Monday, June 30, 2008

Olympus Research: Lens and Camera prototype shooting in all directions!

The story at Olympus Japan, computer-translated, via (also computer-translated), shows new R&D technology at Olympus with an "omni-directional video capture lens". This is an R&D prototype so don't expect products to be announced or released at Photokina! This post is based on computer-translated text, so don't write any contracts based on this post :)

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Countdown to a Nikon Announcement? (is a Nikon D700 coming?)

We are starting a marathon post, waiting and hoping for a Nikon announcement, the earlier the better, and the juicier the better :) Do note, that the last time we tried a countdown, it ended up being a bridge to nowhere. So don't stay up all night on our account :)

New Posts will be added in reverse chronological order, meaning the latest updates will appear first right below! The alleged specs are at the bottom of this post.

Countdown to the Nikon announcement

The marathon ends with the official announcement of the 12th new DSLR of 2008, the lovely Nikon D700.

Nikon Russia has officially announced says this dpreview thread. Direct link to Nikon Russia, in Russian. has a recap of the leaked specs so far. has an on-going discussion. Another recap at Dan's Tech-n-Stuff. It looks like everyone but Nikon has posted about the D700 :)

Sensor Update from Nikon Japan! Nikon Japan launches new FX CMOS sensor page according to Both computer-translated. There are three Flash-based diagrams posted on the Nikon Japan site. No mention of the D700 on that page however. Curious timing by Nikon Japan for sure! They are probably "LOLing" while watching us all gasping for new morsels of D700alia!

Meanwhile, throws some cold water on the Nikon D700 fire as their "London mole" says that the D700 is not coming right away, but the flash is. Obviously this is not official, but then again, nothing is official unless there is an official Nikon announcement :)

New threads springing up every few milliseconds at the Big-D dpreview forum. And speaking of which, one of the difficult tasks for the webmasters is to decide where to place the D700. Does it go with the D300/D200/D100 or does it go with the big-Ds or does it get its own forum? Perhaps the placement of the D700 may be an indicator of the shape of things to come from Nikon (wink, wink, read between the lines).

More from France, as this dpreview forum user rounds up all the coverage at Focus Numerique, which includes a PDF brochure, and GIANT pictures of the camera. Also details on the new SB-900 flash. The text is in french. The giant pictures are 750px × 836px. There are six giant pictures of the D700 shown there. Direct link to Focus Numerique (in french).

There are questions in the forums as to where to pre-order the Nikon D700. That may sound slightly premature to some, but considering a late July release date, the people who want to get it right away may have a very good point in getting in line first. An Amazon query for Nikon D700 does not show the D700 as of the time of writing (Monday 830pm New York City time), but it shows two current DSLR models and it's interesting to note that Amazon's server "knows" to show the Canon 5D Mark I first.

Time to practice your french, Focus Numerique has uploaded une video featuring a hands-on preview of la nouveau Nikon D700eaux. A link to the video at Holland Photo Studio. The camera is alive and the presenter is playing with it, in a Q&A format with a distant voice, perhaps Charlie from Charlie's Nikon Angels? :) The video is 5 minutes and 42 seconds long.

One Rangefinder forum user has decided to sell it all and go for the D700 when it comes out!

And this is a good time to take another D700 break, and a good time to post a new Top Selling Digital Camera Charts for Monday.

If you read through everything and you are hungry for more, how about a hypothetical comparison between the D3 and the D700 in the dpreview forums? And if you finish that, your homework assignment is to compare the D4X with the D800, and then the D8X with the D999X :)

MasterChong opines on the last happenings, and so does photographer Seb Rogers, and so does Nikonian Martin Joergensen, and so does Photography Bay... Have you had enough with the D700 already? If not, here is a GIANT SCAN of the magazine ad, including spec comparison between the D700 and the D3. When you look at that table, remember that thanks to Rosetta Stoned we learned that "Ja" in German means "yes", and "Nien" means no :-)

And speaking of the German Profi Foto magazine that has provided the leak, you can subscribe to it through for $140, which comes out to $14 per issue. Magazine subcription: $140. Nikon D700 leaks? Priceless :)

More reactions to the Photoscala leak: Fred Miranda forum users are discussing the new Photoscala scan. A couple are mentioning the "h word". Oh my... The Sonolta users are also discussing this at Since Sony and Nikon have the sensor-link, what Nikon uses in terms of sensors is also of interest to Sonolta users... And now a big surprise, close your eyes for 30 seconds and then look under your chair! There is a brand new Nikon D700 waiting for you... And for the spanish-speaking readers, Guofer has a long write-up on the rumors and reactions to the D700... A forum user from Berlin has a tidbit on the German magazine with the news-leak... You can practice your french on this story on the rumor at Focale Fixe... And we are now taking a sanity break for a couple of hours :)

To answer a couple of "google questions", you can't get the D700 refurbished just yet, and there are no sample pictures taken with the D700 publicly posted on the net as far as we know... We don't even know for sure that the D700 is real - until Nikon makes it so with a stroke of their PDF-pen :)

[HOT!] It is now 7am New York City time on Monday June 30 (see, nothing official BUT this dpreview forums post is pointing to a page at German website which has a scanned magazine shot of an article in German magazine Profi Foto revealing the Nikon D700 and SB900 flash that was rumored for the last few days. Early reactions in the aforementioned revealing dpreview forum thread (which I am guessing will reach 150 in just minutes) are ranging from "don't care" to "love it"... One forum user kindly provides a human translation to the German story... And if you want more discussion, be sure to check another fast-paced thread in the Nikon D3 dpreview forum and a just-started thread in the Nikon D40-D80 forum... And what do Canon users think?

This dpreview forum user was informed by a local rep in Australia that news will come out soon. That time translates to 12:30am New York City time. Translate that to your local time at

Speaking of cryptic, not sure what this means, or what language it is in. It could be anything.

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted a cryptic answer to a question, just two hours ago, in the Nikon dpreview forums.

Photoclub Alpha has a guest-estimate of an expected announcement at 10:30am GMT on Monday June 30, 2008. As you know, Sony is linked to Nikon since they are their sensor suppliers.

[Developing story...] Discussed in dpreview forums.

Some fighting words among fictional D700 users and D3 users. what???

