Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week in review (November 15-21): Casio has three new cameras

Another week is in the books and it is time for a recap in this a new edition of the "Five Minute Rewind".

New Gear This Week
Casio apparently thought this was CES 2010 week because they announced three new CES-friendly digital cameras, two of them in Japan, the EX-FH25 and EX-FC150 (superzoom and speed-demon compact) and the rugged EX-G1 in the US market. Geographic confusion! The first two are sequential updates on first edition models, while the G1 is a brand new model that looks more "scary" than the typical waterproof/elementproof camera out there.

But Casio was not the only one! At the other end of the spectrum, Hasselblad announced a multi-shot version of their H3Dii-50 medium format camera. The multi-shot feature shifts the sensor so it can collect full RGB data. Needless to say, it costs more than a Leica :)

Speaking of which, spitting in the face of the global economic recession, Leica announced a new luxury version of the (film) M7 camera, blinged-out by Hermes. Oh Leica...

Bring the fun back in photography
CNet Asia took a look at the new Yashica retro-digicam, dubbed as the "Digital Holga".

Also on the fun size, we have a poll asking readers to opine poll-wise on what they think of iPhone photography.

New Review-Clusters
We added seven more review-lists to the Review Organizers, making it easier for you to quickly find reviews of some of today's hot new cameras. This burst-mode update includes the Alpha A500/A550, the slim-zoom trio (Fuji F70, Panasonic ZR1/ZX1, Casio EX H10), and a couple of consumer-geek cameras (Nikon S1000pj, Sony WX1).

More Reviews
The review train continues to roll down the hills of CameraVille ;-) You can check all the reviews we featured during the week, including a lot of Canon action (S90, G11, 7D).

Further Reading
You can check the latest updates from all the noisy blogs at the Headlines page and check all the archives of the main blog at the Archives page.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week in review (November 9-15): Ricoh shocks the market with GXR system

Welcome to another weekly recap. Just because it is mid-November, it doesn't mean the waves of new products are going to be quiet, especially this year!

The Big Story: Ricoh's GXR takes the world by storm
The big story of this week, if not perhaps one of the stories of the year was Ricoh's bold new GXR system, which changes the camera landscape by introducing a new approach: interchangeable blocks that consists of the lens and the sensor fused together. The initial system launch is in the form of a macro lens with an APS-C sensor, and a zoom lens with a 1/1.7x" sensor that is similar in zoom range to the Ricoh GX200.

New products this week
Casio is offering a golfer friendly version of their EX-FS10 bijou camera, named the EX-FS10S (S not for silver). Currently it appears to be a Japan-only release.

Review Action
This was another loaded week full of reviews with the Canon 7D and S90 getting a lot of attention.

You may find these interesting
Rollei may be making a comeback as the company who purchased remaining F&H assets is gearing up for production again. Details are yet to be finalized (or at least, revealed).

A Leica-HQ guy hinted at a Photokina 2010 announcement of the exciting variety in the Leica-verse.

You can teach kids of all ages the basics of digital camera design when the BigShots camera kit becomes available. For now, here is some initial information.

Further Reading
+ November archives
+ Headlines from all the noisy blogs

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week in review (November 2-8): Olympus E-P2 is official

One more week is in the books, so it is time to recap things! We summarize this in a new edition of the "five minute rewind".

The Big Story: New Olympus E-P2
It may be November, but don't tell that to the camera manufacturers! Olympus has revealed its second Micro Four Thirds digital camera, the Olympus E-P2, offering more features and more price than the E-P1. The camera is estimated to ship in December/January.

In addition, Olympus has announced two new lenses that are expected to ship in the first half of 2010, and also revealed four lenses in their 2011 lens road map.

Review Parade continues
This was another busy review week, with cameras like the Canon 7D and Panasonic GF1 continuing to get waves and waves of attention. Leica itself got into the action, with two M9 reviews and X1 samples at dpreview. We even had a Sigma civil war.

Copyright law overhaul in UK?
Photographers in the UK may need to make drastic adjustments to their revenue models as the proposed overhaul of the copyright system would give non-profit users free-range.

But what exactly is non-profit these days? If a non-profit derivative work goes viral online (happens all the time), it could bring the "copier" revenue directly and indirectly. Then what?

Other stories of interest
DxO Optics version 6 is now offically announced , with Windoze users being able to download it immediately, and MacPhone users at a later time.

A number of Japanese old-media and new-media business publications circulated the rumor that JVC was buying Pentax from Hoya, as they were looking to off-load their music-software business. Hoya itself is making a non-camera purchase and they want to off-load Pentax. A game of musical M&A chairs :)

Further Reading
The purpose of this weekly rewind is to keep it short, but if you want to read EVERYTHING, we got you covered.

You can start by checking the November archives of the main blog, and the most recent updates from all the noisy blogs.

If you finished that and need more, we have over 1000 updates in the Main blog archives :)

If you still need more, please let us know :)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week in review (October 25 to Nov 1, 2009): Lightroom 3 beta rolls out

One more week has gone by, and it is time to recap the week that was! There were no new cameras or lenses announced this week.

Toshiba fired the first shot in the 1/2.3" megapixel wars by announcing a new 1.4 micron backlist CMOS sensor that should start making its way in Q3 2010. By then we'll probably have 20-megapixel cell-phones ;-)

Lightroom 3 generated some excitement as more photographers downloaded the free 6-month trial and experimented with it. See some of the updates at the software mini-blog. And speaking of software, Phase One revealed Capture 5.

Fake Chuck delivered yet another reality check to the big bosses at Canon.

PDN Gear published a state of the serious compact article rounding up their extended PPE coverage.

It was another week that rained reviews from all corners of the universe, including hot cameras like the Canon 7D, S90 and G11, Panasonic GF1 and pancake, Pentax K-x, and many more.

Samsung may be announcing their first NX-series camera in the next few days says the rumorsphere, while rumors of Ricoh's plan for a mirrorless and rather different iLC are also continuing.

On the Sonolta front, there is talk of a 14.6mp full frame Alpha A750, which, if so, would/could/should give Alpha a competitive price advantage among fans of 35mmFF.

And the Hoya executives continued to feed the fires, this time the COO talked "partners" and "electronics guys".

Want more?
We finished the month of October with 229 updates just on the main blog, not counting the diaries and the separate blogs. That's an average of over 7 per day! Oy vey!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Week in review (October 18 to 24, 2009): Canon 1D Mark IV is revealed

Closer and closer we get to 2010 calendar fans :) This was Photo Plus Expo week, with a number of websites and blogs writing from the trade show floor. We have round-ups of interest, and you can also check our last year's coverage in case you are feeling like a time-traveler.

Big Story: Canon 1D Mark IV is announced
Last week was all about the Nikon D3s, this week it was Canon's turn to answer, and answer they did! And the good news for people who like variety and diversity, the bradn new 1D Mark IV is different from the D3s. It has a 1.3x (APS-H) sensor and 16mp versus the 12mp of 35mmFF of the D3s. So choices there are young Photo-Jedis ;-)

Reviews of interest
As expected, this was another busy week with reviews as more of the cameras of interest got put through the paces at various review sites.

