, otherwise, it will be pushed into the last quarter.

If you want to be informed of upcoming alerts such as this, along with new news and rumors, and lots more, be sure to  subscribe to our full-text feed. This is an information-overload blog, so expect at least 20 posts per week, more when there are waves and waves of new camera rumors and announcements.

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Shopper: Feeling blue?

The Panasonic TZ5 is feeling blue, more specifically the blue model, which is currently departing Amazon warehouses for $270 with free shipping. A number of websites have recently reviewed the TZ5, so much so, that you can't swing a mouse cord on a review site without hitting a TZ5 review :)

Grads and dads and new borns too, the blue Casio EX-S10 is going for $214 at, with free budget shipping as well. They also have a 2gb Kingston SD card for $12, and a Canon SD750 black (black+silver) for $177.

Olympus fans may feel tempted, their new flagship (although E1 fans will insist the E1 is the one true flagship), the E3 DSLR has now crossed the psychological $1500 barrier at Amazon. Currently selling for $1483. Body only of course.

Also going on, for now and until late July, the Canon Instant Rebates, which also include a side-kick promotion, a $50 Digital Rebel upgrader mail-in rebate, which you may have already qualified for if you recently bought a 40D/5D and you also had or bought a Digital Rebel.

Pentax has their own rebate party, with total savings of up to $375 if you buy the maximum number of items in the promotion. The Pentax Gear Up rebates are of the mail-in variety. Details in our detailed Pentax Gear Up Rebates program round-up.

Adorama Weekly Specials start now!

Adorama has launched a new set of weekly specials, which includes the Domke Ratpack 20, an all-purpose shoulder pouch for just $10. We think that's a Sony Floppica shown in the picture, but obviously not included with the bag.

If you are a Savage fan, then you might be interested in the Savage Twistol Grip Tripod with Ball Head which supports up to eight pounds, and has a maximum height of 69" (5 feet 9 inches). Carry case included. Weight is also eight pounds. Now that's what I call pound for pound :) The price is $100 with free shipping and handling.

If you are buying an affordable gift for a grad or dad, and the said grad or dad is aware that bigger sensors in digital cameras are better, then perhaps they will appreciate the Kodak V1003, going for $120 with free shipping. This is an older camera using a 10mp 1/1.8" sensor. Flash-forward to today, the bandwagon is named 10mp 1/2.33". Fast forward to 2010, and who knows where we will be!

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Panic in the photo-forum-sphere: Dpreview planned outage

You better get your dpreview forum's worth of reading and discussing, because dpreview is planning a short outage as they plan to change hosting services. The process should start at 9am GMT on May 31, 2008. If you can't place GMT in time, it is +4 hours from New York City time (eastern standard time) or -9 hours from Tokyo. Or you can just let the World Clock at sort it out for you.

We already have cases of forum withdrawl. To better help people cope with the upcoming difficult two-hour window without the dpreview forums, we have some suggestions from our new-age fitness guru, Al Yu Can It Boofet:

  1. Drink a glass of water
  2. Take a brisk walk
  3. Visualize soothing landscape photos from your favorite photographers
  4. Turn on the Smooth Jazz radio station
  5. Stay in the shade
  6. Avoid caffeine and sugary foods
  7. Confess to someone that you secretly love Foveon sensors

The dpreview forums are now up and running on the new servers!

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blog Fun House: Having fun with gadgets!

While playing with Google Gadgets, and we stumbled upon the Trends gadget. What is that? It uses Google Trends to plot the popularity of up to five different terms using standard graphs.

After you enter the first search in the box below, you can adjust the time period for one month, one year, or maximum. You can also adjust this by country. The default is all countries. To change your search terms, click the "Edit" button.

Here are some fun queries to try. Cut and paste or type them in the gadget box below. The text in the parenthesis below are my comments, don't type those in, they'll mess up the results.

  • d90,d300x,d3x (look at the spikes!)
  • canon,nikon,pentax,olympus
  • HDR (ride the wave surfers!)
  • foveon (don't do it if you love Foveon! Hint: Avalanche!)
  • noise reduction (come on feel love the noise!)
  • 40D, D300
  • G10,LX3,GX120,DP1
  • DSLR,superzoom
  • D3, 5D
  • full frame
  • leica,zeiss,contax
  • coolpix,powershot,cybershot,lumix,finepix (the market has spoken, all those names have been deemed silly and unnecessary!)

Gadget follows. If you are reading this in an RSS reader or have turned off Javascript, you are not seeing the gadget. Visit the blog page, or look for it at the Google Gadgets page.

Did you find any fun camera/photography related queries? :)

And here is a tip, if you are thinking of starting a camera/photography blog, and you are not sure which topic to pick, consider the possibility of a motion to proceed on a motion to consider invoking cloture on the internal debate on whether to investigate the feasibility of writing about HDR :) You can thank us later with a 10% donation from your future billions in profits :)

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The "More" Poll

This is the "More" poll, where you vote on what you want to see more of. It is a multi-answer poll, so you can vote for one, or two or three or more items that you like. There is also the "Other" option where you can write-in what you want to see.