DPNotes has a brief history of D700 time. For those who may have missed the rumors of the last few weeks.

If you missed any of the previous discussions, this FM thread has a list of most of them.

If you missed any of the Nikon PC tilt-shift lens leak talk, you can get a quick recap at

Our previous round-up of Nikon D700 rumors for those who are just now getting interested in the rumoralia.

We start the marathon with a link to the world clock at, so people around the world can cross-reference the different times mentioned in various posts.

The Rumored Nikon D700 Specs

One of our readers reminded us that in the excitement of the excitement we forgot to talk about the alleged specs! So here we go:
  1. This alleged Nikon DSLR will be using a 12-megapixel FX (35mm full frame) sensor, perhaps the same or similar to the one found in the legendary Nikon D3.
  2. To make sure the complainers have something to complain about right away, the viewfinder will be 95%. "Oh why I am buying a $3000 camera with a 95% viewfinder? My "Hello Kitty is 100% and has movie mode too!"
  3. Burst mode is 5fps normal or 8fps with the use of the optional and existing MB-D10 battery grip
  4. It has a built-in flash with wireless capabilities, another entry-point for "SLR purist" complaints perhaps
  5. some sort of a sensor cleaning system
  6. price mentioned in 2600 euro
  7. about one kilogram in weight (2.2 pounds)
  8. available in late july?

For future reference, this is the permalink.

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The Rumors List

This list is generated by listing the titles of our most recent posts that have the tag "rumors". Some of them are active rumors, others have already had a product announcement, others may be just someone's imagination. Which is partly what makes this whole rumor hunting thing fun and frustrating at the same time.

RSS to JavaScript

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New Charts: The Magic Power of Price Drops Revealed (and Olympus in the Top Ten!)

We are taking a break from the Nikon D700 soap opera to bring you a new top selling digital cameras soap opera update :) Jump now if you want to avoid any spoilers, because a screen-shot teaser is right below. The picture is a link to the new top selling cameras list! If this is the first time you are reading this, be sure to check the about page.

The Magic Power of Price Drops: One of the universal truths is that if you discount them, they will buy them! Such is the case with the Panasonic TZ5K which is pushing a new low, currently "trading" at around $265 and jumping to #3. Imagine if the TZ5 wasn't a close friend of Monet... Another beneficiary of dropping prices is the Canon SD790-IS, which jumps in the top 10, thanks to back to back price cuts putting it closer to $260, and making it a price-alternative to the older Powershots... And if those two were not good examples, the Olympus Stylus 770SW, a 2007 shockproof/dustproof/freezeproof model has dropped to $200, and despite the xD memory card, it has created enough of a feeding frenzy to push it into the top ten. An Olympus in the Top 10? What is this? 2002? :) (No, no Smartmedia cards please!)... And another one losing price-weight and climbing up is the Canon SD890-IS. Please don't ask me for the Ixus and Ixy model numbers. I've lost track!

40D continues to be strong: While the Nikonians are jumping up and down with D700-excitement, the Canon 40D models continue to do quite well. The 40D with the 28-135 lens is close to $1100 and into the top five. Not bad for a $1100 camera!

Early signs of the Nikon D700 effect? It's obviously way too early to tell, but both of the Nikon D300 kits remain in the Top 50, which is no easy task considering they sell for $1650 and $2250 respectively.

Hyperzoom Wars: At $300 or less, the Panasonic FZ18K is proving quite popular as it manages to jump back in the Top 25 and leave the hyperzooms of 2008 far behind. It also helps that it sells for less :) Next is the Nikon P80 jumping into the Top 40, followed by the Olympus SP-570uz, barely in the Top 60, and then the Sony H50... By HyperZooms we refer to the superzooms with a zoom lens ratio of over 12X, such as 15X, 18X and 20X among existing models.

Goodbye Canon SD1000 silver? One of the most popular Canon models of the last few months was the SD1000, but it has just left the Top 25 after being there forever. The only place offering it at Amazon is a "limited availability profiteer 3rd party" selling it for $300, almost twice as much as its regular price. Needless to say no one is going ot buy it at that price. Let's not kid ourselves, the SD1000 is no Fuji F31fd with a magic sensor!

Top Non-Canon/Nikon DSLR: The Olympus E510 2-lens kit reclaims that "belt" from the Pentax K200D who dropped out of the Top 100, but the Sony A200 kit has returned, going for $500 even.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New headlines ticker added to the blog!

To make the latest posts more easily accessible to our readers we have just added a new ticker at the top of the main column, right above the "Rumors boxes". This ticker will show the latest blog updates, and if you click on it, it will take you to that story. Here is a scaled-down screen-shot of how it looks. The current story in the ticker shown below is "Rumors: Pentax K2000D and full-frame coming next?":

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Impact review: Phase One 645 (aka Mamiya 645 AFD III) at Luminous Landscape

Live from their summer home, Luminous Landscape has a review of great interest to medium format fans, a review of the Phase One 645, which is a clone of the Mamiya 645 AFD III.

If you are not very familiar with the latest happenings in the world of medium format cameras, be sure to read the introduction at Luminous Landscape and catch up with the latest changes in the ...landscape.

Regular readers may recall we wrote about this via computer-translated sites, before it was promoted in the West. The press release of the co-operation between Phase One and Mamiya at Imaging Insider.

Our next medium format update will be in 2009, extrapolating from our past coverage of medium format :-)

You won't find medium format gear at Amazon, or Best Buy or Dell, but you can find it in abundance at traditional photography superstores like Adorama and B&H Photo.

Revisit this story in the future by saving the permalink.

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Rumors: Pentax K2000D and full-frame coming next?

While strolling through the dpreview forums cyber-neighborhood, we noticed an interesting in thread in the Pentax forum, where one forum reader came back from a Pentax Demo Day in Belgium with a detailed report where he was told by the Pentax distributor representative a lot of interesting things. Among them, that there are two Pentax DSLRs in the pipeline, one entry-level (K2000D perhaps) and one to be using the upcoming Samsung 35mm full frame sensor. No time frame was given, so please don't make any assumptions on announcement or release dates. Please note that these are not official announcements and should be treated as rumors!

There's a lot more details of Pentaxian interest, including current and future Pentax lenses, so be sure to check it out and ask further questions if interested.