In Other Action
The Leica S2 got delayed again, at the excitement of its medium format rivals.

Canon once again showed how detached is from the internet reality as they once again pulled a viral Laforet video.

Adobe got into the action as well, by launching a public beta of Lightroom 3, free for everyone to use until the end of April 2010. Six months FREE :)

Noisy blog updates
We have a new shortcut url for you so you can quickly get to the front page of the main blog from any computer in the world! Simply type and you will be taken there. It's easy to remember 1001noisycameras = 1001nc! And it's easy to type! Just seven characters :)

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week in review (Oct 11 to 17): Nikon D3s is revealed

Another week is in the books, and closer we get to 2010! So let's summarize the week that was.

The Big Story: All your ISOs are belong to us!
Nikon officially announced their new high ISO leader, the 9fps Nikon D3s. This is a camera that follows up on the influential Nikon D3 that was revealed in August 2007. Nikon has made a number of improvements, but showed megapixel-restraint by remaining at 12mp and thus driving the more-megapixels-please crowd crazy ;-)

We have also started a new hybrid page as an on-going D3s reference.

New Gear this week
Along with the D3s came the 85mm f3.5 DX VR lens, not intended to accompany the D3s (obviously) but to provide one more lens option for the DX shooters.

Meanwhile the medium format world continued to make news, with the new Leaf announcing the $8000 Aptus II 5 digital back, which when combined with a $2000 body+lens kit, providing an even more affordable entry-point into the world of digital medium format. The price delta between MF and the top of the 35mmFF world (D3X, M9, 1DsMk3) is essentially gone!

And in the world of Zeiss, a 28mm f2 ZE lens for the Canon EF-mount was revealed.

Review season continues
The waves and waves of reviews continued this week, as more and more of the exciting or mysterious cameras of the last few months are making it into the hands of photographers. Of course not all reviews are alike, and usually the faster one produces a review, the less detailed and in-depth it is. So in some cases, it pays to wait for the expert reviewers to post their diatribes.

Among the gear seeing review-action this week were the Canon 7D, Leica M9, Sony Exmor-R, the Canon 100mm f2.8 hybrid IS and Nikon 70-200 VR II lenses, the Alpha A850 and A550/500 and more.

You can also check all the Micro Four Thirds reviews in reverse chronological order at our new and disciplined reference mini-site.

Other Items of Interest
One of the die-hard Foveon-Sigma fans Laurence Matson gave a 30-minute interview to the Imaging Insider talking and defending all things Foveonesque.

Epson dives in the advanced EVF bandwagon promising to provide more usable alternatives to optical viewfinders for use in advanced digital cameras.

We could go on for hours, but then it would defeat the purpose of a weekly digest :) For those who want to catch up with everything we recommend:
+ October archives
+ latest upgrades from all the noisy blogs

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week in review (October 4 to 10)

One more week, and closer to 2010 we get! Eighty days before the turn of the new year, fall is here, and it appears digital camera manufacturers are not done yet for 2009!

The Big Story: Canon dominates the headlines
It was a big Canon week indeed, with the Canon 7D getting into the hands of more and more photographers, along with the Canon G11 and potentially the breakaway hit of the season, the S90 IS.

Great Expectations
All eyes will be on Nikon in the next few days as they will be having an announcement of sorts. Will it be a D3s? A D700 companion model? A fixed-lens camera with a bigger sensor? Something boring? Something surprising? We'll know by the middle of the week! And we'll turn the blog banner yellow (Nikon color) in anticipation :)

New Cameras
Exemode announced in Japan a new retro-looking digital camera intended to go on sale in Japan for the equivalent of under $100. This fixed-lens camera with a 5mp sensor will carry the name of Yashica EZ-F521. Not an easy to remember name. A number of people are already thinking of it as some sort of a "Digital Holga".

In this case, it was more of a new model-name than a camera in its own right, as Fuji announced the F72 EXR, a rebadge of the F70 EXR for select retailers, similar to the F40fd/F45fd and other past Finepixies.

From the Noisy Research department
We took all the data for the new cameras of 2009 and summarized it, not with text, but (for a change) with graphs and pictures. A quick way to visualize the year in cameras!

Review Action
As usual, plenty of reviews hit the internet waves, including the Panasonic GF1, Nikon D300s, Pentax K-7 and more! Speaking of reviews, we added more review clusters and we will be added some more in the coming week.

All the action
The purpose of this weekly recap is to be a five minute recap, but if you wish, you can relive all the action play-by-play by checking the October archives, along with a list of the latest post from all the noisy blogs.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week in review (Sept 27 - Oct 3)

Another week is in the books! Welcome to the Weekly-Rewind, a desperate attempt at summarizing the week that was in five minutes or less. Five minutes or less, or the next one is free :-)

The Big Story: The Canon 7D floodgates open
The biggest story of the week was the slow but steady opening of the Canon 7D floodgates. As it is often the case with new and high-demand cameras, it is often an adventure finding one in-stock, and the forums catch fire with excitement, samples, first impressions, debates, and of course the obligatory speculation about the replacement model :)

You can catch all the 7D action of the past week, and beyond, by checking out the 7D mini-blog

New Cameras This Week
Sigma promises that this time, unlike all the other times, they have real performance and functionality improvements on their new camera, the DP1s, which is a quixotic (?) attempt at modernizing the DP1.

Sony posted some R&D and prototype eye-candy with their new single-lens 3D technology. Typically, most 3D implementation so far, including the compact Fuji 3D system use two lenses. Of course the Sony technology is for the big iron video cameras at the moment, not of the Cybershot variety.

Not to be outdone by Hasselblad, the Phase One, Mamiya and Schneider alliance had some new product announcements, including four new DSLRs from Mamiya, which forgot to give anyone any tangible details, which si probably why the majority of photography websites ignored them. Phase One unveiled the "base camera" of it all, the 645DF, which is a medium-format camera in need of a digital back for digital capture. Joining the two is Schneider, providing three new digital lenses and being part of this collaboration.

PMA Blues
As if the state of the world economy and the balance sheets of the camera manufacturers were not bad enough, Canon decided to eject from PMA 2010, perhaps opening the door for more virtual trade shows.

Panasonic GF1 ships!
Another big theme this week was the release of the Panasonic GF1, with the GF1 zoom kit currently shipping for $900, while the GF1 pancake kit shipping only for some of the early-bird pre-orderers.

Also good news for Panasonic fans, some of the supply issues are improving, as this week we saw the LX3K, GH1, two M4/3rds lenses (14-140, 7-14), and even the black G1 shipping at their normal prices from different retailers.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week in review (Sept 20-26): Hasselblad launches H4D-series

Another week is in the books! Let's recap the week in five-minutes or less!

The Big Story: Hasselblad tries its hand at auto-focus
Hasselblad has just launched their HD4-series of medium format digital cameras, and they are touting their new focusing technology that promises improvements and lure in more photographers to MF world.

New stuff this week
It was new software and gimmick lens week! Adobe launched Photoshop Elements 8 (Mac/PC) and at the same time, "The Google" struck back with Picasa 3.5.

On the gimmick lens front, Horseman launched four new converter lenses for DSLRs, and Lomography is building adapters that lets their Diana lens mount on DSLRs.