We haven't had a poll in a while, the last one was the Decide the next Big Monday feature, where you, the readers, decided on a 50% majority on a photography shows on TV post for May 2008. That was a good thing, because we didn't have to get the super-blogging-delegates and the recounters involved :)

With Photokina 2008 four months away, there is still some calm before the storm which allows us to post more content that is not "market-driven". The vast majority of the 110+ new digital cameras of 2008 came out in January 2008, so the manufactures could be going into burst mode with their Photokina announcements.

For our newer readers who may not be familiar with the regular posts here at 1001 Noisy, here is a brief explanation of each of the bullets mentioned in the poll above:

  • Gear/Gadget Talk posts: More equipment talk!
  • Resource/Reference posts: Some examples of these are the posts mentioned here, or the Photokina 2008 rumor round-up, or the Big List of All Cameras of 2007 or the DSLR Review Matrix.
  • Photography Soup posts: Photography Soup is an anything-goes round-up post that we used to do 4-5 times per week, but lately it has dropped to about once per week. But we did "IPO" some of its segments. Examples.
  • Lens coverage: We increased our lens coverage, but the ceiling is pretty high. We are in the middle of a reference series on Digital-Only lenses at the moment.
  • Discover New Sites and Blogs: This feature IPO'ed from the Photography Soup, and features sites and blogs that may be new to you, or new to me, and could be 10 years old or 10 days old. Examples.
  • Photography (non-technical/non-equipment) posts: These would cover aspects of photography that are not directly related to specific equipment or gadgetry. We don't think we have any examples of these :)
  • Forums Digest: A round-up of threads of interest from various photography forums around the net. We have the standard edition that typically looks at one place (eg dpreview) and the "touring edition" which looks at many different forums. Examples.
  • Shopping/Bargain Hunting/Alerts: This could be as simple as finding the Nikon D300 on sale at a reputable dealer for three peanuts and a coconut, or as elaborate as a detailed look at the Canon or Pentax instant and mail-in rebates respectively.
  • .edu posts: Learning and education, from books, tutorials, how-tos, tips, online and offline lessons, etc.
  • Other: Anything else you might be interested in seeing. Of course we are limited by the laws of physics and by resources, so please keep that in mind :)

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New Top Seller Charts Soap Opera (40D and TZ5 stay strong!)

Welcome to a new edition of the digital camera top sellers soap opera. It today's episode, we have two weddings, one fight, and one dramatic trial ;-) Avoid the spoiler, jump right ahead, and read the brand new edition of the top sellers chart!

Here is our customary screenshot teaser:

Chart Talk Radio 1001AM The Noisy
The Canon Superzooms are crying. For the second time in a row, the Panasonic TZ5 has grabbed the [Top Zoom] honor. Once upon a time the S5-IS was unassailable. Another sign of Canon's invincibility fading away?

DSLR Talk Radio
But on the other hand, the staying power of the Canon 40D is very impressive, especially considering it's the $1130 bundle that is selling better than the body only ($940). One is in the top 10 and the other in the top 20. Retail Madness! Did they time the instant rebates to coincide with the tax rebate checks? :)

And how are the Nikon DSLRs "handeling" the new DSLR Price Order? The D60 (with 18-55 DX VR) has pulled a trick of its own, by undercutting the price of the body-only, which is not as easy to find, the 18-55 DX VR kit is getting a boost, and it has managed to remain in the top 20 in recent days.

Meanwhile the D40 kit is back at Amazon (and by that we mean sold and shipped by Amazon, not the featured sellers and 3rd parties) and with a $10 discount to boot, so that is good enough to bring it back in the Top 25 at the price of $450 (bundled with the 18-55 DX lens). Note that there is a small error in the screenshot teaser above - the current price is $470, not $460. It has been corrected in the Camera Charts page.

But Nikon D300 fans should be thrilled, for the second time in a row the D300 body only has jumped up, and the price of around $1700 has it literally knocking on the door of the Top 25, currently at #26.

A combination perhaps of list price at Amazon, the dpreview review bump wearing out, and the crazy sales elsewhere (Canoga at $830 and Office Depot at $850, among others) may have pushed the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D out of the Top Ten. Now it has gone back towards the bottom of the top 25.

And who killed the Digital Rebel XTi 400D charts-wise? It wasn't Nikon, it wasn't Sony, it wasn't Pentax, it wasn't Olympus! It was the re-sufling of the prices by Canon itself, making the original XT a better bang for the buck by adjusting prices. Perhaps paving the way for an XS 1000D Digital Rebel?

More Camera Talk Radio
The Canon A590-IS reaches a new high at #3. Can it push the two Elves out of the way and get to the #1 spot? It's the old AA-Powershot vs LiIon-Powershot friendly rivalry once again!

The 28mm wide Canon SD870 IS has two models in the Top Ten. Viva SD870-IS! The common silver model is at #2, and the silver+black model jumps into the Top 10. We hope that Canon continues to come up with new wide-angle Elph models!

You may wander why the Canon SD-1000 silver dropped $134 in price? Because one of the 3rd party retailers who "specializes" in jacking up prices of recently discontinued models boosted it to $304, even though it wasn't really done yet. Now it's back on sale from TigerDirect at $170. Can we please use some common sense please when we try to predict the next Fuji F31fd?

