Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog Transition FAQ

New updates are now posted at the new blog at Be sure to add this new url to your bookmarks and links, and spread the word if you please!

Don't remove this blogspot blog from your bookmarks. This blog will continue to be updated in its dormant state, with updates of our latest posts and updates from around the net, both on the main page and in the sidebars.

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The #1 priority is to minimize the impact to the readers and fellow bloggers out there. This blog's content will remain as it is. All the links and bookmarks will continue to work as before. All 1000+ posts will be here waiting for you to read, rediscover or cross-reference.

Eventually we will try to integrate this blog's content with the new blog, but for various webmaster-related technical issues this will happen over time.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

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Weekend Shopper beats the Stock Market Blues

Think how much camera gear one can get with just one share of Berkshire Hathaway (oh my!)! Now back to reality, with our customary Weekend Shopper.

Save money, but still splash in the water with the older Pentax Optio W30, going for $195 with free shipping at Adorama. Sure, it's not as new or as cool blue as the new W60, but costs almost half as much.

Remember the $150 rebate talked about in the forums and the blogs? Well, here it is in action, the Canon 40D + EF 70-300 f4-5.6 IS USM lens for $1370 and free shipping and "handeling" at Adorama. The lens alone goes for $550 and the 40D body only goes for $970. After some complicated calculations, $970 + $550 = $1520, and voila, the $150 instant rebate Canon promised.

On the other hand if you or one of your friends and relatives are looking for an affordable DSLR starter kit of the Nikon variety at a reasonable price, the Nikon D40 2-lens kit might be it. Be sure though to note that this DSLR (just like the D40x and D60), expect the lenses to have focus motors if they are to offer modern luxuries such as autofocus. The two lenses included are the 18-55 DX (not VR), and 55-200 DX (not VR).

Meanwhile Dell has a Camera Sale with various models at various prices. It would take forever to list them all, some are good deals, some so-and-so, some not-so-much. It depends on what you are looking for.

And speaking of Dell, on the computer front, they may have to call in King Solomon to sort this potentially great deal out: Buy one get one 1/2 half on select laptops and desktops. This includes their new Studio Hybrids. No relation to the Samsung "Hybrids" or the Battlestar Galactica "Hybrids".

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New Sony 70-400 SSM G lens coming up?

We received a tip by one of our readers of a lens leak for the Sony Minolta Alpha mount, perhaps to go hand-in-hand with the Alpha A900 leak.

The leaked lens is the 70-400 f4-5.6 G SSM, aka SAL70400G. A 35mm full frame lens. When mounted on the APS-C/DX-DT DSLRs, you get roughly the equ of 105-600mm. Sensor shift image stabilization and tripods are its new best friends :) Also, 77mm filter, weighs 1.5 kilograms (53oz).

This PDF file is located at this website. This is a direct link to a PDF file. Get FoxIt reader if Acrobat is hogging your system. Both are free, but FoxIt loads faster.

Click on the picture below to see a larger more readable version.

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Sneak preview of the new blog!

Because of the waves of new products coming up in the next few days, we have accelerated the transition to the new blog. So without any further delay, here is a sneak preview for all to see! It has a more spartan look, so be prepared for a culture shock :)

We will post a Transition FAQ later in the weekend with more details. For now, enjoy the new blog and let us know us what you think in the comments section or by email.

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Samsung eating chips?

Memory card chips that is. The Imaging Insider has noticed a story in the WSJ talking Samsung and Sandisk. There is a long article at WSJ with commentary from a couple of security analysts explaining the "whys"/"wise" of such a move.

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RSS feed switching to new blog over the weekend

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This should be a smooth transition but you never know with technology. We will do this during the "quiet Internet hours" to speed up the process. If there are any issues or problems, please let us know.

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Tease: Canon Evolution

Fueling the EOS fires even more is Canon with their new "Moon" campaign. No, not the dark side of the moon, but the EOS side of the moon.

Details in the Canon dprf, here and here as well. There's also a teaser at Canon Europe.

Is "Evolution" code-word for video mode? :-)

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rumor Round-up: Nikon MX, Canon 7D, Nikon D4

Is Nikon going to shake things up and give everyone, from DSLR makers to Leica to medium format a good scare? Is Nikon becoming the new empire? Well, time will tell, but check out the new MX format rumors at Nikon Watch.

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Zoom! Zoom! The Canon 18-200 IS EF-S clocks in at $700

The recently announced Canon 18-200 IS superzoom EF-S lens is now taking pre-orders at Amazon for the price of $700. IS and the Canon brand name explain why this is priced higher than some of the TamTokSig offerings.