Wild Rumor
On the wild rumor frontier, there was talk of a 35-megapixel 35mm-full-frame Sony DSLR, the Alpha A1R. Real or ...AIR? :)

Impact Reviews
dpreview completely disrespected the Sigma DP2 with their above average review, casting more doubts on the usefulness of one-dimensional review-rating conclusions.

On the curiosity factor, two short reviews of the Fuji 3D camera system came out, but you may want to wait for more serious detailed reviews before making any dramatic decisions.

This was a busy review week, and you can see more of them on the Reviews mini-blog, including Canon 7D first looks, a major E-P1 review, Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake, along with Canon G11 samples.

Read all about it
You can follow the action from the previous week step-by-step by checking out the September 2009 archives.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week in Review (Sept 13-19, 2009): Pentax K-x color-blasts the market

Another week is in the book as time flies faster than ever before :) Here is the five-minute review of the week that was!

The Big Story: The Pentax K-x Rainbow
Pentax managed to sneak in a brand new DSLR, along with a third DA-L lens, the 55-300mm f4-5.8 ED. The new DSLR is AA-based and affordable-priced and offers a little bit of everything, including HD-Video and a 12mp Sony CMOS sensor. Read all about the new Pentax K-x.

New Gear this week
Korean manufacturer Samyang revealed a new 14mm f2.8 ED lens, available in the four traditional SLR mounts for a reasonable price - under 300 euro in Europe.

Point Grey of beautiful British Columbia in Canada is showing a prototype of a USB 3.0-powered device that can stream 1080p high-def video. Yes, stream!

In addition to the K-x, Pentax also announced two point and shoots in Europe, the M85 and E85, taking LiIon and AA batteries respectively.

Meanwhile, Zeiss made the final announcement for the Canon version of the Ikon 18mm f3.5 T* ZE lens. ZE for Z-EOS. But beware, no modern luxuries like auto-focus :)

Rumors et al
As part of the K-x announcement, Pentax mentioned that the 645D medium format is on-track for a PMA 2010 release. So the camera with a soap-opera life is heading (at least for now) towards release. We'll find out more by PMA :)

On the Nikon front, there is some buzz about a Nikon D3s reveal by mid-October. We should start hearing more as the days go by!

On the Shiguma front, a couple of rumors talk of a Sigma DP1s coming later in the year, and the SD15 having good chances of materializing.

New mini-site launched
This week we finished and launched a brand new mini-site whose whole purpose in life is to feature the latest reviews of Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses and nothing else! It will be a test of discipline and focus :-)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week in review (September 5 to 12, 2009): Leica Strikes Back

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a recap of the week that was in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Leica Strikes Back
The expected 9/9/09 Big Bang from Leica did not disappoint, as the camera company cleverly revealed its products to the whole world, not just the "media elites". We set up a long wait-a-thon leading up to the announcement of the new cameras. You can relive the excitement here. For more on each camera, be sure to check its mini-blog:
+ Leica X1
+ Leica M9
+ Leica S2

Other interesting happenings
Leica took over the week, but there were some other exciting moments in the week. For one, the hope of a Canon 1D Mark IV announcement in late September was squashed.

On the impact-review front, the printed edition of Amateur Photographer UK had the first Panasonic GF1 review, followed a few days later by DLT.

But the camera that seems to be winning the buzz wars at the moment is Canon 7D, with high-ISO samples from a concert in France and video footage from Philip Bloom. These are pre-production cameras by the way.

On the ouch front, Samsung is putting their DSLRs to sleep, but hopefully just in hibernation until they can get the NX series up and running.

Want more?
You can catch up with every single post at the main blog by checking the September archives. You can also catch up with the special-interest blogs by checking their latest headlines.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Week in review (August 30 to September 5 2009)

We usually promise that the weekly rewind will finish in 5 minutes or less, but it's hard to do that this week. There were so many influential camera announcements and leaks that made this feel like a Photokina week! Here are the biggest stories of the week...

Leica leaks M9 and X1
The biggest M-series question was whether Leica would have been able to deliver a 35mm-full-frame M-series camera, and the leaked-by-Leica answer is a resounding yes! The new M9 will have a 18mp 35mmFF CCD sensor and the usual Leica design principles. The next big question is price, and for that, you'd better start cashing out 401K plans, selling gold, and used cars!

What was rather unexpected was the X1, which will be a fixed-lens camera using an APS-C sensor. This is something fans of fixed-lens compacts had been clamoring about for years, and they are partially getting their wish. Partially because this has a fixed lens (eg Sigma DP2 and Ricoh GRD3) and it will have a "Leica-tax", a price-tag that will likely be 1.5X to 2X as much as if the camera was named anything-but-Leica. So we wait and see!

Panasonic GF1 and two M43 lenses are officially announced!
After rumors and leaks, the Panasonic GF1 has been officially announced at a starting price higher than many would have liked, and coming together with a promising 20mm f1.7 pancake, and the sometimes-Leica-branded 45mm f2.8 macro lens. Both being M43rds lenses, you have to do a 2X multiplication to get to the "35mm equivalent".

In addition to that, Panasonic revealed three new lenses for 2010, occupying their 2010 lens road-map.

Canon strikes with dual-core 7D and three lenses
As leaked and rumored for weeks and weeks, the Canon 7D officially came out, offering an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor (ouch?) with a dual-core DiGiC 4 engine, and new under-the-hood features aiming to please the serious sub-$2000 photographers. No full-frame DSLR, and that sure left a bitter test in some lens openings.

Along with it came the first lens using the new Canon Hybrid IS technology, this one specifically tailored to macro photography, so every macro photographer will be very curious about the new Canon EF 100mm f2.8L IS.

The other two lenses were practical EF-S configurations, an EF-S 15-85mm f3.5-5.6 IS aiming to be a take-everywhere glued-on lens, and the affordably versatile EF-S 18-125mm f3.5-5.6 IS.

Samsung NX-series coming by early 2010
Samsung showed their NX prototype and three lenses under glass at IFA 2009 in Berlin, but at the same time, they gave new estimates adjusting the availability to late 2009 or early 2010. The new NX-series will attempt to provide a M43rds-like user experience but with 1.5X (APS-C) sensors instead of the 2X sensors used by 43M43.

The Stanford Experiment - a Linux camera?
Stanford university researchers made an official announcement of their Frankencamera research aiming to give photographers and techies all around the world an open-source plug-and-p(l/r)ay framework to develop and expand their imaging systems as they see fit.

Needless to say this is a very promising project and something that may cause the "SLR Traditionalists and Restrictionists" a few sleepless nights.

One Year at TypePad
We celebrate one year at TypePad this week by rounding up other blogs that are also being hosted on the professional for-pay blogging service of TypePad!

For more, be sure to check the September archives along with the latest posts from all the noisy blogs.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Week in review (August 23 to 29 2009)

Welcome to another five-minute-review, where we try to recap the week that was in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Sony's DSLR Power-Play
The big story this week was Sony's DSLR attack on the market, starting with the Alpha A850, a 35mm-full-frame DSLR that lowers the 35mmFF club admission fee to $2000 for a brand new digital camera. The camera has 24-megapixels and it is very similar to the current A900 flagship.

