Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Flip Ultra and Ultra-HD: The little engine that could

The lowly and unassuming line of Flip camcorder tiny little things, has slowly but steadily picked up momentum, found a niche among consumers, and along the way, it found itself in the arms of a giant, Cisco!

flip ultra and ultra-hd at amazon

And now Flip has announced two more products in their line, the Ultra and the UltraHD. The press release can be found at the Imaging Insider.

The Ultra-HD Flip includes 8gb of storage on-board that can get you about 120 minutes of footage. Not bad, considering you are not going to make a "Lord of the Rings" prequel using the Flip. Although you can certainly try :-)

Unlike the others, this one includes its own removable rechargeable battery-pack which can be recharged via USB. However, fear not, they take standard AA batteries, which means you can use up your arsenal of rechargeable on this, without having to get yet another proprietary battery. It has a 2" LCD anti-glare display, and the video is recorded as 720p at 30fps, in mp4 format.

The more affordable model, the Ultra Flip goes for $150, and as you can expect, it does not record in HD, but instead at 30fps VGA, also in mp4 format, and for a total of 120-minutes on its on-board 4gb memory. It has many similarities, as you can expect, with the UltraHD model.

The new lovelies are available for pre-ordering at for $150 and $200 respectively, and for a limited time they include a free accessory of your choice. Amazon estimates that they will start shipping within the next week!

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