Sunday, April 26, 2009

If you are seeing this in an RSS newsreader, please read this!

Dear RSS Feed Readers,

If you are seeing this message in your RSS newsreader, it means that you are subscribed to either the "SuperFeed" or you are subscribed directly to our Old Blogspot blog feed.

If you are subscribed to the "SuperFeed", then everything is fine, this Old Blog was just revitalized, and we just added it to the "SuperFeed". SuperFeed users learn about new blog additions first, before we post them for the general audience.

If you are subscribed directly to the Blogspot RSS feed, instead of the Feedburner feed, please take action: Up until now, this feed, the Old Blogspot feed was redirected to the new "green" blog. Now that this Old Blogspot blog has been re-activated, be sure to make sure that you are also subscribed to our main-blog (Green blog) feed.

If you are not sure, simply subscribe to the main blog feed or add it to your RSS newsreader program. If you are already subscribed, your RSS Newsreader will notice that and nothing will happen. If you are not already subscribed, then your RSS newsreader will add it to your subscriptions or offer you the option to subscribe.

If you have any problems or questions, please let know.

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