Last time we mentioned that there were two Ashton Kutcher Coolpixies trying to get in the Top 25. Well, neither one made it this time! But the good news for Coolpix fans is that the P80 is on the move, and with a price close to $350, it is once again heading towards the Top 25. At the moment it is leading the hyper zooms, and by hyperzooms we mean the superzooms with a zoom ratio above the now customary 10X and 12X. So this would include the 15X, 18X, and 20X, and who knows what they'll come up with at or by Photokina 2008.

Olympus is making some noise. While it has zero cameras in the Top 25, where we only find Canon, Nikon and Panasonic at this time, Olympus has a total of seven camera kits in the Top 50, one of which is the E510 2-lens kit, which is the top non-Canon/Nikon DSLR. The others include the SP570uz hyperzoom, and the other five are different flavors of their SW series. Now if only they made those cameras take SD/SDHC cards as well as xD, they would sell like hot cakes (we think).

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Stumble Upon 1001 Noisy Cameras

With 1000+ posts in this blog, we decided to try something new to introduce our new(er) readers to some of our resource and reference type posts.

So, inspired by the way the Stumble button of Stumble Upon works, we decided to name this feature in their honor. Just like Stumble, we are using a secret formula to decide which posts to show, except their formula involves complicated real-time math, and our formula involves tape-delayed coin tosses :)

Stumble Upon Resource and Reference Posts
eBay Prosumer FinderThis is a handy reference utility-post that has dozens of pre-filled eBay queries on some of the most popular prosumers from 2002 to 2006, including the likes of Canon G5, Sony F727, Minolta A2, Nikon 8800, Olympus C8080, Sony R1, Panasonic LC1, and such. If your favorite camera is not listed, it's not because we don't like it, just let us know and we'll add it :)
The Big List of Cameras in 2007If only there was a post that listed every single current digital camera as of late 2007. Now that would be a great reference! Wouldn't it be? Well, that post exists!
Support your local camera shop initiativeA few blogging-moons ago we launched the Support your Local Camera Shop initiative, where we list local camera shops from around the country. We have 30+ listed so far! Is yours listed yet?
1001 Noisy TermsFeel trapped by the limited terminology out there? Don't you just wish there were even more terms to add to the confusion? Well, the wait is over! Introducing 1001 Noisy Terms. It's a lot less than 1001 at the moment, but we are getting there :)

Please let us know what you think! More of these posts will spring up and will be rotated so as to introduce our new(er) readers to the 1000+ posts we have posted in this noisy blog.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alert: Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 18-55 EF-S IS lens $830 at Canoga Camera

We interrupt the silence with a low-price alert, the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D, with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens, black body finish, in currently listed for $830 and in-stock at the Canoga Cameras website. Be sure to check the S&H fees and sales tax applicability depending on your location.

The EOS DR XSi 450D was announced in January 2008, and has received a number of reviews, including the dpreview duet impact review. And this just in, a brand new XSi review, has just been posted at Photography Blog. If you are impatient, jump to page six for the conclusions, but as always, we won't be revealing the conclusions. No spoilers here!

For more DSLR reviews, be sure to check the always incomplete DSLR Review Matrix.

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Nikon D300: Prices after the Canon Instant Rebates

About ten days ago, Canon launched a new Instant Rebate program that pushed the 40D prices to $940/$1130 (body only, with EF 28-135 lens) and the 5D prices to $1900/$2600 (body only, with EF 24-105 Lens).

So what happens when the D300 gets attacked from above and below by Canon DSLRs? That is a very good question, and only time will tell the full story. For now, we have some measurables, D300 prices as of right now.

For reference, you can check the D300 prices as of late April 2008, in our Nikon DSLR Price chart. Here is a comparison to those prices, about one month later.

D300B&H PhotoAdoramaAmazonAMZN (3rd party)Circuit City
Body Only$1700
(down $100)
(down $100)
(down $80)
$1700 various
(down $70)
w/18-135 DX$1996
(down $104)
(down $80)
(down $45)
$1920 Ado
(down $30)
w/18-200 DX VR$2250
(up $10)
(up $10)
$2250 J&R
(down $10)

To relive the announcement of the Nikon D300 and D3 announcement, here is our coverage. For lots more on both of these cameras, be sure to check all the posts tagged with D3/D300 mania. There's about forty of them as of this moment.

Price Talk Radio 1001AM The Noisy
There is a radio station, The Noise, so we can't use that, instead it's The Noisy :)

The body only price seems to be fairly stable at around $1700 across the board, and it is really fascinating that the D300 only dropped $100 since its announcement in August 2007.

The bundle with the 18-135 DX lens costs about $220 more, which makes this a tempting kit, considering that the lens alone goes for around $330 in the market bellwether stores listed above. So getting this kit over the body only saves you $110, assuming of course you have an interest in the 18-135 DX lens.

Speaking of DX lenses, be sure to check our round-up on Nikon digital-only DX lenses, which includes links to lots of lens reviews.

Interestingly, the prices of the bundle with the 18-200 DX VR lens have either stayed put or even went up a little bit. Meanwhile the 18-200 DX VR lens goes for about $680 on its own, putting the discount of the [D300 + 18-200DX VR] bundle at about $130, which makes it a tempting temptation for those who are tempted by the D300 + 18-200 DX VR temptation. Tempted?