Coming along side are two semi-mid-range cameras that have a lot in common, the 14mp CMOS-based Alpha A550 with its 7fps burst mode, and the 12mp CMOS-based Alpha A500.

Alongside the three DSLRs came the Sony 28-75mm f2.8 SAM lens, a 35mmFF lens going for $800, but despite the workhorse specifications, it did not get the prestigious "G" marking, which has some wondering that this may be a Tamron rebrand.

The Canon 7D gets closer
The Canon 7D got louder and louder as more bits and pieces got leaked. Also rumor-leaked were two EF-S lenses and a 100mm f2.8 LISUSM macro. Needless to say, rumor-leaks are not the same as official announcements, so don't sell the car just yet!

Other new cameras this week
While everybody was busy with Sony and Canon, Samsung has sneaked in their own mega-zoom a 24X mega-zoom that actually offers RAW and manual exposure.

Not officially announced, but "discovered" on the Panasonic website was the $100 P&S LiIon-based Panasonic FS4, which sadly has the ID-Security battery "feature".

Impact Reviews
There was a lot of review action this week, with a number of cameras getting their first looks, including the Fuji F70EXR and Sony A850, while the Sony A380 got "dismantled" at dpreview. Others getting reviews included the Nikon D3000 and Ricoh GRD III.

Other happenings
The HD-powered Nikon D300s is now shipping at the expected price of $1800, alongside the entry-level D3000.

Further Reading
You can relive the whole week play-by-play by checking the August archives of the main blog, and the list of the latest posts at the other noisy blogs.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week in review (August 16 to 23 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the short but sweet week-in-review! So, let's get started!

The Big Story: Canon Powershots strike back
It looks like Canon is taking its challengers seriously because all of the six new Powershots announced have existential merits. In a world of shiny-silver-clones, it is very rare to have a six-camera litter where every camera can be justified.

The star of the show was the surprise, the S90 IS, a camera that resurrects the S-series and takes on the LX3 head-on.

The G11 was also a mild-surprise as it grew a tilting LCD-display and showing shocking megapixel-restraint as it downshifted to a new 10mp 1/1.7" Sony sensor that promises noise and dynamic-range improvements.

The SX20 is and SX120is follow-up their predecessors with no alarms and no surprises and that's not a bad thing, since both were well-received cameras out there.

The six-pack concludes with two wide-angle Elphs, something rare so far in the Canon world. In-fact the wide-bodied SD980is is the first Elph to go 24mm wide, while the SD940is is a more traditional boxy-Elph that starts at 28mm wide.

Other New Cameras
In addition to the six Canons, Ricoh announced the CX2, a 28-300mm upgrade to the CX1, and a healthy 50K/month initial production output.

Not new, but grounded was the Leica S2, as Leica committed to an actual shipping month!

Impact Review
The Pentax K-7 review at Imaging Resource was the impact review of the week, as not only has it given us more insight in the K-7, but also is a great test-case in pointing out the challenges of a traditional camera review when dealing with a multi-dimensional plane of evaluation and use-case parameters.

The Community Feed is live!
We love experimenting, and one such experiment went live this week, the Community Feed, that spotlights the latest posts from the photography-priority websites and blogs of our readers. It is open to websites big and small. You can also check out all participating blogs at this community feed index page.

The Shocker
In a rather strange turn of events, the Hoya CEO dropped a casual cherry-bomb: He claimed that Pentax alone can't survive in the long-run. This obviously generated a lot of discussion.

For more
For more be sure to check the August archives, along with a stream of the latest post from all the Noisy Blogs.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week in review (August 9 to 15)

Welcome to a new five-minute rewind, a recap of the week that was in five minutes or less (or the next one is free!)

The Big Story: Leica sets date for S2
Leica has now committed to delivering the first Leica S2 units in October. They have also confirmed the finalized specifications with the starting price of $23,000 which is not exactly pocket change.

New Cameras: Samsung doubles the displays
It was a quiet week in terms of announcements, but Samsung stole the show with their dual view point and shoot compacts, two cameras that have an LCD display on the front and on the back.

The new camera also feature GPS and WiFi and touch-screens and things like that. Also along them was a more traditional single-screen folded-optics bijou, the CL65/ST1000.

Impact Reviews
The Ricoh GRD 3 got two reviews on the same day from the same continent! It was Ricoh Day in Oceania!

An impact review of a different type, the Samsung HZ15w got its review at one of the major review sites, but were the results what Samsung fans wanted to read? Find out!.

Not yet finalized, but very interesting for sure, Imaging Resource has posted all their lab test results of the Pentax K7!

Further Reading
You can check all the news of the week at the August archives and the headlines from all the noisy blogs.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Week in review (August 1 to 8)

Welcome to a new edition of the five-minute rewind, where we summarize the week that was in the world of digital cameras. The rewinds are intended to be read in five minutes or less!

The Big Story: Panasonic GF1 leaked!
The big story, without doubt, this week, was the forum-leak of the third Panasonic Micro 4/3rds camera, the Lumix GF1. This is a camera closer in size to the Olympus E-P1, with a flash but without sensor-shift image stabilization. Along with it, two lenses were shown, including a 45mm (90mm equivalent).

New Cameras this week
It was a busy week in terms of new cameras getting officially announced! Here we go:

+ Two new Sonys with the Exmor-R 1/2.4" CMOS sensor, the WX1 and bijou TX1

+ A trio of new Pentax Optios headlined by a promising-on-paper waterproof camera, the Optio WS80.

+ Four new Nikon Coolpixies headlined by the projector-bearing S1000pj (pj is not for photojournalist), and the touch-screen-controlled S70

Crazy Marketing
Some may find Samsung's imaging blog a bit Xanga-like circa-2003, but Samsung took it to a "whole nuther level" with the Tap and Take (not a hip-hop video) teaser-campaign for upcoming touch-sensitive compacts.

Whenever we see a campaign of this hype, we immediately think, "the next Nikon Coolpix SQ".

Impact Reviews
There was the usual wave of reviews, but most of them got overshadowed by the news and rumors of the week. You can check the ones we featured at the reviews mini-blog which includes the third waterproof group test, DC-Watch getting firsts on the Ricoh GRD3 and Fuji F70exr, and on the Sony WX1. We will cover the rest of the camera reviews in upcoming mega-round-ups, providing they stop announcing new cameras every eight hours :-)

All the posts of the last seven days
This post is merely a digest of the week that was. You can check all the posts from the last seven days in our August archives.

And you can also check the posts from the other "Noisy blogs" by checking the Blog Headlines page.

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Week in review (July 26 - August 1)

Due to the increased camera chatter, we were not able to post a weekly recap for the previous week, but fear not, we are posting it now :-) We just don't want to leave a temporal hole in the blog annals ;-)

The Big Story: Maitani passes away
Maitani, the father of the Pen and one of the all-time greats in the world of camera design has passed away but lived to see his PEN design get transported to the digital era with the E-P1.

New Nikon DSLRs and lenses
Nikon added two more DSLRs to the pool of options with the D300s, an HD-powered improvement on the two-year-old D300, and the D3000, a sidekick to the current D5000 but hopefully without the power-recall-issues.