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Sony Alpha A900 main specs leaked via magazine

Don't look now, but the leaked magazine specs of the Sony Alpha A900 are buzzing all over the internets. And it's what we thought it would be with its 25-megapixel (okay, 24.6mp) sensor. Eolake points out that Sony is now the king of the megapixel hill among 35mm DSLRs.

More on this via Photography Bay, via Insider and via the dpreview forums which point to a giant scan of a National Geographic ad.

So the full-frame dreams of Minolta-Sony fans are a step closer to becoming real! You can now dream in the whole frame, not just the central part of the dream ;-)

For those who are just now firing up their web browsers, here are the specs shown in the leaked magazine ads:

  • 24.6mp (35mm) full frame ExMor CMoS sensor
  • Dual Bionz engine
  • SteadyShot INSIDE
  • 5fps burst mode
  • 3" hybrid LCD with 921K dots (not pixels)
  • 100% OVF with .74x magnification
  • 9pt center dual-cross AF (under certain preconditions)
  • "Intelligent Preview" - name does not sound promising ;-)

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Want to become a "Beta-Reader"?

As we are experimenting with the new blog format, we are looking for some of our regular readers who might be interested in checking out the new blog template before it goes live and giving us some feedback. If you are interested, please send an email.

What does a "Beta Reader" do?
It is very simple and unstructured: I will send you the link to the new work-in-progress blog, and you can visit it as often as you like and send feedback as often as you like. Please note that it is a work-in-progress template so things will get shifted and re-arranged until the dust settles. Which is why it is a limited beta.

What does a "Beta Reader" get?
The priceless satisfaction of seeing things before anyone else does :)

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Upcoming blog changes coming very soon

We mentioned earlier that changes would be rolled out after Photokina 2008, but considering a number of factors, including the extra time between now and the Sony/Panasonic announcements of next week, we will go into transition mode starting Friday.

If you find this blog over-crowded, over-stuffed, and over-whelming, rejoice! The new blog will be much cleaner and streamlined. More details later on.

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Digital-only Lenses Part VII: Sigma

The digital-only lens multi-part series concludes today with the army of Sigma clones!

We will be using the old-school shorthand to denote which lens is available in which mount. Since Sigma is the only maker of Sigma-mount SLRs and lenses, we won't be adding the Sigma mount to the shorthand.

  • C: Canon
  • M: Sony Alpha Minolta
  • N: Nikon
  • O: Olympus Four Thirds
  • P: Pentax K-mount

All the Primes
Distort the world in circles with the 4.5mm F2.8 EX DC Circular Fisheye HSM lens, available for around $900 in [CN] flavors.

A more traditional fisheye is the 10mm F2.8 EX DC Fisheye HSM, going for about $650 and available in [CN] flavors.

And the trio of primes ends with a "normal" prime, the 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM, for about $430, priming the world in all the flavors, [CMNOP].

The Stabilized Lenses
A versatile zoom with OS? Gimmie some! The 18-125mm F3.8-5.6 DC OS HSM can be yours for about $400. This has roughly the equivalent of 28-200mm, and is available in [CN] flavors.

Who needs telescopes when you can have superzooms from here to the moon? Well, actually Shiguma has been rather modest as they continue with the 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 DC OS, available in [CN] flavors, for about $500. The Nikon version is HSM to faciliate the AF-crippled D40/D40x and D60 DSLRs. Yell at Nikon, not me :)

The EXcellent Lenses
EX is of course Shiguma's indicator of a non-entry-level line of lenses. We start with the wide zoom 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM, available for about $500 in all flavors [CMNOP]. This will be roughly 15-25mm or so, when mounted on most digital SLRs.

All lens manufacturers are contractually obligated to provide a constant aperture zoom. Okay, they are not, but it feels that way after you look at their lens line-up. Shiguma is of course no exception, and they offer their 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC MACRO for about $450 in all flavors, [CMNOP].

For fans of affordable f2.8 telephotos Sigma has two flavors of the 50-150 lens, the APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC HSM available in [CN] for about $640, and the APO 50-150mm F2.8 II EX DC HSM available in [CMNP] for about $750.a

The Affordables
Saving money is one of the main reasons why one goes for a 3rd party lens manufacturer, and here we find the lowest priced Sigma lenses.