More on the Price Chart
We added Circuit City to the list to represent the big brick and mortar chain stores. Of course I'm sure you are all familiar with Adorama and B&H Photo, and Amazon is included as the largest online retailer and also the largest online marketplace. The latter, the table entry we call "AMZN (3rd party)" is an easy way to get a price read on a number of reputable online retailers since stores like J&R World, Crutchfield, Cameta, Adorama, Calumet, OneCall, Vanns, Target, etc, are listing there.

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3 days left for Leica V-Lux 1 $150 rebate promotion

There are three days left for fans of the Leica V-Lux 1 to take advantage of the $150 mail-in rebate from Leica USA. The promotion ends on 5/31/08.

Spartan details of this promotion are available at the aforementioned Leica web page. The V-Lux 1 has to be purchased from an authorized Leica dealer. For more details, please refer to Leica and your favorite dealers. Leica has a more user-friendly approach to rebates, you do not need to tear up your Leica box, but instead, send in your registration card, along with a copy of your receipt.

The Leica V-Lux 1 is the Leica version of the Panasonic FZ50, a 10mp 1/1.8" superzoom with a 12X MegaOIS lens, and RAW support among many other features. The FZ50 was announced in July 2006, while the Leica V-Lux 1 was announced in September 2006.

This promotion has been active since March 3rd, 2008 and ends on May 31st. Some of the reputable online retailers participating in the $150 rebate promotion include B&H Photo, Adorama, and J&R World.

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Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New sites and blogs" - the sites may be new to you, or new to me, and they could be ten years old or ten days old. This is a Web 2.0 fortified edition, so each paragraph ends with a Web 2.0 recommendation. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, just ignore it :) We have seven sites today, here we go...

What do you do with old cameras and lenses that have stopped working and have surpassed their useful life? One photographer came up with a very creative way to re:use them. Turn them into high-tech jewelery! That's what Australian professional photographer Craig Arnold is doing with his re:vision collection. Stumble Upon It!

If you are interesting in learning how to take advantage of MTF charts, how to utilize and benefit from custom tone curves, be sure to check Fotogenic, a clear and concise photography blog! P-Vote it!

Didn't you just wish there was a website that specialized on Camera Books and was in Oregon and shipped internationally? Well, it just happens that the next website to discover does just that! Meet! With book names being yet another source of leaks, it pays to know your books :) If you are a book worm, aren't books

We should probably do a camera book primer as a reference guide for the rumor hunters! More on that later in June! ;-)

Want to discover dozens and dozens of new websites at a time? Be sure to visit the links page at The first two sets of links cover photographers and sites mainly from Finland and Scandinavia, and the next set of links feature english-speaking websites and blogs, including this Noisy blog. Thanks :) Stumble Upon It.

Sometimes we take things way too seriously in the world of high tech. So sit back and have a laugh or two, courtesy of this next site, which includes therapy for 1D mark III users, Nikon D90 specs revealed, new sensor technologies, and a lot more at Mixx it up!

Dreams, dreams, dreams, what do you dream about? No, we won't analyze your dreams, but the next blog will, providing your dreams are about photography. The blog? ADIDAP, all day I dream about photography. Del.ic.ious?

More from ADIDAP, the digg blockbuster post at Epic Edits, 7 Bad Habits of Digital Photographers. Do you have any of those habits? How do you kick the habit?

And we conclude with a non-camera tech site. If you are tired of all the hype about the iPods, you are not alone! This blog focuses on portable music players that are anything but iPod. And there's a lot of them vying for the market share not eaten up by Apple. MP3 players can also be helpful photographer tools, you can use them as emergency backup devices, record short or long voice memos, load them with photography podcasts, etc, etc, etc. Reddit! Reddit!

If you missed any of our previous posts, be sure to catch up with Discover New Sites and Blogs.

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Most popular posts among subscribers

Now we take a look at some of the most popular posts among our RSS subscribers! You too can be a subscriber. Subscriptions are free, but please don't expect us to print the whole blog and deliver it to your doorstep :)  Subscribe to our full-text feed!

Most Popular about Subscribers
1. This is the Digital Camera Repor(t). Tonight, ten things that are ruining photography. Later on, we ask you to pick a side, words vs pictures, no middle ground. If you are a photographer, you know what side you should pick! Then we tell you why books are bad (hint: see #2).

2. The Amazon/Wiley name of an alleged book of an alleged Canon 5D Mark II DSLR generated some buzz around the photo-blogo-sphere and photo-forum-sphere.

3. Our detailed look at the new Canon Instant Rebates, and their side-kick, the $50 Digital Rebel mail-in upgrader rebate. You may have already qualified for that if you bought a new 5D/40D and you already had a Digital Rebel.

4. Our detailed look at the Pentax Gear Up Rebate program, featuring savings of up to $375, ideal for people suffering from GAS and LBA. The Pentax rebates are mail-in, not instant like Canon.

5. An Impact Review, the dpreview power duo of Phil and Simon review the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450d. Reactions included.