For a list of current (and frozen) Pentax DSLRs, as well as detailed reviews grouped in a unique fashion, be sure to check the DSLR Reference Map. If you have any suggestions for the DSLR Reference Map, please let us know!

And speaking of Pentax, here is a speculation post at Digital Hub talking about Pentax full-frame dreams.

For future reference, be sure to save the permalink or add it to your social bookmarking sites like, digg, etc.

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Week in review (June 22 to 28, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly review. Today we are trying a slightly different format, instead of the usual words-words-words, we have a giant table with the posts from the last seven days. Let us know what you think, there is a poll at the bottom of the post!

NewsRumorsImpact Reviews
+New Ricoh GX200 surprise announcement!
+New Zeiss 18mm manual lens for ZF/ZK
+Nikon Capture 2 ships
+Rumor round-up
+Sony Alpha A800 full-frame rumors
+Nikon D700 rumor round-up
+D700 real or fake?
+Prosumer speculation (not rumors)
+GX200 gets reviewed one day after reveal
+dpreview reviews Pentax K20D
+IR reviews Fuji F100fd
+Dpreview reviews E420+25mm pancake

Regular FeaturesThe MarketsMore!
+Photography Soup Saturday
+Pho Soup Noisy-U edition
+Discover New Sites and Blogs
+Last week's recap
+Nikon D3 at $48xx
+Canon 1DMk3 under $4000
+The Charts (Thursday)
+The Charts (Monday)
+Thank you for the Freebies!
+Reader Picture Showcase
+Subscribe Now!
+Blog Planning Sessions
+Print this blog?
+Rejected blog post ideas

Blog Directory - Blogged

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Price drop alert: Nikon D3 under $5000, now going for $48xx (update: B&H Photo joins the discount!)

We have a new price-drop alert! The Nikon D3 has dropped to around $4800 at two places, so it looks like the Amazon price was not just an experiment, at least not an ultra-short one. While a number of places continue to offer the Nikon D3 at $5000 (B&H, J&R, Adorama, Ritz), OneCall's store at Amazon has it at $4800 and Amazon itself at $4819. By "Amazon itself" we mean the camera is sold and shipped by, not by one of the third party sellers selling there.

For a list of Nikon D3 reviews, be sure to check the Nikon D3 reviews page at DSLR Map, where you will find links to reviews and nothing else! A quick and easy reference for those who like to cross-reference reviews on a frequent basis. If you have any feedback on this, please let us know!

If you are a fan of the D3/D300 power-duo, we have 40+ posts that feature them. While the buzz on the internets are the alleged and rumored D3X, D10 or D700, none of these can take any pictures since they only exist in our hopes, dreams and imaginations (and nightmares for Canon users). On the other hand, if you want to take pictures, the D3 and the D300 are what you can get here and now :)

Update later in the day: B&H Photo discounts Nikon D3 as well
B&H Photo has joined the D300 discounting party with a price of $4820. [Permalink]

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Photography Soup (Saturday June 28, 2008)

Welcome to a new edition *permalink) of our not-so-daily daily mix of happenings from the world of digital cameras and photography. You will find a wide range of topics. If you don't find something you like, let us know, and we'll custom-write it for you in the next edition of the Photography Soup (within reason of course).

Indecision 2008!
Yes, it is time to vote, and your vote could help decide what will happen in the next few years. So think things through and make an educated decision when you pick your ten favorite candidates. Ten candidates? That sounds like an "early and often" democracy? Well, yes, it is a multi-vote poll on future features of Photoshop, posted at Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog.

Congratulations to TOP and RiceHigh!
The Online Photographer has reached their 2000th post! Congratulations! TOP is the brainchild of Mike Johnston, a lot of you may remember from his Sunday columns posted a few internet-centuries ago. And while we are on TOP, they have just posted their last installment in their multi-part Olympus E3 review.

Meanwhile the Pentaxian's version of Ken Rockwell, "Rice High", has reached the 100K milestone.

New news all the time
For new news throughout the day, be sure to visit and bookmark the Imaging Insider. Among the latest stories spotlight at the Insider, the future of digital camera sensors, the latest kerfuffle between photographers and the long arm of the law, an "affordable" Leaf back, and a whole lot more.

Workshops to the Edge with DCR
Digital Camera Review has a round-up of their recent Yosemite workshop adventure with Art Wolfe. If the name sounds familiar, Art Wolfe is the man behind the critically acclaimed PBS series "Travels to the Edge" with Art Wolfe, hat tip to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Blasphemous rumors?
It looks like *shock* some of the allegedly leaked Nikon D700 pictures were fake. OMG, a fake rumor-picture? We've never seen that before ;-) Of course that doesn't necessarily mean the D700 or a similarly spec'ed camera is not coming out. We may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, but if there is indeed something official coming, will there be an unofficially legit leak by then?

We have posted a boatload of rumors, so be sure to enjoy them and play the game of "Real or Fake?", a game that is very popular around PMA and Photokina :)

And speaking of rumors, the latest buzz is leaked Nikon PC lenses, details at NikonRumors and all the usual Nikon rumoralia places.

Round-up of Round-ups
An excellent round-up of interesting and educational stories at Epic Edits. Among the topics featured are workflow, flash, exposure and tips, and a wishlist too. Read all about it!

Jim Talkington has a new "Around the Net" round-up with film-vs-digital and other stories. Read all about it at the Pro Photo Life blog.

Around the Internets
David Ziser has a secret to share, a secret that will shed some ...light into the What? Details!

The latest TWIP Photo podcast is out and it poses photo-existential questions such as "are paparazzi human?" Or are they more human than the human? We blog, they podcast, you decide!

How about some new websites and blogs? New to you that is. We picked another six-pack of websites to feature in our weekly Discover New Sites and Blogs. Click on the tag (label) underneath that post to see all the previous installments. And if you'd like your website or blog featured, just let us know!

If you are a sensor geek, dive into Sony's mid-term plans! Details at Image Sensors World.

I don't want to sound irrational, if only there was a way to ...print pictures on M&Ms. I want to see the pixel-peepers pixel-peep those pictures :-)x

Ken Rockwell fans might be interested to learn what he thinks about HDTV. A 19" analog CRT is all the TV you are ever going to need? Not! :) If you are a PBS fan, do not read the following Rockwell quote. Stop reading PBS fans! Stop reading!