We start with the versatile 17-70mm F2.8-4.5 DC MACRO, available in [CMNP] for about $400. This is roughly a 28-105mm when mounted on cropped sensor DSLRs, giving the user a nice working range.

If your DSLR supports sensor shift stabilization, then you can get more out of the 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC lens, available in [CMNP] for about $300. There is also version II with HSM for those pesky DSLRs who can't even autofocus on their own *cough* Nikon *cough*.

And we conclude with the two "standard" kit lenses, the 18-50mm F3.5-5.6 DC available in [CMNOP] for about $120, and the 55-200mm F4-5.6 DC, available in [CMNOP] for about $150. You pay an extra $30 for the Nikon HSM model. Their 35mm equivalent focal lenghts are roughly 28-75mm and 80-300mm, depending on mount.

And with this we conclude our digital lens soap-opera! :)

1. Sigma
2. B&H Photo

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Next week: Panasonic and Sony DSLRs coming up

Make sure you set aside some time for Photokina madness next week! Galbraith, Neutral Day, Engadget, and the dpreview forums are pointing to leaks on websites of old-school computer magazines that new DSLRs from Sony and Panasonic will be announced next week.

This is the IDG news service and published on reputable magazines so it's highly unlikely that they are propagating rumors. Do read the links mentioned above, they clearly state that these are DSLRs, not any other formats.

No specific camera details are given but if you want to speculate, and you are a follower of the Panasonic HDR sensor rumor/wishful-thinking take a look at this line from the MacWorld story:

Panasonic said the new camera "offers unique features to set a new trend in digital SLR photography" but didn't reveal any information about the camera.

Does that fit the HDR sensor rumor? YES!
Does that prove anything? NO!

It could easily be any other feature not currently found in DSLRs, or an exaggeration by marketing. So don't get your hopes up high, but keep on dreaming until next week :-)

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dpreview previews Photokina

Tired of this blog's Photokina rumors page? How about a Photokina preview by the pros, a preview by This is a must read. Dpreview, presumably under NDA at least in some instances, cannot leak or reveal any details, but they do have some very interesting comments on full frame, large-sensor compacts, lenses and compacts. Hide your wallets 35mm full frame fans! It's gonna be raining full-frame DSLRs, but unfortunately not money.

Needless to say this has sparked a forum discussion in the non-denominational but opinionated News forum.

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Add Photography Quotes to your blog (for free!)

These days there are thousands of widgets, but apart from the geek-tech factor, very few of them are actually practical and useful at the same time. One of the few is this one, it shows photography-themed quotes, and it is provided for free by, delivered via Javascript. They provide the instructions and details on how to install this on your website, forum or blog. Here is a screen-shot of how it could look in the sidebar of a blog:

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Alert: Canon 30D body only for $650

What if you wanted an above-Digital-Rebel DSLR but wanted to pay a Digital Rebel price? Well, now there is a compromise: The Canon 30D body only for $650 at Calumet Photo.

And it is a compromise because there is the brand new Canon 50D coming up soon, but it costs as much as two 30D body only cameras plus a $100 more! Somewhere in between there is the 40D going for around $1000. What do you get? Well, it's a complicated answer depending on many factors. We blog, you decide!


For a refresher on the 30D, you can find about 15 reviews at the DSLR Map. And more than thirty reviews for the 40D. How about the 50D? We have to wait...

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What do you think of the DSLR Reviews Map?

If you like DSLR reviews, this is a great time to give us some feedback on how you want to see DSLR reviews presented! Here is the how the DSLR Reviews Map looks right now. The idea behind it is to make it as fast and easy as possible for people to jump from camera to camera.

So what do you think? What would you like to see added or changed? What would make it more useful or practical for you?

Please feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

ThE DSLR Map will be part of the upcoming changes. More in the next few days.

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New Adobe CS4 (Creative Suite 4) to be announced at Photokina

A couple of our readers pointed us to the new news that Adobe is going to be announcing CS4 (Creative Suite 4) at Photokina 2008. Prepare your software wallets to be emptied ;-) Links via Photography Blog, Imaging Insider and by the The Flash Blog.

The last one is by one of the Adobe evangelists, and there he promises more excitement:

Get plenty of sleep now as you will have more new toys than you’ll know what to do with very soon.

So on September 23 Adobe will unveil more details about CS4 with a special webcast that will show at different times in different time zones, so that people won't have to get up in the middle of the night or leave their kids at school so they can watch the webcast ;-) You can sign up for the upcoming brilliant event at istreamplanet.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rumor Round-up: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Zeiss

We are getting close and closer to Photokina 2008, and the rumors are flying left and right. Some positives, some false-positives, some somewhere in between. We blog, you decide!