6. Our readers were interested to see what kind of craziness we came up with in the new 1001 Noisy Cameras Mall, featuring some of the biggest online photography and high tech retailers. But we haven't forgotten the local camera shops, we also have a link to 30+ shops listed in our Support Your Local Camera Shop Initiative.

7. We went in blogging burst mode last week, and we had to post a post rounding up all the latest posts, a post our readers found useful.

Come back next week for more! And for the RSS geeks out there, we did have a change in the top RSS readers, Bloglines has overtaken Firefox Bookmarks. For more on the newsreaders applications, check last week's post.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Forum Digest Express (Dollars, Cameras and Sense)

Welcome to a new express edition of the forum digest. What's the difference between an "express" and "regular" edition? Express tries to stay within ten posts or less, which is harder for us to do since we tend to fill up the pages with ...noise :)

Have a soft spot for the Leica brand and are curious how the new Leicasonic 14-150mm Four Thirds lens is doing? Head on over to the Oly forum at dpreview and see many samples pictures from a veteran forum user (almost 2800 posts).

The latest dollars and sense updates from the manufacturers are subject to heavy debate. Read about Olympus in the News forum, and Pentax at the same place.

We've already covered many of the Sigma DP1 post-review discussions in our impact review coverage, but there's at least one new(er) hot thread by the Defenders of the Foveon.

Leicaphonics are continuing to slowly but steadily think, talk and dream of the mythical, magical and mystical Leica R10 DSLR. Please note that the R-series is Leica's SLR line, not to be confused with the M-series, which is the rangefinders. You have to reverse the mnemonic in this case, R is not for Rangefinders, it is for SLR.

People interested in the Ricoh R8 may find of interest an on-going review and discussion by Ricoh users and fans.

Four more threads to go before the Express quota is used up, what to pick, what to pick? How about a discussion on the present and future of the Panasonic FZ18? The Fz18 is Panasonic's first hyper zoom, jumping from 12X to 18X. Currently going for $300 at Amazon.

Okay, enough technobabble for a moment, how about some actual pictures? For that, enjoy the weekly wildlife, a weekly picture thread, courtesy of the Sony Minolta Alpha photographers.

OMG! Oh no you didn't! A whole post and you didn't even mention Canon and Nikon once? How dare you!!! Okay, here's a thread from each camp, a hot debate on why Ken Rockwell favors the 5D over the D3 (how dare he?), and wild speculation on the price of a potential 5D Mark II. Put on your pricing hats, what will it be you think?

Why does Ken Rockwell favor the 5D over the D3? Well you have to read his post to find out. Our speculation? 5 > 3 :)

The current Canon 5D Mark I goes for $1900 at Amazon, Adorama and B&H Photo, and if that is a surprise to those not following the prices closely, this is a recent development. More specifically this happened after the Canon Instant Rebates went into effect last Sunday (May 18). The Canon Instant Rebates are in effect until late July. This is for the USA market, we are not familiar at the moment with the special promotions in other markets.

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Office Depot stores go camera crazy (what will the shareholders think?)

As part of the Memorial Day week-long sale, Office Depot (ODP) did something very few brick and mortar retailers dare to do: slash the prices of many digital cameras and offer bonus items with them to boot. Why they did that, we'll leave it to the retail analysts and stock market gurus, but we will talk about the digital cameras involved.

Executive Summary
If you go to your local Office Depot store, and if you are lucky, you may find some of the hot 2008 digital cameras at prices well below Amazon/B&H/etc. Read on for more details.

The Scope
Please note that the special prices discussed here are only good for in-store buyers, not for online or buy online pick-up at the store buyers. Their website has their regular prices. To see the special sale prices, check your local circular ad in the Sunday newspaper or visit and click on "Weekly Specials" under the "Shop our Stores" heading in the right column of their site.

The prices listed are good until May 31, 2008, but the better the deal is, the higher the chances are that your local store(s) will be out of them. Needless to say, your mileage may and (probably will) vary. But you knew that already.

The special
Any current camera over $200 (excludes clearance and discontinued) gets $50 off and a free digital camera starter kit which includes a carrying case, mini tripod, and cleaning kit. This without rebates.

If you want to do mail-in rebates, you can also get an unspecified Epson printer for free after a $100 mail-in rebate.

The Camera Bargains
Rebel Rebel, are you in-stock? That's what fans of the XSi 450D will be asking Office Depot employees, because the XSi 450D with the EF-S 18-55 IS kit lens is down to $850 because of the $50 off special mentioned above. The lowest price among reputable and recognizable sellers at Amazon is $900. Again, assuming your local Office Depot stores have them in-stock.

So what exactly are the other wacky prices? Let's see, the popular colorful Canon SD-1100-IS is offered at $200, while the current Amazon price is around $220.

The Canon S5 IS is $300, which is $5 to $10 below the best reputable Amazon price. The other hot superzoom, the Panasonic TZ5K is not as hot, since you can get it online for $270 or so, versus $300 at Office Depot.

The lovely Sony W150 goes for $200 at ODP, versus $240 to $250 lowest reputable Amazon price. This has a 5x Carl Zeiss branded optical zoom lens, starting at 30mm. The W170 is the model that starts at 28mm wide and has a 10mp 1/2.3" sensor, versus the 8mp 1/2.5" sensor of the W150. Sony is one of the few companies that has completely staggered their models based on megapixels as their 2008 models start at 7mp 1/2.5" and go to 8mp 1/2.5", 9mp 1/2.5" and 10mp 1/2.33".