On the lens front, the 70-200mm lens got version II and it is now upgrade bait for the amateurs and professional photographers looking to buy new lenses.

The other lens that came out was also a version II, this one of the 18-200mm DX VR superzoom.

Stories of interest
Sell that new car and go for that trusty old Civic or Accord. That may be one way to fund a future purchase of the Leica S-system, whose prices were revealed, with the camera itself (Leica S2) coming in at $23000.

The financial results kept coming in, and as you can expect, the state of the world economy is not exactly launching parties at the camera manufacturers.

More New Cameras from Panasonic and Ricoh
In addition to the Nikon DSLRs, we also had some more new cameras officially revealed:

+ Four new Panasonics, headlined by the RAWzoomer FZ35/FZ38 and the new sub-line even-smaller-than-before fun-zoom, the ZX1/ZR1. Don't yell at us for the double-names, please yell at Panasonica :)

+ Ricoh strikes back with GRD III, a megapixel-restrained camera with a new f1.9 lens. This is a camera to watch, but just don't expect miracles. This came out (pure coincidence of course) just hours after we had an impromptu Ricoh Day.

All the posts
You can check all the posts from that week by visiting the July archives of the main blog.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week in Review (July 19-25)

Welcome to a new edition of the "Weekly Rewind", where we try to summarize the happenings of the week that was in five-minutes or less.

The Big Story: The Fuji trio
We had a total of fourteen new cameras this week, and of those, Fuji had the three most interesting ones. From a technology perspective, the Fuji 3D system was the headline grabber, as Fuji has now solidified their previous announcements with a product announcement. The 3D camera and 3D printer should come out in Japan next month, and most places in September.

Fuji also launched a new series of cameras, the SuperCCD-powered fun-zoom line, getting started with the F70-EXR, a 10X camera that uses a 1/2" SuperCCD-EXR sensor. It will be very interesting to see how the SuperCCD-EXR sensor scales down to a smaller sensor size and how it compares with the other "fun zooms".

The last of the Fuji Trio is the Fuji S200-EXR, a follow-up to the S100fs giant-sumer. This is the first Fuji camera to offer RAW on an EXR sensor, so that alone makes it a curiosity item. The sensor has also been downsized, from 2/3" in the S100fs to a standard 1/1.6" here. While some may be disappointed, it makes sense, as Fuji does not have the luxury of carrying multiple sensor lines.

New Cameras This Week
In addition to the Fuji Trio above, we had four Fuji P&S models, and seven shiny-silver clones from Olympus. Olympus disappointed by continuing to ignore SD/SDHC, and refreshing their P&S models at a maddening six-month cycle. There was however a silver lining, two affordable P&S models that start at 24mm and 26mm wide respectively (equivalent of course) and only cost $160 and $150. Just don't expect the lenses to perform like Zeiss/Leica :)

Reviews of Interest
From the busy world of camera reviews, we had a refreshing in-forum review of the Pentax K7 at the dpreview forums, a version 2.0 of the dpreview waterproof test with the Panasonic TS1/FT1 and Pentax W80 added, and Imaging Resource finalizing their D3X review.

And Luminous took a look at the landscape of hybrid/combocams as part of their video-priority review of the Panasonic GH1.

We have also summarized some of the recent lens reviews at the review diary.

Other Topics of Interest
Canon's R&D managed to spoil the Fuji/Olympus announcement, as they have revealed that a new hybrid lens-stabilization system is coming up.

If you are a fan of your local Ritz/Wolf camera stores, they got a new lease on life, as founder David Ritz led a coalition of money-people and outbid the liquidators. This of course does not mean that every single store is safe, but perhaps the majority of them are likely to make it to the next round.

And from leakville, SonyStyle "accidentally" revealed the names of the next three Sony DSLRs, the A500, A550 and A850. Needless to say, all eyes are on the Alpha A850 as people are wandering what type of a camera this might be. An affordable full-frame? A high-spec'ed APS-C/DT? What? What? What?

New experimental feature on Sunday night
Depending on how the news cycle is, at some point on Sunday night or early Monday morning, we will launch a new reader-appreciation feature, the "Community Feed". Stay tuned for more details.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Review (July 12-19)

Welcome to another five-minute recap of the week that was! If you can't finish this in five minutes or less, the next one is free :-)

The Big Story
Once again, the Olympus E-P1 managed to maintain the lead over everybody else, with the camera starting to get into the hands of real-world photographers and at the same time receiving more reviews and hands-on action at the various camera sites and blogs.

New Cameras this week
A rather quiet July so far, but Olympus made a little clone of their CES-2009 models, the new Stylus Tough mju 6100, which is an element-proof camera, but sadly, and stubbornly, does not support SD/SDHC.

In addition, Samsung launched three forgettable P&S cameras. What? Where are we?

New blog launched for DSLR fans
We have launched a new sub-blog, of interest to DSLR fans and numbers-geeks, the on-going soap-opera that is the Top Selling DSLR Charts. This is in the same style as our current overall-market top sellers. Both are tracking top sellers at Amazon and weaving them together to tell a story (observe patterns and trends and such).

Other topics of interest
+ The Leica S2 made a guest-appearance at the re-opening of a Manhattan store, and it looks like it is getting closer

+ Image stabilization is always a geek-friendly topic, so you may want to check out the ImagingResource/SLRGear testing of the sensor-shift stabilization of the Olympus E520.

+ Group reviews was a theme, with summer-friendly waterproof cameras and superzooms getting group-tested at two of the major review sites. This and more review roundup action at the Reviews topic. It includes among others, the DP2, a Canon TS-E lens, a most unusual review at Luminous, the GH1, K7, and a lot more.

+ We have also added review-clusters for the E-P1, K7 and GH1, three of the hottest interchangeable-lens cameras of the season

+ The good-news party for the Nikon D5000 ended when Nikon confessed that due to a manufacturing issue some of the models may not be able to turn-on when you expect them to turn on.

+ I can has 32gb MemoryStick nao.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week in review (July 5-12, 2009)

Welcome to another 5-minute recap of the week that was! If you can't finish this post in five-minutes or less, the next one is free ;-)

The Big Story: The Nikon Roadmap dream
We have our resident psychologist, Dr Phyl MacKroaw, DFA, analyzing the big story: The wishlistic dream, an alleged Nikon roadmap, generated some excitement as Nikonians wanted so badly to believe, believe in half a dozen new dSLRs and dozens of lenses coming out in just 18 months. The desire to believe kept this thing going and going and going, even though a quick glance at the 2010 portion of the roadmap shows that type of output all the dSLR manufacturers combined could probably not match.

Other Stories of the week

+ Samples, reviews and shipping excitement continued to keep the Olympus E-P1 in the spotlight

+ The revelation that an unknown Korean manufacturer would be making lenses for the Samsung NX-series was not exactly good news for NX. When you consider that FourThirds/MicroFourThirds has Olympus, Panasonic, Leica involvement, Kodak sensors, Sigma lenses, adapters for all sorts of quality lens mounts, and can't break out of the "Olympus mount" range, then how is NX going to win over new users?