We start with Camera Rumors having an update on the Zeiss rumor, with a new source that claims to know which lens mount Zeiss is going to be announcing in mid-September.

Next we go to Photography Bay where we learn that September 9 may be the day Sony Minolta Alpha fans have been waiting for.

New Nikon lenses are coming at Photokina says Nikon Rumors. Hide your wallet!

A YouTube Nikon D800 is discussed in the dpreview forums, although this seems to be more of a "creative" than a rumor or leak. But you never know until you know...

And more on Nikon via Camera Rumors, we find an update on the Big Nikon Surprise at Nikon Rumors where we also learn of a Nikon website outage. "Coincidence" or maintenance?

The rumor-consensus is converging on 21-megapixels for the new Canon 5D Mark I replacement. There is a long discussion and another one in the Canon dpreview forums. Of course the rumor-consensus is not what designs and produces the cameras :)

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1001 Noisy is compatible with the new Chrome browser

Google has unleashed today the first public version of their Chrome web browser. Our early tests show that this blog is compatible with Chrome. If you are using Chrome and you notice any problems or issues with this blog, please let us know.

And since we are talking web browsing, here is something really cool, it blends the Hadron collider and rap music, on YouTube.

Update! A Photo Editor is talking about to a "snafu" in the legal terms of service of Google Chrome. Google is apparently working to fix this, but needless to say this is rather embarrassing. Chief Google Spam-meister Matt Cutts responds to the criticisms and conpsiracy theories :)

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Canon 50D vs Nikon D90 Pre-Order Wars (updated)

The big rivalry is heating up again, Canon and Nikon announce new cameras back to back, so we thought to carry this one along by having a 50D vs D90 pre-order tracker.

Canon 50DNikon D90
body onlyw/EF 28-135w/18-200body onlyw/18-105 DX
$1400$1600$1700 $2100$1000$1300
Ritz Camera
Calumet (7-14 days)
B&H (listed only)
Ritz Camera
Calumet (7-14 days)
Circuit City
B&H (listed only)
Amazon (listed)Amazon
Calumet Photo
B&H (listed only)
Ritz Camera
Circuit City
B&H (listed only)

Update! The 3rd Canon 50D configuration, 50D + the new 18-200 IS EF-S lens is now listed at Amazon again but you cannot pre-order it. The price was $1700 earlier when it was available for pre-ordering.

This will grow over time, so be sure to bookmark it using the permalink!

And please don't forget that your purchases through this blog support this blog and allows us to continue and remain independent! For more, be sure to visit and bookmark the Noisy Mall.

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Digital-only Lenses Part VI: Tamron and Tokina

We continue the digital lens multi-part series with the digital lens line-up from Tamron and Tokina.

We will be using the following old-school alphabet-soup shorthand to denote the available mounts:

  • C: Canon
  • M: Minolta Alpha Sony
  • N: Nikon
  • O: Olympus Four Thirds
  • P: Pentax K-mount

Tamron Digital Lenses (Di-II LD)
The brand new SP AF10-24 f3.5-4.5 Di-II LD offers wide angle of roughly 15-36mm on APS-C/cropped sensor DSLRs, which is the vast majority of DSLRs out there. This was just recently announced so it's not available yet. It will eventually be available in [CMNP] and the Nikon flavor will have a built-in focus motor.

The SP AF11-18mm f4.5-5.6 Di-II LD is the approximate 18-27mm depending on where you mount it (DX/DA/DT or EF-S) and it is available in [CMN]. Goes for about $540 before any seasonal rebates are factored in.

A constant aperture zoom is thought as a good idea by many people, so Tamron is offering their AF17-50mm f2.8 Di-II LD in [CMNP], for about $420.

It's all about the superzooms these days, starting with the AF18-200mm f3.5-6.3 XR Di-II LD for about $280 before any rebates, then jumping to the AF 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 Di-II available for [CMNP] for around $480, and then "graduating" to the just-announced 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC, the first Tamron digital lens to offer VC (vibration correction), available for [CN] for an unspecified price. Yes, VC is yet another name for image stabilization.

Last and probably least of this group is the AF55-200mm F/4-5.6 Di-II LD available in [CMN] for about $180 before any rebates. This comes out to about 80-300mm depending on which APS-C DSLR you mount it on.