"PBS is even worse. PBS makes you at least as stupid, but it's worse because the people watching it have a sense of hubris..." (link)

Photo-blogging "reality" competition
It's not reality TV like the VH1 series "The Shot", but the judges are busy trying to decide which new photographers will join the Fine Arts Photoblog. The judges have a lot of hard work ahead of them, as there was a lot of interesting portfolios submitted.

Book Club: 25 under 25
Most of today's young people are busy ruining the world and undoing everything of value everyone before them has worked so hard to create ;-) Except for these 25 people under 25, tagged by the grown-ups as "promising", in volume II of the book "25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers"

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Alert: Canon 1D Mark III under $4000

We have a noisy shopper alert! The Canon 1D Mark III is offered for under $4000 for the weekend by reputable retailer The price is $3961 and this includes free 3-day FedEx shipping!

For comparison purposes, the current price at B&H Photo, Adorama, Amazon and J&R World is $4050. So you are getting savings of about $90 via OneCall.

You can check reviews of the 1D Mark III at its profile page at DSLR Map. There is still no dpreview review of the 1DMk3, but there are a handful of other reviews posted already.

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Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover", where we feature websites and blogs that may be new to you, or new to me - and they could be 10 years old or 10 days old. All apologies for not having a new episode last week. But we have one right now! This is a Web 2.0 fortified edition. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, please ignore the last sentence of each paragraph :) [permalink]

Among the barbarian humans it might be hunting season (this sentence was not sponsored by PETA), but among the sophisticated gadgetologists, it is rumor season, with Photokina 2008 just three months away. If you like Digg, you will like It's similar to Digg in operation, but only features digital camera rumors! Digg it?

Don't you ever wonder what outdoor adventure and expedition photographers talk about? Do they count pixels like the professional pixel-peepers or talk about their pictures? One way to find out, check the Photography Forum at Have you reddit?

We discovered Digital Dilemmas through David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk. Digital Dilemmas is the blog of a professional photographer where he shares tips, tutorials and thoughts. He also has a handy list of PDF user manuals for some of the popular DSLR models. You will also notice that his blog has a rather unique five-column design. Isn't it educationally covers the latest news in the world of digital cameras and photography, with emphasis on topics that interest advanced and enthusiast photographers. Add it to your Mixx!

WyoFoto as the name suggest, is a photography site based in Wyoming. If you are a fan of mountain and outdoors photography, bookmark it now! Stumble Upon it, if you like it.

And we conclude with our customary non-photography high-tech website. This is a must bookmark for tech geeks out there. It's a cross between a shell (think Unix/Linux shell) and the Google search engine! Meet And the Web 2.0 gift for Goosh? A Technorati Fave (favorite).

And a heads-up, we will also be featuring all the websites and blogs featured in all "Discover" episodes on a single-page! Details in next week's episode!

And for those who want to find out which sites will be featured before the next post is posted, here is a hint: We do the "web 2.0 work" for each site BEFORE we post the post, so if you follow our friendfeed you can find out. Of course we "web 2.0" a lot of stuff, so you can't really be sure which sites will be featured. In other words, you will be seeing a superset :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Top Sellers: Digital Rebel XSi 450D reaches $800, makes the Top Five

The New Top Selling Camera Charts at Amazon soap opera has a new installment! Check it out now! Spoilers and a screen-shot teaser follow right below. The picture below is a link to the latest top selling digital camera charts where you can also find archives of all the previous episodes.

Rebel, Rebel! Your price is a mess, but in a good way! The Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D with the 18-55 IS EF-S kit lens has now reached the psychological barrier of $800. Canon apparently does not want any other DSLRs to "see the light of day" and is making the XSi even more tempting at this price. More than a dozen XSi 450D reviews can be found at DSLR Map.

Olympus is back in with the Stylus 770SW at $230, while the Sony W120 pink set is out after just one week. If it wasn't for the Panasonic TZ-series, and the Nikon DSLRs, the Top 25 would have been a Canon fanboy's paradise :)

The Canon SD1100-IS has three different models in the Top 25, the blue, silver and brown, while the pink is just outside. All these are "circling" the $200 price barrier. IS gives them an advantage over the older SD1000 and SD750 Elphs. Elphs also known as Ixys and Ixy, while they are marketed by Canon-Mars as Pixie Dust Shots :) NASA has the pictures to prove it. Look closely, they are right next to the big human face ;-)

More price drops for the Nikon D300 with the 18-200 DX VR lens as it now reaches the peaceful price of $2200 and is in the Top 40. The rumored Nikon D700 may shake things up in the Nikon line-up, and the D300 maybe the one that has the most to "worry about" from such a DSLR. But then again, the D700 is likely to cost twice as much as the D300.

In the battle for the [Top Hyperzoom] belt, the Olympus SP570uz is chasing the Panasonic FZ18K for the #1 spot. The FZ18 of course sells for around $300 while the SP-570uz is about one price-stop more (one price stop = $100). The #3 spot belongs to the FZ18S (silver), followed by the Sony H50. Outside the Top 50, we find the Nikon P80, even though its price is better than the other 2008 models. Now what if Nikon gave it RAW? :)

Another "victory" for the Pentaxians, the K200D with the 18-55 DA kit lens is now the top selling non-Canon/Nikon DSLR at Amazon, surpassing the E510 two-lens kit which lost its favorable price. But it's still far away from the Top25, the K200D kit is currently in the Top 60.

Meanwhile Samsung tries to break a record by managing to stuff four different color variations of its $90 S860 digicam, which has an 8mp 1/2.5" sensor, 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD, SD/MMC, and AA battery power. Watch out camera-phones, webcams, and Hello Kitty!

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The Nikon D700 buzz continues to get louder

Even Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has chimed in with a teaser for next week and a riddle to expect "more than Nikon news" which of course can be read in different ways. Hogan-esque discussion in the dpreview News forum.

If you are tired of the rumoralia, be sure to check our 100 most recent posts for different topics. If you don't find anything of interest, let us know, and we'll custom-write something for you (within reason of course).

