Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Week in Review (April 19 to 25, 2009)

Yes Weekly Rewind fans, your favorite feature is back! This will be one of the recurring topics at this new blog. We will be reviewing the week that was, through the lens of the Noisy blogs!

Story of the Week: The Pentax K7(D) Leakathon
The big story of the week, that keeps on going and going, where various leaks of what now appears to be the Pentax K-7 DSLR. You can catch-up with the various leak round-ups at our Pentax mini-blog.

Impact Reviews
Pentax also dominated the review conversation as the dpreview review of the 15mm DA Ltd lens generated a lot of heat in the blogosphere. And just a few days later, came the Imaging Resource review, which was the first review featured in our just launched Lens Review Diary.

Meanwhile, a wave of pictures and first impressions among a group of Foveonesque photographers generated some excitement over the Sigma DP2. You can read more at the RAWsumer blog, but also be sure to visit and bookmark Carl Rytterfalk's blog for on-going updates and sample pictures.

The Rest of the Stories
The TIPA awards were handed out, a total of forty of them, and we rounded up all the camera/lens-related ones at this award update.

You can catch up with all our posts at the green blog by visiting the April 2009 headlines page, where each post is just a one-line headline. A quick and easy way to skim through everything.

Weekly features
A brand new top sellers Top 100 was posted on Saturday, and as you can see there are plenty of DSLRs in the Top 25 now, with the T1i jumping into the Top Ten as it was in-stock for a few days.

Resource updates
This week we have added three new review clusters to the review organizers, the Fuji F200-EXR and Casio EX-FC100 to the Compact Camera Review Organizer and the Olympus E620 to the DSLR-equivalent page. More will be added next week, so please stay tuned!

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