+ The Panasonic GH1 had its moment in the sun as it was put through the paces at the dpreview labs. The finding of its Croatian origins (.hr, HR, highly recommended) thrilled 43/M43 fans all around the world.

+ The curtains could be closing for the remaining Ritz/Wolf brick and mortar stores as the company has not been able to break out of the financial troubles. In about two weeks we should know whether there is a new buyer, or a giant clearance sale.

That's the summary, but if you want to read everything, be sure to check out the blog headlines and along with the July archives at the main blog.

For previous installments, be sure to check the very long Weekly Rewind pages.

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week in Review (June 29 - July 5)

Welcome to a new edition of the "weekly rewind", where in five minutes or less, we catch up with the week that was!

The Big Story
The Olympus E-P1 was once again the story of the week, with more samples, hands-on reports and even a couple of reviews getting published. And yes, the camera has started shipping in select markets, getting in the hands of real-world photographers. You can follow all the action through the E-P1 mini-blog.

Medium Format grabs some spotlight
Sometimes a good soap opera is what it takes to get people's attention. And medium format has been provided quite a bit of drama the last few days. A divorce between Leica and Phase One on the Leica S2, a German manufacturer closing shop, a new digital back from Hasselblad and more!

New Cameras this week
Pentax has the honor of carrying the flag for the new-cameras with the new waterproof Optio W80 which replaces the W60 which finished an asterisk-second at the dpreview waterproof camera test which blatantly ignored the Panasonic FT1/TS1, even though the camera had received a review 3.5 months ago at another review site! dpreview's explanation was not convincing at all.

Coming up
The rumor carousel saw two Sony Cybershots leaked, while some expect a Samsung announcement around July 7 featuring their first NX-series camera, their next DSLR and superzoom compact.

There have been some CaNiKoN rumors as well, but nothing really concrete just yet.

No Camera Talk Allowed!
We had a special edition of the Photography Soup where we talked about everything, except cameras! Or at least we tried...

Good week for camera shoppers
We had a series of good deals for camera bargain hunters and shoppers, and some of those deals are still going on. We have summarized them at the best of current deals just a couple of hours ago.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week in review (June 21-28, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the week-in-review, a quick summary of the week that was, for those who were too busy or just needs a refresher!

The Big Story: Olympus E-P1
The Olympus E-P1 continues to be the big story, with sample pictures, hands-on reports, and non-stop forum discussions dominating the photo-blogo-sphere. We have captured some of the action this week, and you can check it at the E-P1 mini-blog.

New Cameras
Pentax launched the Optio W80, another waterproof camera replacing the current W60. This feature alone makes it stand out from the other 100+ shiny silvers, although this segment too is starting to get competitive as Canon, Panasonic, Fuji and others have also jumped in.

Outrage of the week
Panasonic's decision to block all 3rd-party batteries because of alleged "risks" to consumers did not fly with consumers. Reactions around the tech-blogs and also in our reader's poll.

Impact Reviews
The Pentax K7 saw its bubble deflate a little bit as non-production reviews and samples made their way to the internet, while some pixel-peepers started raising questions about the samples.

The Panasonic GH1 got another review, adding more to the current "knowledge-base". This one was just posted at Photo Review.

The Olympus E620 got more review-attention this week, with two impact-reviews posted by DC-Resource and Olympus specialist

You can check more review action at the reviews mini-blog.

Canon 5D Mark II world
In the 5DMk2 world, there were two firmware update discussions, one of course the one from Canon, and another one that is developed by photographers on their own as an open-source project. You can read all about them and more through the 5D Mk2 diary/blog.

More action
You can check all the blog posts at the main blog by visiting the June 2009 archives.

You can follow tidbits, newsbytes, pictures from our flickr pool, status updates and a lot more at our Twitter page.

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The Photographer's Four Seasons

The pictures speak for themselves in this article, even if you do not speak french: The photographer's four seasons is a photo-post at Le Monde de la Photo. And all the pictures taken were with the Fuji S5 Pro, which is perhaps why you may have liked the dynamic range of the photos :-) Be sure to also check page #2, there is a link to it at the bottom of that page.

If you are using a slower internet connection or a loaded browser, it may take a little bit before everything loads!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy trails Kodachrome!

Yes, it is farewell time for Kodakchrome. Fans this film are surely not happy today. You can read and hear more on this at the Imaging Insider where the topic is also discussed in their latest podcast.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week in review (June 14-20, 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a summary of the week that was. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess the big story of the week. It was... the announcement of a new lens cap by Vivitar!

The Big Story: The Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang
Okay, that was a poor attempt at a joke :) The big story was of course the Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang, highlighted by the announcement of the Olympus E-P1 with two lenses and assorted accessories. We've had wall-to-wall coverage, here are some of the highlights:
+ Countdown to the Announcement
+ Roundup of Previews and hands-on reports
+ Roundup of sample pictures and videos.
+ Opinions and reactions by various photo-bloggers in the blogosphere
+ The new Pre-Ordering Center for the E-P1, lenses, and accessories
+ past, present and future E-P1 stories at the E-P1 mini-blog

From the RumorLand
Leica generated a lot of buzz, albeit in the shadow of the E-P1 mania, when the Leica Chieftians made forward-looking statements at the non-internet Leica forum. You can catch up with all that at the Leica mini-blog.

Meanwhile, it what could have been a webisode of "The Office" a video came out showing an alleged brochure of an alleged Nikon D300s.

And speaking of Nikon, Thom Hogan and other Nikonians joined in a forum discussion speculating on what's coming up from Nikon six weeks from now. We couldn't resist the temptation, so we went into a speculation trance as well ;-)

Reviews of Note
As one would have guessed, the first "full review" of the Pentax K7 was a review FAIL. A rushed and poorly conducted review caused an uproar in the Pentax forumsphere that dissected the so-called-review like a frog.

A four-pack of review-clusters were added this week to our review organizers, featuring the Nikon D5000, Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D, Kiss X3), along with the Panasonic TZ7/ZS3 and Canon SX200is. We hope we can have a couple more review-clusters finished by next week.

The Top Sellers Soap-Opera returns
After an embarrassing 40-day delay, we returned with new updates of the top selling digital camera charts. As you can expect, after 40 days, there were some dramatic movements among cameras that had a change in their stock-status. Surprisingly though, many of the rest of the cameras did not have any dramatic changes in pricing.

Further Reading
You can catch with all the posts we rattled out throughout the week by looking at the June archives and the sticky Blog Headlines.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week in review (June 7-13, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the "Weekly Rewind", where we recap the week that was for you, so you don't have to! The rewind only includes some of the top stories in our opinion, it does not include everything that happened during the week. Putting everything in would defeat the purpose of having a rewind, since you can read everything by ...reading everything :)

The Big Story: Waiting for Olympus Micro Four Thirds
The waiting is driving everyone mad, but Olympus has promised the June 16 date (depending on time zone) for their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang. You can catch the Olympus E-P1 action, along with the Panasonic GH1 excitement, at our Micro Four Thirds mini-blog.

Hot Cameras of the week
The Nikon D5000 probably had the best week it is ever going to have, as they have "defeated" the T1i/500D at the DXOMark tests, and received even more reviews, including one from dpreview itself.