The latest buzz at the moment is the sighting of a Nikon D700 listing at a Denmark store. Is it July 1st yet? Of course given past history, we are likely to know almost everything before the actual official announcements hit the news wires.

To catch up with earlier rumors, be sure to check our previous Nikon D700 rumor round-up.

Nikon D700 rumors in the forums
In the forums world, the dpreview forums are ablaze with the latest buzz including Nikon site link hunting, and Fred Miranda discussions, thread #1, thread #2, thread #3, and some early bragging over Canon's 5D sight-unseen Mark II too.

Nikon D700 rumors on the internet has wall to wall coverage of Nikon rumors, ideal for those sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for the new Nikon DSLRs, be it D700, D10, D3X, D90, D85, D80x, D400, D300X, D4, digital rangefinder, large-sensor Coolpix, and ... Coolpix SQ-TNG (ouch!).

More coverage of the latest Nikonalia rumoralia at and the Imaging Insider.

Ken Rockwell has also jumped in with his D700 page. Also tracking the rumors is french site Alors!

The high-tech gadget blogs are also following the Nikon rumors, including Engadget, Slash Gear and Ubergizmo.

But wait, there's more! Someone has already created a Nikon D700 minisite, not affiliated with Nikon as far as we know.

And more, here is a round-up by a master of rumoralia, Master Chong.

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New Lens, New Rumors and New Reviews (updated with second Ricoh GX200 review)

We've had lots of excitement in the last few hours, so here is a recap of all the excitement for those who are just checking. And this just in, a second Ricoh GX200 was just posted at Photography Blog.

Nikon D700 rumor round-up
Danish store price leak, comments by Thom Hogan and Ken Rockwell, leaks galore and lots more in the latest Nikon D700 rumors round-up.

New Sony Alpha DSLR Rumors
A long discussion at the Camera Labs Sony forums talks of a possible Sony A800 35mm full frame DSLR to compete with the Canon 5DMk2 and Nikon D700/D10. Also mentioned the expected A900 flagship and potential A700-replacement.

New Carl Zeiss super-wide manual lens
Carl Zeiss tempts Nikon and Pentax users to part with $1500 with this new manual Carl Zeiss 18mm f3.5 wide lens, in ZF (Nikon) and ZK (Pentax) flavors.

New Ricoh GX200 prosumer
Ricoh follow-up on the GX100, with the new Rioch GX200, using a 12mp 1/1.7" CCD sensor, RAW of course, the same lens starting at 24mm, a 135mm TC lens, and more. Pre-orders start at $600 in the US market via Adorama.

Two Three Impact Reviews

  • Less than a day after its announcement, the Ricoh GX200 gets its first major review at Trusted Reviews.
  • [NEW] This just in! We have another Ricoh GX200 review published, two days after the initial announcement at Photography Blog. As you may recall,
    Photography Blog had posted GX200 sample pictures the day of the announcement, so now they have posted their full review! The conclusions are on page #6, but we won't reveal them here!
  • Meanwhile dpreview has been busy with new reviews, and the Pentax K20 DSLR review has been posted. Did they find the K20D to be a ...Croatian? :)
  • You can find the above, and a lot more DSLR Reviews nicely organized in the minimalist DSLR Map. We are using a new approach to organize reviews in a way that can give you more diverse opinions on each DSLR

We are a poor blog so we use a lot of free services. So we decided to publicly thank some of our favorite free services that we are using. [permalink]

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impact Review: Pentax K20D reviewed by dpreview

Just days after the publication of the Olympus E420 + 25mm pancake review, dpreview has posted another impact review, this time of a Pentaxian camera. So without further ado, here is the 35-page dpreview Pentax K20D review. Conclusions are on page #34, but we won't reveal here whether Richard Butler found this camera to be ...Croatian!

The review has been added to the Pentax K20D DSLR Map profile page, where you can find links to twenty K20D reviews. Yes, 20+ reviews already!

Pentax K20D History
The K20D along with the K200D were subjects of many rumors before their announcement, including our crazy Countdown to the Dubai press conference in early January 2008, which ended up being a bridge to nowhere post :)

But a couple of weeks later we had leaks and leaks, and finally on January 23, 2008 the Pentax K20D was officially announced.

PS> We are testing this "history format" so we can use it as a template for the dSLR profile pages at DSLR Map. Please let us know if you like it.

Reactions to the K20D review
If you want to chime in the biggest Pentax SLR Talk dpreview forum thread, you better hurry up! It's almost full!. But fear not, there is a smaller thread and more manageable with 30+ posts. Richard Butler, the dpreview reviewer, is participating in both threads by answering questions posed by Pentaxian forum readers.

And if you love threads with lots of debate and gadgetology, be sure to check this almost-100-post Pentax K20D or Canon 5D thread. Warning: Sparks will fly!

And speaking of sparks, not, not the Footballer Wives Sparks, Olympus users are discussing the K20D review "vigorously".

Price Check
A quick price check of the Pentax K20D body-only online has found prices ranging from $1090 (Amazon, OneCall, Adorama) to $1120 (B&H Photo). The prices are before the $100 Pentax GearUp rebate. For more of these, be sure to check the Noisy Mall. [permalink]

Read the rest of "Impact Review: Pentax K20D reviewed by dpreview"...

New Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f3.5 for Nikon ZF and Pentax ZK (manual lenses)

"Auto focus is for dummies! Real photographers use manual focus!" Is that a blast from the past from the long-forgotten debate of the autofocus emergence era or a justification to pay top dollar to get these new lenses? We blog, you decide!

That was a roundabout intro to this new lens announcement from Carl Zeiss, the 18mm f3.5 super-wide lens, coming in Nikon (ZF) and Pentax (ZK) mount flavors. The price is for the brave of wallet, it will cost almost $1500, but fear not, you get a standard shade included :)

Details and Coverage on the net

Reactions to the lens
Canon users are trooling (talking+drooling), while Nikons users are drooling over this lens. Some of them anyway :)

And of course the rumor-mongering is fueled by such an announcement, hypothetically matching this lens with the alleged Nikon D700.

Read the rest of "New Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f3.5 for Nikon ZF and Pentax ZK (manual lenses)"...

Rumors: Sony Alpha A800 DSLR rumors along with A900 and A700 replacement?