Other cameras mentioned in the ad include the Sony Cybershot S730 at $110, versus Amazon's $125, the AA-based Nikon Coolpix L18 at $120 (similar price at Amazon - depending on body color), the Kodak M863 at $130 (versus $134 at Amazon - depending on body color).

All these include the digital camera starter kit (aka trinket kit) mentioned above.

This is what is mentioned in their weekly ad, the actual models carried by your local store(s) and the availability of each model will depend on each local store, so be sure to check with them, in person, by phone, or online.

The Office Depot (ODP) cameras page lists 88 digital cameras, but we are assuming the average store carries a much smaller number.

But wait there's more!
Memory cards are another big sale area, and as always, the better the deal, the lower the chances of finding it in-stock. Same as above, the prices include 4gb Sandisk SDHC or 4gb Ativa (house brand) Compact Flash or 2gb Sandisk Ultra II Memorystick Pro duo for $25. Also 4gb Sandisk MS Pro Duo at $40, 2gb Ativa SD card for $10, and 1gb Kingston SD for $6. All without rebates by the way.

Laptops were another hot item, but these do require mail-in rebates for the lowest prices, which include a nice Toshiba A205-S5843 for $450 after mail-in rebate, and a convertible touchscreen HP TX2000Z for $600 after mail-in rebate, and a Centrino Acer with 3gb memory for $500 after mail-in rebate. Again, the better the price, the lower the chances of finding it in-stock at your local store.

For more on all these, I'm sure there are plenty of discussions at FatWallet, and dozens of other bargain hunting sites.

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Secret 1001 Noisy planning memo revealed!

We dove into the trash bin of 1001 Noisy Cameras and managed to procure their tentative list of posts planned for the next few days! We share it with you before they make us remove it ;-)

  1. Tentative list of upcoming posts
  2. ODP goes camera crazy
  3. Most popular among RSS readers
  4. Discover New Sites and Blogs (web 2.0 fortified)
  5. Stumble Upon 1001 Noisy [new feature]
  6. New Top Seller Charts soap-opera episode
  7. Forum Digest, Touring Edition
  8. Weekend shopper
  9. The Charts (eBay)
  10. Weekly rewind
  11. Big Monday (Four thirds digital-only lenses, Olympus and Leicasonic)
  12. New Top Seller Charts soap-opera episode
  13. Photography Soup (Nikon Day) [special edition]
  14. Most popular among RSS readers
  15. Discover New Sites and Blogs (web 2.0 fortified)
  16. New Top Seller Charts soap-opera episode
  17. etc

Please note that there will be more things posted, some will be market-driven, others we cannot reveal just yet.

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Photography Soup (Tuesday May 27, 2008)

Welcome to a new edition of the Photography Soup, our not-so-daily daily round-up of the photo-blogo-sphere! Once upon a time this was actually posted 4-5 times per week!

With a Twist
What are radio poppers? Will you get in trouble if you use them? Find out at Dream Time Images!

The Canon 1D Mark III is a facilitator, a facilitator of Rebels, details at Galbraith, or you can wait for the 11 o'clock news :)

Who was the winner of the TWIP (This Week In Photography) assigment #8? We won't say, we don't want to spoil the surprise, you have to find out what's behind the door yourselves :)

Inside the Insider
There's plenty of interesting stories from the wide world of photography and imaging at the Imaging Insider, here are some of our recent favorites.

The Legal Eagles are busy again. At this rate, there's enough material to launch a Law & Order spin-off just to deal with all the photography-related issues. The latest, centers around derivative works (or not).

What is going on with Consumer Reports and their digital camera tests? Will they merge the camera tests with the washer and dryer tests?

And an obituary, Robert Capa's brother, Cornell Capa has passed away.

Into the Soup
If you have ten hours to spare, be sure to check 90+ photography tools at Mashable. You may have seen this before, it's approaching its one year anniversary :)

Pro Photo Life continues their educational series on digital workflow with a new installment talking about image processing.

Shutterfinger strongly encourages fellow photographers to get organized and stop procrastinating! Images are not self-organizing ...yet.

Oh the disgrace, you can now get digital camera out of vending machines, as if they were butterfingers! Macy's is now doing that, says CameraTown.

An interesting read on the past, present and future at Pro Photo Life, centering around the photo-commuity.

If you like PBS-like content, be sure to read Robert X Cringley's high-tech/IT blog, The Pulpit, posted at

Forget the rules! The photography rules that is, says Lighting Mods.

Are you a fine art photographer? Interested in joining some other fine fine-art photographers at the Fine Art Photography photoblog? For all the details check the aforementioned link at Epic Edits. Fine Art has seven photographers and looking to expand. Among the seven is friend of the blog David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk.

How about some pictures?
To give the pictures some breathing room, we will limit the verbiage in this segment.

Pictures from Bangalore, India at Shawn Duffy's blog... Sunset and San Francisco, all along the watchtower at JMG Galleries... Beach Walk by David Ziser... Foamy flow by Neil Creek... And Magna Carta di pixelante...