Tokina Digital Lenses (DX) - [CN] only
Tokina is a Canon and Nikon club with regards to their digital lenses, despite the wide popularity of DSLRs among photographers and even the average consumer.

We start with the 35mm f2.8 macro AT-X M35 Pro DX, which of course translates roughly to a normal lens when mounted on a DSLR, which of course is what all digital lenses intended for. The price is around $450.

Then we move to the 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 AT-X 107 DX fisheye, which distorts the world in 15-25mm equivalency. The price is around $560.

Fans of wide zooms may be interested in the 11-16mm f2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX, which will give them roughly a 16-24mm lens, a zoom range of great interest to wide-angle-starved dSLR photographers. The price is around $570.

A more affordable solution is the 12-24mm f4 AT-X 124 Pro DX, giving roughly 18-36mm. The price is around $500.

The constant aperture zoom is perhaps one of the must-have lenses for serious photographers on a budget, and Tokina is offering their 16-50mm f2.8 AT-X 165 Pro DX, giving dSLR users a 24-75mm equivalent range. The price is around $650.

Last but certainly not least is the 50-135mm f2.8 AT-X 535 Pro DX lens, giving DSLR users roughly a 75-200mm lens, with a constant aperture. Yum? The price is around $650.

1. Tamron
2. Tokina
3. B&H Photo

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Monday, September 1, 2008

September 15: Carl Zeiss introduces lenses for a different mount!

More at The Online Photographer. This is not a rumor! It's for real.

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Impact review: Pentax K200D by dpreview

A couple of days ago we talked about a PentaxForum user making the case for the Pentax K200D. Now there is more evidence perhaps to make their case, a 30-page review by Lars Rehm at

We normally don't mention the conclusions here so as not to introduce bias, but we are making an exception in this case because the conclusions are the story: If you look at the negatives, and take out the negatives that have a "but/although" that softenes them up, it essentially leaves the camera with just one negative (considering the price): out of camera JPEGs shot at default settings.

I wonder what the results would be if dpreview posted a "fair and balanced" poll ;-)

The review has been added to the K200D reviews organizer.

Initial Reactions to the Review
A Pentax dpreview forum thread has sprung up and already the reviewer is answering questions, which is a nice way to interact with the consumers of the review. Needless to say, thick cyber-skin is required as tempers can fly.

No discussion yet, but expect a discussion to start up soon at the

Pentax K200D availability
The K200D is available in two configurations: body only and bundled with the 18-55 DA lens. A quick search among reputable online retailers finds:

  • has the body only for $556 (almost a cigarette?) and the 18-55 kit for $619. Free shipping. 12-months special financing is available if you pay with the Amazon Store Card and buy from Amazon itself, not from a 3rd party retailer.
  • B&H Photo has the body only at a mystery price, and the 18-55 DA kit for $620, both with free shipping.
  • Adorama offers the body only for $570 and the 18-55 DA kit for $650.
  • Calumet Photo has the body only at $570 and the 18-55 kit at $640.

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New Sinar Hy6 31-megapixel medium format

Sinar continues the medium format buzz that started with the trio of high-megapixel MFs (medium format!) with the new 31-megapixel Hy6 65. More details via the Imaging Insider.

We rarely talk about medium format, partially because the exponentially increasing waves of shiny silver clones are eating up our resources. It's hard to believe that in 2008 alone we had 170+ new digital cameras and that's from the major manufacturers, not counting the likes of BenQ, Vivitar, Praktika, Norcent, etc, etc, etc, along with cloned brands from the past, webcams, camera-phones, hybrid-camcorders, etc.

But fear not, after Photokina we will make adjustments and spend less time on the sub-$200 boring shiny-silver-clones that get re-announced every six months and more time on lenses and the medium format. We hope :)

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Tamron labors for new lenses

Happy Labor Day by the way. And for those around the world, this is not a tape-delayed May 1st post :)

Tamron worked hard to come up with new lenses and these are the fruits of their labor, headlined by the new 10-24 f3.5-4.6 Di-II (digital-only) LD wide angle. Roughly 15-36mm on the majority of DSLRs which of course are using APS-C sensors. It will be available for Nikon with the built-in focus motor and eventually in Canon, Sony-Minolta-Alpha and Pentax. Computer-translated details from Tamron Japan. The english press release at Photography Blog.

Apart from that, there are more details on the availability of the previously announced 18-270 VC superzoom and 70-200 Di, both 35mm full frame lenses.

For more be sure to check the computer-translated, Photography Blog and DC Views.