A busy thread at the Camera Labs forums talks about future Sony Alpha DSLRs, including the Alpha A800 DSLR, which is rumored to be an "affordable" 35mm full frame DSLRs to compete with the allegedly upcoming Canon 5D Mark II and the alleged Nikon D700, or Nikon D10, or whatever they name it :-)

Also mentioned is the expected A900 flagship and potentially an A700-replacement. The A700 got a bad deal from Sony as it got blitzed by the A350/A300/A200 trio shortly after its announcement. Also mentioned at the Camera Labs discussion are upcoming lenses. This is a 4+ page discussion, so check it all out at the Camera Labs Sony forum.

The "A700X" name mentioned there we are assuming is just a placeholder, not an actual model name, since Sony's naming convention for DSLR kits includes "W", "K", "P", and "X", depending on which lenses the camera is bundled with.

As mentioned half a dozen times already in this post, these are rumors! And they have been added to our giant Photokina 2008 Rumor Central.

Update on June 27
More detailed discussions of these rumors at the Camera Talk forum at, as well as the Sony Alpha flickr forum, which includes detailed spec-speculation of the three upcoming DSLRs.

For more of our Sony coverage, be sure to check the 60+ posts in the Sony category. [permalink]

Update July 10
Photographer Yves Roumazeilles talks about the possibility of an Alpha A800.

Read the rest of "Rumors: Sony Alpha A800 DSLR rumors along with A900 and A700 replacement?"...

Impact Review: Ricoh GX200 reviewed one day after the announcement!

It was only yesterday that the Ricoh GX200 was announced but today we already have its first full review at Trusted Reviews, at UK supersite of CNet proportions.

As always, we won't spoil their findings, we reserve that pleasure for you ;-) But if you are in a hurry, their conclusions are on page #4, The Verdict. All fantastic images or not? You read, you decide!

The Trusted-Reviews review is discussed in the Ricoh forum at dpreview, where you will find more GX200 threads springing up every few hours. And a forum user has "creatively adjusted" a paragraph from the press release ;-)

Look for more GX-series discussions in the specialized website and forum.

Also note that Trusted Reviews has enabled comments on their actual review pages, so you can opine directly. There are 9 comments posts as of the time of writing. They also have a forum if you prefer to discuss their review at their own forum.

The GX200 is available for pre-ordering in the US market through Adorama in two configurations, the standard GX200 kit for $600, and the GX200 + VF-1 kit for $750. The camera is expected to start shipping in July 2008.

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Thank you for the freebies!

We are now taking a break from gadgetology and rumoralia to thank some of our favorite free services that we have been using on this blog for free. The least we can do is thank them in public :-)

Irfanview is a free and popular image viewer and editor that we use to quickly and easily perform basic tasks for this blog (eg screen-shot teasers). You can finish simple tasks in IrfanView long before Photoshop even finishes loading in memory :) If you want to thank the author of IrfaView, he has some hints ;-)

Thanks to Flickr for their free services as well. Through Flickr we are able to deliver the Reader Picture Showcase, where we thank our readers by showcasing their pictures on this blog. All you have to do is submit your Flickr pictures to our flickr pool.

Statcounter is a modern-era web-counter service and it is available for free. It shows you how many (if any) people are reading the site/blog, and things like that. They have a free service but if you want bigger logs, they also have for-pay plans.

Firefox is the official browser of this blog and we use it for most of the internet activities of this blog. Okay, we just needed an excuse to praise Firefox :)

Not to be confused with GoDaddy, Poll Daddy is our current favorite free polling service. The service is flexible enough that you can include in blog posts or embed in the blog's template. They also have for-pay plans if you want more features (eg unlimited surveys).

Rss-to-Javascript is one of the many tools that allow you to convert a feed into a list of items on a webpage or blog. We are using it in the Noisy River (100 most recent posts), and list of camera announcements.

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Last but certainly not least, we have to thank Blogger for the free blogging service and infrastructure, which is greatly appreciated by those of us without a fully staffed IT department.

These are just some of our favorite free services since we started this blog. We will thank the rest in a future thank-a-thon!

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Nikon D700: Real or Fake? (the new game) (updated)

A quick stroll in the dpreview forums shows a new game taking over the Nikon dpreview nation, "Real or Fake". In today's episode, the guest star is once again, the alleged Nikon D700. So, let's play, Nikon D700: Real or Fake? Join the debate :) [permalink]

A handful of threads like this crop up every week, and Sherlock Holmes is otherwise busy ;-) We have a rumoralia round-up of the alleged Nikon D700 a few days ago.

To summarize the D700 rumors, the D700 is supposed to be a cross between the D3 (using its soul (12mp FX sensor)) and the D300 (using its body) - or something along those lines depending on the rumor du jour.

Updated later that day
Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted on his website that something is coming next week, and he will have more than just the news on his site, which could mean just about anything, including news from another company, or perhaps a hands-on preview or review, or perhaps a new e-book, etc, etc, etc. Is it next week yet?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impact review: Fuji F100fd reviewed by Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted their Fuji F100fd review. The F100fd would be a "typical camera" if it wasn't for the SuperCCD 1/1.6" Fuji sensor, which inherits the reputation of the 6mp "Magic" sensor. We won't spoil their findings, so be sure to read the review if you want to find out how much "magic" this new camera/sensor combo has.

Their conclusions, which include a long list of pros and cons (we won't reveal which side is longer), is at the bottom of the main review page. Simply search for "conclusion" using your browser's search function to jump straight to the conclusions.

Further Reading on the Fuji F100fd

Read the rest of "Impact review: Fuji F100fd reviewed by Imaging Resource"...

New Ricoh GX200 follows up on the GX100!

Ricoh has just announced a new flagship digital camera, following up on their successful GX100. Meet the new GX200! And before you even read the specs, you can see exclusive photos taken with the GX200 at Photography Blog. This includes 20+ JPEGs, a six-pack of RAW files, and a sample movie. You can view the full-size pictures by clicking on the thumbnails at Photography Blog.

You can find the Ricoh UK press release, along with detailed specifications at Photography Blog as well! You can also find the Ricoh USA press release at the Adorama News Desk.