If you think with your camera, you could win the photographer of the year competition at Think Camera.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dpreview XSi review bump, TZ5 jumps over the Canon superzooms, Instant Rebates have staying power (new Amazon Charts!)

Welcome to a new edition of the on-going Amazon Top Selling digital camera charts snapshot-to-snapshot soap-opera! We have some excitement today as well, with dramatic moves, review bumps and lots more. If you don't want any spoilers, be sure to read the new top selling chart right now!

And now to the spoilers! If you don't want to be spoiled, jump now! We start with the screenshot teaser right below.

dpreview review bump: The Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D got the expected dpreview review bump, as it has now jumped forcefully into the top ten for the first time! Dpreview posted their 35-page review of the XSi 450D three days ago.

TZ-series power play: As we mentioned yesterday, the favorable price of the TZ5K created a feeding frenzy, just like it did last weekend when the TZ5A stormed the top ten. The TZ5K has indeed jumped over the Canon S5 IS, who has been the on-going [Top Zoom] champion, and it's just three spots behind the SD870-IS for the [Top Wide] tag.

But it's not just the TZ5K, the TZ5S (silver) is also selling at $270, and that has generated a jump into the top 15, just barely passing over the SX100-IS, and the TZ-series now has a 2-0 victory over the two long standing Canon superzooms. This puts two TZ5 colors in the top 15! But this was fueled by a feeding frenzy of a nice low price. Can the TZ-series sustain both their supply and demand going forward?

Canon Instant Rebates Have Staying Power: Quite amazingly, both Canon 40D kits were able to hold on, and continue to do well, despite the hefty prices of $1140 and $950. Even more impressive is that the EF 28-135 lens 40D bundle is ranked higher than the body only. Perhaps because Amazon sells the body only for $14 more than B&H, Adorama and J&R World? To badly paraphrase the old baseball saying, "if you discount it, they will come!"

The Nikon DSLRs react: In the land of the Canons and the Instant Rebates, the Nikon D60 kit is able to hold on in the top 25, while strategically adjusting its price downward penny by penny. Meanwhile the D300 body only is now under $1700 at Amazon, and that has given it a boost jumping to #41.

Why is the silver Canon SD1000 at $300? Because some 3rd party retailers have caught wind of the Fuji F31fd phenomenon, so now they think they can hit the next jackpot, so every time a camera runs out of stock at the major chains, they jack up the prices of their remaining stock. So the silver SD1000 went from under $200, to $300+. This of course is a very silly practice, since you can get the black edition for $170, or you can get any of the countless other Elph models. The SD1000 is no Fuji F31fd! Come on now!

Ashton Kutcher is dating the discounts: More small discounts on the Coolpixes are shifting them up again, and combined with the Ashton Kutcher marketing campaign, it has two of the Coolpixies (S600, S550) knocking on the top 25 door again at #26 and #27. Ashton Kutcher fans, you know what to do!

Slowly but steadily: The Fuji S1000fd, despite the lack of IS or sensor anti-shake stabilization, is slowly but steadily moving on up. It doesn't have a SuperCCD either, but it is a new model and it has the marketing-friendly double-digit megapixels and it looks good as a superzoom.

Pentax Gear Up Rebates Boost! Canon was not the only one with rebates. The new Pentax Gear Up Rebates have given a strong boost to the K200D with the 18-55 DA lens. Alone, or combined with other lenses and gear (flash, grip), this puts the K200D in a similar position of the old K100D, giving Pentax a bang for the buck 2008 model year DSLR. But that's not just the K200D, the K20d body only has made a re-entry towards the bottom of the Top 100 as well. The universal law of camera buying once again holds true, discount = purchases!

We are not ignoring other DSLR brands: The reason we are talking about Canon and Nikon most of the time is because there are very few non-Canon/Nikon DSLR brands in the Top 100, and those that are in the Top 100, they are usually struggling towards the bottom.

Quick Notes
The Olympus FE-310 begs people to buy it. The price is almost $100 after all ($110 right now). But there is a higher price embedded in the Olympus cameras, the price of xD memory cards, and the shock of newcomers when they are told they have to buy Olympus branded xD cards if they want panoramas. Oh Oly, will you ever learn?

A couple of black finish Stylus SW are showing some momentum, the 1030SW and the 850SW have been moving on up during the last couple of updates we did. Can they break out like the 750SW did a few months ago?

Do we have a Canon failure? The SD890-IS costs more than the other Elphs, which is perhaps why it's struggling mightily compared to what the other Elphs are doing. Of course we are speaking in relative terms here, but the last Canon "failure" was the ill-conceived Powershot TX1, which was intended as a "fun zoom" hybrid competitor to the TZ-series and others hybrids by the camcorder makers and Sanyo.

The new Sony H50 superzoom gets its first price drop to $380. Will that be enough to propel it into the Top 50? The superzoom market is congested and competitive, with old and new models mixed in, and it's not easy for new models to break out. The Olympus SP570uz, Nikon P80 and Fuji S8100fd are all trying to find a way up at the moment.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Price drop alert: Panasonic TZ5K at $270, TZ5S at $275

We interrupt the silence with a noisy shopper alert! Last weekend it was the blue TZ5A, this weekend it is the black TZ5K that is on sale for $270. This time the one offering it at that price is J&R World on Amazon. Free shipping as well.