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Nikon D90 Daily Diary

The new D90 is picking up the baton from the D700, and takes over the "Daily Diary" segment.

New Updates
For new updates, be sure to check Part II of the D90 daily diary at the new blog.

Thur Sept 4
A video blog takes a look at the Nikon D90 video. What do they think?

Wedn Sept 3
A video mode skeptic is now warming up to video after seeing the various samples. This at ISO 50. And while there, be sure to check out the photo section at the exhibit page - these pictures not taken by the D90, but they are of photographic interest. We occasionally stray from technobabble and into actual photographic work :) The exhibit page requires Flash.

Tue Sept 2
Epic Edits asks you to pick a side! 50D or D90?

Monday September 1: dpreview samples
Dpreview has posted Nikon D90 stills and video samples. The pictures gallery includes 39 real world outdoors pictures using the new 18-105 f3.5-5.6 VR ED lens. The full size images are available for download.

They also include four short but full size video clips of adorable animals. Total video runtime is 61 seconds.

But wait, there's more! Let's Go Digital has posted five sample images and two video clips taken with the D90. Butterflies are the main theme. Full size samples are available.

It looks like Nikon took everyone to the Zoo? ;-)

Sunday August 31
We forgot to mention it early, the NYT Time Lord talks D90.

Is the D90 changing the face of photojournalism asks PJ Mike Fox.

Neutral Day points us to new D90 image samples from Japan. ISO 3200 is there!

Saturday August 30
Digital Camera Review recaps the 50D and D90. Or is it D50 and 90D? Oh dear, Canon and Nikon are so intertwisted, even their model names are interlocked :)

Friday August 29 is back with one of their patented spec compara-thons! D90 vs 50D vs D80 vs D300. Let the specs fly!

More on the Chase Jarvis D90 YouTube sensation video preview at Strobist.

Thursday August 28
CNet's camera reviewer Lori Grunin has taken the D90 to the dog part and posts her first impressions, along with 8 tiny samples.

Australian site PC Authority has a short hands-on write-up on the D90.

One of the popular stock blogs is analyzing the 50D vs D90 announcement calling it "D90 Steals Canon's 50D's Thunder". Note that the blog name "Seeking Alpha" is not related to the "Sony Alpha DSLRs", but it is stock-market-related.

We forgot to mention the Eye-Fi feature of the D90, but Wired didn't.

Wednesday August 27
Imaging Resource has just posted dozens of studio test samples from a production level Nikon D90. These are great for technical people and pixel peepers. A lot of the samples at ISO 200, but they also have some as high as ISO 3200 and 1600. Enjoy!

Of course the biggest buzz so far in terms of D90 hands-on experience is that of professional photographer Chase Jarvis. Be sure to check it out! In less than 24 hours, it has already managed to generate almost 100 comments! This is a 5 and a half minute YouTube video clip by the way.

Also must-see are various Nikon material, organized and summarized by Rob Galbraith.

The Beginning: Tuesday August 26
The D90 is officially announced, along with the new 18-105 DX VR lens. 24 hours later, the D90 is already available to pre-order by some retailers.

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The Daily Diary is a relatively new segment that tracks new news of some of the hottest and most buzzworthy digital cameras. Each camera is featured for a short period of time, usually weeks, not months. To keep up with the updates, be sure to bookmark it.

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Canon 50D Daily Diary

This is a viewer's choice dairy, by popular demand by readers like you! After all, we want to be fare and unbalanced in our Canon vs Nikon coverage :)

Tue Sept 2
Epic Edits asks you to pick a side! 50D or D90?

Should you upgrade to the 50D if you are a 40D user asks

Monday September 1: dpreview samples
In a move to make both Canon and Nikon fans happy, dpreview has posted sample gallery images from both the 50D and the D90. The 50D has a 25-image gallery using the brand new 18-200 EF-S IS lens, so it is a double-feature, both a DSLR and lens sample in one :) Full size pictures are available for download.

Sunday August 31 has a side-by-side spec comparison of the D90 taking on an army of Nikons and of course the 50D. While from an "other things equal" perspective the 50D and D90 are in slightly different segments of the market, it doesn't mean you can't compare them. Besides a number of people decide on a bang-for-the-buck basis or based on specific must-have features.

A wildlife photographer shares his experience with the Canon 50D. More at Neutral Day, Canon Rumors, Insider, Photography Bay.

If you are just getting started on the 50D, start with the 12-page trio preview at d-preview.

Lifecycle of the 50D so far

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