And directly from the horse's mouth, meet the Ricoh Global GX200 page. There you can also get a GX200 brochure in PDF format. The size is about 2 megabytes.

News from Japan: 10,000 units per month
The camera will be available in Japan on the 4th of July, celebrating the world's independence from JPEG-only digital cameras :) The Japanese price will be 65,000 yen, and the initial production output will be 10,000 GX200 units per month, according to Ricoh Japan (computer-translated).

Meet the Ricoh GX200
The main feature is the 24-72mm (not 85mm) lens, giving it something unique compared to your average digital camera out there. RAW is there, which is another important aspect, considering that only four out of 100+ non-DSLR new digital cameras in 2008 offer native RAW support. The RAW format used is Adobe's DNG, just like the GX100.

Descriptions of some of its other interesting features with picture examples, features such as 1cm macro, AE/AF target shift, NR On/Off, along with promises of NR improvements, an MTF curve and more at the Ricoh GX200 features page.

The sensor as you can expect is a 12mp 1/1.7" CCD (hey, at least they didn't jump on the 14mp sensor), while the DB600 LiIon battery gives you CIPA 360 (or 30 with AAA in case of emergency).

For a detailed specs comparison with the GX100, be sure to check

And we have a few samples pictures directly from Ricoh.

Pre-ordering now available
It should be available in July 2008, and available for pre-ordering in the USA market via Adorama. The GX200 standard kit costs $600 for the GX200 and the GX200 kit with the VF-1 external viewfinder costs $750. The GX-100 currently goes for $520.

Adorama also lists the 135mm teleconverter, compatible with the GX100 and GX200, via the HA-2 adapter. Looks like Ricoh is slowly but steadily building a mini-system here :)

Coverage of the announcement on the net
We already mentioned the 30+ full-size sample pictures at Photography Blog which did a great job with this. But there's more!

A summary of the announcement and differences between it and the GX100 can be found at Serious Compacts, where they already have a lot of Ricoh GRD I/II and GX100 talk.

Discussion of the new GX200 has also been posted at Wouter 28mm photoblog.

What is great is that this camera got a lot of PR at the high-tech gadget blogs, including Gizmodo, Engadget, and Electronista. It's nice to see more diversity in new digital cameras, and not always worship the CaNiKoNs of the world :)

Forum Reactions to the GX200 and sample images
The Ricoh forum at dpreview is discussing the new GX200, with 30+ posts so far. Also of interest, a recent discussion on a GX100 replacement, that got started 4 days ago and picks up now after the announcement. The full-size samples at Photography Blog are discussed here.

The non-denominational but very opinionated News forum at dpreview has a lively discussion as well.

More discussions on the GX200 at which specializes on all things Ricoh cameras!

We will have another update later tonight!

More on the Ricoh GX200 (afternoon edition)
If you read our morning coverage of the GX200, we have some more stuff for you! We will put them here, so those who read this post already can easily find the new stuff.

One user has "developed" some of the Photography Blog RAW files and makes bold statements.

More websites and blogs covering the Ricoh GX200, including The Online Photographer,, and Let's Go Analog, along with Camera Town.

The first GX200 review is published one day later!
One day after the announcement, we have the first published Ricoh GX200 review by one of the major UK websites, at Trusted Reviews. No spoilers here, you have to read on through all the juicy details and reactions to the review.

Second GX200 review posted on Day #2
Yes, one review a day so far for the Gx200! Photography Blog has posted their review of the GX200. See what they found out, and if you are in a hurry, jump to page #6 for the verdict and conclusions. No spoilers here :)

More reactions to the Ricoh GX200
A nice 70+ post discussion on the new Ricoh GX200 is going on at the Small Sensor Cameras forum at GetDPI. If you are into the GX200, be sure to check it out!

Share with your Ricoh friends using the permalink.

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Photography Soup (Noisy U edition - tips, tutorials, books and more)

Today we have a special edition of the Photography Soup, where all the posts we mention are educational in nature, be it tutorials, tips, or how-tos. It's what we call "Noisy U" but all the teachers are outsourced :)

Learn by Competing
Broken photos? Think you can't improve them? Pop Photo dares you to try to by entering their Photo Makeover contest. The winner gets an Olympus FE-250 digital camera which sadly takes xD cards only. Maybe the winner should get an Olympus FE-250 and a 2gb Olympus xD card :)

Learn by Reading
Grab your viewer's attention by the horns, to paraphrase what Beyond Megapixels suggests - in five different ways.

Learn from the pros! David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk was the guest blogger on Wednesday's prestigious slot at Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider. Ziser wrote about what it takes to be a professional wedding photographer. Past guest bloggers at Kelby's included Moose Peterson, Vincent Versace and Joe McNally who wrote the hot-selling book The Moment it clicks.

Books! Not just equipment and how-to books, but also books of great photography. The Online Photographer - did they use the same marketing firm Pentax used to become the official camera of the internet? - has an on-going series spotlighting some of the best photography books in their opinion. This is Part III. You can find links to Parts I and II at the bottom of their post.

And speaking of books, has a chapter by chapter review of the hot selling book on lighting, Light, Science and Magic. DIY calls it "best book ever".

And some hands-on DIY, Lighting Mods has a step-by-step guide, GI Triggers Antenna mod. Assembly is required, but if you follow the steps it's not rocket science.

If you are interested now or down the road to self-publish your work, be sure to visit and bookmark the on-going series at Photo Walk Pro where they take a look at the various DIY book printing services.

Plan your next work-vacation for New York City in mid-July. That's when Strobist will be having their Lighting Seminar.

Neil Creek illustrates that you just need to be creative, you don't have to have infinite square footage. He talks about turning a spare room into a studio.

Learn by Observing
Observing the work of seven fine-art photographers at the Fine Art Photography blog. Examine their pictures and see what they did and what they didn't. How would you normally approach such a situation? What did they do that was different?

David Ziser introduces the work of 40+ photographers who submitted their work to the Fine Art blog.

Likewise, check out what the JPG magazine readers did that got their pictures published and then published again!

Learn without Reading
That's right, you can learn by listening instead, starting with episode #34 of TWIP Photo's podcast. We shouldn't really be calling them "podcasts" but Apple won the mindshare wars :)

Pro Photo Life talks about creating a portfolio in episode #16 of their video tutorials series.