As you may recall, the TZ5 was recently reviewed by dpreview, but also received reviews from other websites as well, including the two DCRs, DC Resource, and Digital Camera Review.

Coverage of the announcement and leak of the TZ5, here at 1001 Noisy, in January 2008.

The silver and blue are also at $270, but they are currently out of stock at J&R World. If you prefer to purchase it directly from J&R World, instead of J&R-on-Amazon, you can do so directly for the same price of $270 and free shipping and handling. J&R also offers a 4gb Panasonic SDHC card, class 4, for $20, which makes it a nice all-Panasonic combo.

Hey, what about the TZ5 silver (TZ5S) at $275?
Usually the K-models (black finish) are the most popular among Panasonic fans, but some people prefer the silver model, and others simply don't care as long as the price is right. So with that in mind, the TZ5S (silver) is available (as of this moment) at Amazon for $275 with free super saver shipping.

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Canon 5D Mark II name leaked, book author does damage control!

We thought we'd sleep on this one, but we just can't, now that we finished messing up the blog's user interface.

5D Mark II Hunters in the dpreview forums have noticed a 5D Mark II Field Guide at Amazon, with a release date of November 10, 2008 and a price of $20. The author and publisher are the same as the ones for the 5D Mark I field guide, which you can buy now online or in a bookstore or camera shop.

The book is listed as having 304 pages and 300+ sample pictures. The 10-digit ISBN is 0470409509 and the 13-digit ISBN is 978-0470409503. Googling those ISBN numbers took us on a magical mystery tour on the net, where we found the page for this book at the publisher's site, Wiley & Sons.

Interestingly the Wiley page for the alleged 5DMk2 book notes 272 pages, while Amazon lists 304 pages. Comparing the number of pages of the "5D (Mark I) Field Guide" on Amazon and Wiley yields the same number, 283 pages. So we have a page number mystery as well!

Wiley will now be thrilled to have armies of 5D Mk2 fans hitting reload on his site every few milliseconds, hoping for new details about the book to emerge, and hoping that some of the details will reveal the specs. Or perhaps asking for evaluation copies. Please don't do that! We discourage you!

The Author speaks twice [UPDATED!]
The author of the "5D Field guide", Charlotte K. Lowrie, and alleged author of the allegedly upcoming 5D Mark II book covering the allegedly upcoming 5D Mark II DSLR has responded in the aforementioned dpreview thread, stating that the Amazon listing was an "error".

A new update in the dpreview forums by the author Charlotte Lowrie throws icy cold water on the 5D Mk II fire.

The Internets are buzzing
The excitement and anticipation over the 5D Mark II is building up like "insert musical reference" here :) After all, it's been almost three years since the announcement of 5D Mark I in August 2005.

Apart from the dpreview thread mentioned above, others discussing this development are TWIP (This Week In Photography), Photography Bay, Fred Miranda forums, Photography on the Net forums, and on and on and on.

Reading is fundamental
You see, books still have benefits :)

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Something is different at 1001 Noisy today

Isn't it? It is the change in the navigation buttons at the top of the blog, right under the green blog name. We replaced the Javascript buttons which IE did not like,

with standard HTML links that all browsers like. If you miss the old buttons please let us know, and we'll try to find a way to resurface them!

Update! Part II of the change is now complete, the new "papyrus/LOTR" buttons are now in place in the top middle of the screen, replacing the old text-crowding block.

So now if you click on the papyrus-font buttons (the ones that look like Lord of the Rings), you will get a page with the latest posts from their respective categories (tags/labels): Rumors, New DSLR announcements, News, Reviews, New Camera Announcements, and Noisy Shopper (Deals). The only one that is not a link at the moment is the "HOT" button. We'll think of something for that :)

So the new buttons are adding navigation shortcuts to those categories. Part III will be trying the now removed Javascript drop-down menus in the sidebars. Expect minor discomfort if you happen to load the page in between the updates :)

Update IIIb The drop-down javascript menus are now at the top of the left sidebar. We updated the update! This will be fine-tuned in the next few days. We may do two per line or keep them at one per line. We'll have to do a lot of word-smithing ot get them to line-up properly (two per line) :)

So what do you think about all the new changes? Keep them or hit undo early and often? :)

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1001 Noisy Digital Cameras Mall Map

Details on the history of this mall at the bottom of the page!

What better time than the Memorial Day holiday weekend to introduce the brand new 1001 Noisy Cameras Mall! Yes, we have created our own virtual mall! We have created multiple exits and spacious walkaways for your convenience :) Please let us know what you think!

And here is a quick tour of the Virtual Noisy Mall, the left side features mostly traditional photography stores, starting with the big names in the industry. Be sure to note that we also have a Local Camera Shops shop that points to our "Support your Local Camera Shop Initiative" page, where 30+ local shops are listed. The right side of the mall features more high-tech stores that also carry photography equipment and other high tech electronics. Then you will find the boutique section with Sony Style, and the Adobe and Epson stores among others. Further down the mall, we find the computer section, with Dell, Lenovo, and Apple among others. So jump right in!

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