Meanwhile the Pentax K7 buzz has finally dropped off, after a surprisingly-sustained non-stop buzz.

Two new cameras announced!
Casio is the latest company to jump in the "fun compact zoom" segment, and they have done it with the very stylish EX-F10. This is not a folded-optics camera, so there is hope it won't be the total disaster their EX-V7 and EX-V8 were (and we are being nice here ;-)

The other new camera is the Fuji Z300fd announced in Japan, their new folded-optics bijou-flagship.

Our regular readers will be thrilled to know that we brought you the news of these two at least 24 hours before the major camera websites picked them up. So it pays to read this blog early and often!

Impact Reviews
It is no secret that in the online world, the pixel-peepiential reviews are getting more attention than the real-world-photographer type of reviews. Which is why we try to feature a more balanced mix. And it was thanks to one of our readers that we noticed this LX3 vs G10 article by a bicycling photographer.

The Sigma DP2 action continued, albeit, the promise and premise of Foveon has essentially returned into its typical "sandbox" of "great sensor / sub-par camera implementation" that has been a major deterrent in the mass-appeal of Sigma-Foveon.

Father's Day causing good deals
With Father's day being just seven days away, we saw an increase in good and tempting deals in the world of digital cameras. You can check the latest ones out at the Camera Deals blog, and remember to check beyond the first page, or use the navigation links at the top to find posts by manufacturer.

Further Reading
You can check the latest headlines from all the noisy blogs at the Noisy Headlines page which is fresh with new updates every time you visit it, using the power of Feedburner's magic.

You can also check all the June 2009 posts at the main blog. We don't have a stream of all the posts from all the noisy blogs, we are considering it, but we fear that it would be so long it would be unreadable!

Do you find the weekly rewind useful/helpful?

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New podcasts on photography

The Imaging Insider is spotlightning eight different photography-orbiting podcasts for us all to check out. They include a variety of topics from diverse sources, which make for interesting and entertaining listens. All the featured podcasts in their round-up are available via iTunes.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week in review (June 1-6, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the "Weekly Rewind", a recap of the week that was!

The Big Story
A couple of camera-body pictures of the upcoming Olympus E-P1 made their way to the internets and finally managed to fire up the Olympus Micro Four Thirds excitement that Olympus was slowly building up by looking at the Pen legacy.

With an alleged June 15/16 announcement, you betcha next week is going to be Olympus heavy!

The "B" Story
There was a lot of Panasonic GH1 action this week, with almost two major reviews posted, along with assorted lens reviews and samples. If it wasn't for the late-breaking Olympus leak, the GH1 would have been the story of the week.

YAB debuts his "HOME 2009" video project
Critically-acclaimed and friend of the Earth photographer Yanns Artus Bertrand released his 93-minute video "HOME" on the YouTubes on Friday.

Impact Reviews
The curiosity review belongs to the Kodak Z980, a camera that comes with a vertical grip that actually has no battery, but just makes the camera thicker/taller and allows for the use of a second (vertical) shutter button which actually resides on the camera body. If anyone tried to predict this before Kodak announced this, they would have gotten their very own virtual straightjacket ;-)

You can check all the recent reviews of note in our Reviews mini-blog.

As the K7 World Turns
The biggest Pentax K7 story this week were the full-size JPEG and RAW samples at Photography Blog.

Sad was the mad dash by third-tier review sites publishing what no one would really call a "review" in their right mind. One of them even had horribly compressed pictures with wiped out EXIF data.

Meanwhile, a duo of Adorama bloggers had the camera in their hands and posted their hands-on first impressions and they were indeed excited about it, calling it a System Changer DSLR.

Shopping Wars
We explained why we don't has Walmart at the

Silly item of the week
Inspired by yet another teenage-lobotomy celebrity promoting Nikon DSLRs, we launched a poll asking people to vote on who they thought would be some good celebrity ideas to promote the K7.

Check all the headlines
You can check all the headlines of all the posts at the main blog in the June 2009 archives and the latest posts from all the noisy blog at the blog headlines page, which is refreshed automatically whenever it is loaded again.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in review (May 25-31, 2009)

Time sure does fly camera fans. Another week is in the books already! So if you have been busy this week or need a refresher, this is a recap of the week that was through the lens of the Noisy blogs!

1001 Noisy Cameras blog on the Kindle!
We start with something blog related! We achieved a major milestone by getting this blog published on the Amazon Kindle. That's right, you can read our latest updates on the Kindle, and Amazon is currently offering this blog for just 99c per month!

The Big Story: Panasonic GH1 vs Pentax K7 Buzz Wars
For yet another week, the Panasonic GH1 and the Pentax K7 dominated the headlines, with the GH1 having new pictures and first impressions, and the Pentax K7, being earlier in its lifecycle, having more samples and hands-on reports and such.

You can catch up all the major stories of these two cameras with the GH1 mini-blog and the K7 mini-blog.

Rumors of Choice
One rumor coming from Japan says that Tokina is developing lenses for the Sony-Alpha-Minolta mount. If so, this would be great news for the Sonoltas since they would have more choices and competition for their mount.

The other rumor that is as close to official as something unofficial can get is that there won't be a Pentax K30D. This according to a Pentax manager posting in the PentaxForums forums.

As the Canon 5DMk2 world turns
The biggest 5dMk2 stories of the week were the addition of manual exposure in video mode with a new firmware release, and the first legitimate discount (!) on the body only. We also had a Fake Chuck update, more on the video aspects of the camera by Phil Bloom, and even a new review. Check it all out through our 5dMk2 diary-blog.

Impact Reviews
Ken's review of the Sigma DP2 at TOP generated some Foveonesque excitement as expected, and unlike the "white glove reviews" of the review factories, this review had teeth.

Forgotten was the Olympus E450, until it got its first review.

And also in Oly-land, a very jam-packed review of the Olympus E620 was posted by Zone10.

As usual, there are have been plenty of reviews out there, and you can check out the ones we spotlighted through the review mini-blog.

RAWsumer World
In addition to the DP2 review mentioned above, we had the annie of new LX3 firmware (but no update on availability issues), more on the DP2, PC-control added to the Casio Ex-F1 via firmware update, and the Sony R1 getting some love from an author. Check it all out at the RAWsumer blog.

Fun times
It's not just bookstores anymore! We have a blog cat!

Coming up
The excitement over the upcoming Olympus will undoubtedly continue, with more speculation and likely legitimate non-wishlist type of leaks too!

We'll have more K7 and GH1 action as well.

And more...

Do you find the weekly rewind useful/helpful?

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New HDMI 1.4 to be more digital camera picture friendly

The new HDMI 1.4 was unveiled in Japan. Engadget has a general summary, but you can go to (5/28 entry, computer-translated) where we also learn of improved support for color spaces that would make showing digital camera pictures via HDMI more color-accurate.

Read the rest of "New HDMI 1.4 to be more digital camera picture friendly"...

Podcast time: Datacolor, Spyder, color management and more

The Imaging Insider has now posted the complete podcast, a total of 18 minutes, with David Tobie of DataColor, discussing colour management, their products, and other related topics from the world of digital imaging. The podcast is also available as an mp3 file, so you can download it to your computer or mobile device, and listen to it at your convenience!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week in review (May 18-24, 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a recap of the week that was! Let's see what happened! But first, you can also catch up with the previous week.