The Imaging Insider has filtered out the internets and found some interesting podcasts out there, including Inside Digital Photo talking NX2, Photo Geek, and Shutterspeed. For a whole lot more, be sure to visit and bookmark the Insider!

Join The Photoshop Guys in a brand new episode of Photoshop User TV, a 30-minute weekly episode covering Photoshop and a whole lot more!

Photography Blog points us to as free webinar by photography author Rick Sammon, author of countless photography books. Photography Blog has the date and url.

And another webinar, this time by Boger talking tripods and going one hour long. Details, date and url at Photography Review.

Not Enough?
Want more? Well this will keep you busy for a few hours: CameraPorn has picked sixty photography sites and blogs you can't live without! If you go through all those and still need more, let us know :-0)

And we conclude with cat pictures! This cat is sailing. Will it grow up to be "The Old Cat and the Sea"? ;-)

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Nikon DSLRs attack, Panasonic TZ-series not a flukezy!

We have a new episode of the on-going Top Seller Digital Camera Charts at Amazon soap-opera. This will not replace the CIPA numbers, but it can give you some insight on the latest market trends!

If you don't want to be spoiled, jump to the new Top 25 now! A spoiler screen-shot follows right below, along with discussion of some of the interesting things we noticed. The picture below is a link to the new Top 25!

The SuperZoom Wars: Both the S5-IS and TZ5K had a wide range of price changes the last few days and the volatility has them jumping all over. But the $270 price of yesterday and $280 of today has given the Panasoni TZ5K the upper-hand as it returns to the top five, making its #1 appearance last week look even less of a fluke. And with this jump, it has reclaimed the [Top Zoom] belt from the Canon S5-IS... It was a surprise to see the Canon SX-100-IS drop out of the top 25, as it had in recent weeks established itself as a regular top 25 superzoom.

Canon DSLRs: A $20 temporary discount was enough to lift the Canon 40D w/EF28-135 back in the top 10. Considering this is a $1100+ DSLR combo, this is not an unimpressive feat! With this jump, it grabs the [Top DSLR] belt from the XSi kit... Speaking of the XSi 450D, it seems to be in a hurry to get to the $800 mark for the combo that includes the 18-55 EF-S IS lens. New low price is $820 at the moment.

Nikon DSLRs: Canon does not have the monopoly on price cuts, as the Nikon D60 VR kit is down to $640 (sold and shipped by Amazon itself), and it reaches a new Top 25 high at #11. Breakout alert! One spot away from the top ten... Meanwhile the D40 kit (with the non-VR DX lens) drops $20 and finds itself at the #13 spot. Canon DSLRs, you are not alone ;-) And more discounts, the Nikon D300 w/18-200 DX VR is down $44 to $2225, and that was enough to push it back in the Top 40. Considering the price (twice as much as the Canon 40D kit in the Top Ten), this is quite impressive as well.

Knocking on the Top 25's Door: The Olympus Stylus 1030SW black is one SD memory card slot away from being a universal best seller. Sadly those can't be made available via firmware updates, so it has to win the hearts and minds and wallets of camera buyers on its own merits despite the xD card... The Canon SD890-IS lost $15 pounds on a new diet, oops, dollars, and might get in next week... The Fuji S700, aka S5700, has been building up momentum, combined with small price drops. Now at $157, but remember, no image stabilization.

The HyperZoom Wars: Despite its fall from grace, the Panasonic duo of FZ18K and FZ18S leads the way, followed by the Olympus SP-570uz flirting with the $400 price barrier, and the Nikon P80 which fades out to #60 despite the price drops. Ouch!... More ouch, this time for the Sony H50, which at the list price of $400 is just barely in the Top 100... By hyperzooms we mean superzooms with a zoom ratio higher than 12X.

Top non-CaNikon DSLR: The Olympus E510 two-lens kit continues to hold that belt, but it no longer has a sub-$600 price; the current price is $649 via Adorama. And like clockwork, price increase means chart position drop... Just like before, the Pentax K200D with the 18-55 Da Da Da kit lens is the next non-CaNikon DSLR in the top 100. And that's all there is to it! Enjoy your CaNikon duopoly ;-)

Samsung attacks the $90 price range: Half a dozen flavors of the Samsung S860 have stormed the Top 100, and they are moving on up! Watch out Hello Kitty! The S860 is an entry-level AA-based 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD digicam. Note the appropriate use of the term "digicam" in this instance ;-)

Numerology: The Panasonic TZ4K currently sells for $222 and is at #22 and was at #22 in the previous edition of the Top 25!

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Impact Reviews: Olympus E420 and 25mm pancake lens

We have two impact reviews for the price of one today! The dpreview team has published their reviews of the Olympus E420 DSLR, that small and adorable DSLR, and the 25mm pancake lens that is ideally suited for that lens. The E420 review is by Lars Rehm, and the 25mm pancake review is by Andy Westlake, the designated lens reviewer.

The E420 review has been added to the E420 profile page at DSLR Map, where you will find at least ten E420 reviews. With this review, the E420 completes its power-trio of reviews (dpreview, Imaging Resource and DC Resource). Links to all those reviews in the DSLR Map page mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

What did they find out? Well, if you want spoilers jump to page #30 of the E420 review and page #4 of the lens review to find out. Our review preview is spoiler-free. But one thing is for sure this is going to spark a lot of discussions among Olympus and Four Thirds users.

History of E420 and 25mm pancake lens
The E420 and the 25mm were born together in March 2008. The E420 is one of eleven new DSLRs announced so far in 2008, and one of two new Olympus DSLRs in 2008 (the other being the E520).

Reactions to the reviews
The Olympus SLR Talk forum users at dpreview have created two organized threads discussing the E420 review (60+ posts) and the pancake lens review (35+ posts). Some are providing counter-examples with actual pictures taken with the pancake.

A nice touch is that in both of these big threads above the reviewers are participating and answering user questions (usually critiques) in a calm and collected manner.

One forum user calls the review fair and balanced. What do the other forum users think? Another user reviews the review site, as a reaction ot the latest review findings. Read on to find out!

And a bonus user review, a Canon 40D user is reviewing both the E420 and pancake. What did the Canonite think?

Like this post? Bookmark it!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

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