The Big Story: Pentax K-7 is revealed officially
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what the story of this week was. Why of course the launch of the Pentax K7, which we captured in this 26-hour countdown marathon, and unlike our previous "Dubai Countdown", this resulted in a dramatic product announcement :) For more of our K7 coverage, be sure to check the K7 mini-blog.

This also came with two new WR (weather-resistant) kit lenses, which reminds us we have to write our usual announcement summaries for the "record books". Coming up before Tuesday :)

And already, the K7 is available for preordering at Amazon for $1300 as body-only.

The B-story: New Sony Alpha gear geared towards the average consumer
Sony had its mini big-bang very early this week, on what feels like a month ago, but it's actually just a week ago. Sony revealed a trio of new DSLRs that run in parallel to their current trio of sub-$1000 DSLRs, and their main goal is to make DSLR photography more approachable to the average photographer and the average consumer.

To go with these, they also introduced four new lenses with a focus-motor built-in, the SAM lenses. Two of them are the standard kit lenses and two of them are primes. All four are "DT" lenses.

You can catch up with it at our Sony page.

Panasonic GH1 excitement
If it wasn't for the new Sony and Pentax camera announcements, the Panasonic GH1 would have been the star of the week, with more samples, reviews and action, including two new Lumix-branded adapters for the Leica M-series and R-series lenses. Also, samples from the GH1, and 14-140 and 7-14mm M43 lenses, and a GH1 review at CNet by Lori G. You can catch up with it all at our GH1 mini-blog.

Nikon D5000 vs Canon Digital Rebel T1i
While the buzz was focused on the K7 and GH1, among the currently-shipping cameras, the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i/500D dueled for reviews and discounts, as both of them had some action this week and dropped about $50 for the one-lens kits at some retailers. You can follow all their stories via the D5000 and T1i/500D mini-blogs.

Other New Products
In addition to the Pentax K7 and WR kit lenses, we had the Voigtlander 50mm f1.1 lens announcement, and the European annie of the Kodak M420, a typical P&S camera, but with a lens that starts at 28mm wide.

Impact Review
Lost in-between the Pentax and Sony shuffle was the first full-size Sigma DP2 review by a camera-review site. The Sigma DP2 was analyzed by Photo Review. Check our coverage of the review.

Catch up with everything
You can catch up with all the updates at our main blog by checking all the May 2009 posts. We are also working on coming up with an all-inclusive stream that includes all the smaller blogs. We'll post an update when that one is ready.

Next week
We hope to launch two blogs products with the secret code word "K-projects", and if things are quiet, we will catch up with some infrastructure and reference materials, and bring back some of our regular weekly blog features.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick warning on free magazine downloads

If you are surfing around the net, you may see some websites or forums offer free full-issue magazine downloads. However, please keep in mind, that just because they are scanning the whole magazines with the ads, it still doesn't mean that republishing them in this fashion is ethical, fair or legal. It is still illegal and they do not have the right to do so.

Imagine if someone scanned your whole photography portfolio and claimed that because they included a scan of your business card with each picture, it's okay for them to do so.

Authorized magazine downloads are typically available from two sources:
+ the magazine's or publisher's own website
+ authorized and legitimate digital content websites and services that have the appropriate agreements with the publishers to sell or offer free issues of magazines

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Sixty ways to build your client case revisited

David Ziser revisits a timeless post from last year, where he rounded up his special series of posts that totals to sixty ways to build your client base! These are parts of a multi-post blog series, and when you add them up, voila, sixty handy tips!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Status update (now back to normal)

The outage lasted for about 30 minutes but now everything is back to normal! All apologies for the inconvenience. The original post follows: TypePad is currently having a wide outage. The main blog and our other TypePad blogs are currently either down or very slow to load! This should be fixed in the next few minutes.

You can also catch up with everything we wrote about the K7 by subscribing to the RSS feed, which caches everything independently of the blog server.

And one breaking news item about the K7, you can pre-order it right now at Amazon for $1300 for the body-only!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

A dozen Firefox add-ons for photographers

Through the wonderful world of Twitter, we found this very practical post at Yanik's Photo School, spotlighting 12 Firefox add-ons that are likely to be very helpful to photographers out there!

If you are not familiar with every single Firefox plug-in out there, be sure to check Yanik's blog post!

Firefox is the official browser of this blog, with Opera the officially alternative browser of this blog :)

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in review (May 10-17, 2009)

Welcome to another weekly review. If you missed the big stories of the week that was, fear not, we got you covered here!

New Cameras this week
Among the heavy duty rumors, Pentax managed to sneak-in a new P&S Optio in Europe, meet the Pentax E75, going for 120 euro. Yawn is included in the camera box ;-)

The Big Rumors
Rumors heated up this week, with more Pentax K7 excitement, but still no concrete specifications. The official revelations are coming on Wednesday at around 9am eastern time, give or take.

SonyStyle however, once again, led the leakolution, this time it was Germany's turn to temporarily leak the main specs of the Alpha A230, A330 and A380 DSLRs. It looks like there is no DSLR-Video, and the cameras may be sequential updates to the predecessors, all moving in lock-step. But we'll find out when the official Sony announcement comes out.

Not wanting to be left out, Olympus Japan officially declared June 15 to be their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang date.

Reviews, Sample Pictures, and ISO shootouts
The biggest review story of the week was the Panasonic superzooms winning the dpreview "fun-zoom" group-test, beating Canon, Sony, Samsung and Olympus.

Phil Bloom is becoming the "Chase Jarvis" of the D90, as he continues to provide samples from the GH1. See it all in this GH1 roundup.

We even had a medium-format review, and not just any MF, but the 65-megapixel Phase One Plus at PDN Pulse.

You can check all the posts of this week, including the impact reviews and interesting ISO shootouts by checking the May archives.

Lens Reviews
The Lens Review Diary continues to keep ticking here at this blog, updated with new lens reviews as they come out.

The Canon Rebates
It took us about a week, but we finally finished the detailed Canon rebates round-up. Enjoy! Although some of the stores may be out of some of the more interesting lenses. We are also hoping to post another rebate update this week, but we won't promise anything this time until it is ready to go :)

Other interesting topics
The Grand Prix awards were awarded in Japan with four cameras getting the four major awards. One Canon, one Nikon, and *gasp* a Panasonic and a Casio! Oh my!

If you are, or if you know a "real" journalist, they are qualified to get a free "TypePad Pro" blog, which for everybody else costs $15 per month.

Past Episodes
You can catch up with previous episodes of the Weekly Rewind. There is a gap of a few months in-between the updates, so don't be surprised if you see the dates jump :)

Next Week
+ Sony Alpha DSLR official announcement
+ Pentax K7 official announcement (Wedn 9am NYC time)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Distilled tips for photographer-bloggers by New Media Photographer

The New Media Photographer has just posted a few good distilled tips on photography and blogging. No frill, no fluff, straight to the point and food for thought for all! Be sure to check them out!

You can also follow New Media Photographer on Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter, you can also follow the Noisy blogs on Twitter!

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