Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in review (May 25-31, 2009)

Time sure does fly camera fans. Another week is in the books already! So if you have been busy this week or need a refresher, this is a recap of the week that was through the lens of the Noisy blogs!

1001 Noisy Cameras blog on the Kindle!
We start with something blog related! We achieved a major milestone by getting this blog published on the Amazon Kindle. That's right, you can read our latest updates on the Kindle, and Amazon is currently offering this blog for just 99c per month!

The Big Story: Panasonic GH1 vs Pentax K7 Buzz Wars
For yet another week, the Panasonic GH1 and the Pentax K7 dominated the headlines, with the GH1 having new pictures and first impressions, and the Pentax K7, being earlier in its lifecycle, having more samples and hands-on reports and such.

You can catch up all the major stories of these two cameras with the GH1 mini-blog and the K7 mini-blog.

Rumors of Choice
One rumor coming from Japan says that Tokina is developing lenses for the Sony-Alpha-Minolta mount. If so, this would be great news for the Sonoltas since they would have more choices and competition for their mount.

The other rumor that is as close to official as something unofficial can get is that there won't be a Pentax K30D. This according to a Pentax manager posting in the PentaxForums forums.

As the Canon 5DMk2 world turns
The biggest 5dMk2 stories of the week were the addition of manual exposure in video mode with a new firmware release, and the first legitimate discount (!) on the body only. We also had a Fake Chuck update, more on the video aspects of the camera by Phil Bloom, and even a new review. Check it all out through our 5dMk2 diary-blog.

Impact Reviews
Ken's review of the Sigma DP2 at TOP generated some Foveonesque excitement as expected, and unlike the "white glove reviews" of the review factories, this review had teeth.

Forgotten was the Olympus E450, until it got its first review.

And also in Oly-land, a very jam-packed review of the Olympus E620 was posted by Zone10.

As usual, there are have been plenty of reviews out there, and you can check out the ones we spotlighted through the review mini-blog.

RAWsumer World
In addition to the DP2 review mentioned above, we had the annie of new LX3 firmware (but no update on availability issues), more on the DP2, PC-control added to the Casio Ex-F1 via firmware update, and the Sony R1 getting some love from an author. Check it all out at the RAWsumer blog.

Fun times
It's not just bookstores anymore! We have a blog cat!

Coming up
The excitement over the upcoming Olympus will undoubtedly continue, with more speculation and likely legitimate non-wishlist type of leaks too!

We'll have more K7 and GH1 action as well.

And more...

Do you find the weekly rewind useful/helpful?

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New HDMI 1.4 to be more digital camera picture friendly

The new HDMI 1.4 was unveiled in Japan. Engadget has a general summary, but you can go to (5/28 entry, computer-translated) where we also learn of improved support for color spaces that would make showing digital camera pictures via HDMI more color-accurate.

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Podcast time: Datacolor, Spyder, color management and more

The Imaging Insider has now posted the complete podcast, a total of 18 minutes, with David Tobie of DataColor, discussing colour management, their products, and other related topics from the world of digital imaging. The podcast is also available as an mp3 file, so you can download it to your computer or mobile device, and listen to it at your convenience!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week in review (May 18-24, 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a recap of the week that was! Let's see what happened! But first, you can also catch up with the previous week.

The Big Story: Pentax K-7 is revealed officially
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what the story of this week was. Why of course the launch of the Pentax K7, which we captured in this 26-hour countdown marathon, and unlike our previous "Dubai Countdown", this resulted in a dramatic product announcement :) For more of our K7 coverage, be sure to check the K7 mini-blog.

This also came with two new WR (weather-resistant) kit lenses, which reminds us we have to write our usual announcement summaries for the "record books". Coming up before Tuesday :)

And already, the K7 is available for preordering at Amazon for $1300 as body-only.

The B-story: New Sony Alpha gear geared towards the average consumer
Sony had its mini big-bang very early this week, on what feels like a month ago, but it's actually just a week ago. Sony revealed a trio of new DSLRs that run in parallel to their current trio of sub-$1000 DSLRs, and their main goal is to make DSLR photography more approachable to the average photographer and the average consumer.

To go with these, they also introduced four new lenses with a focus-motor built-in, the SAM lenses. Two of them are the standard kit lenses and two of them are primes. All four are "DT" lenses.

You can catch up with it at our Sony page.

Panasonic GH1 excitement
If it wasn't for the new Sony and Pentax camera announcements, the Panasonic GH1 would have been the star of the week, with more samples, reviews and action, including two new Lumix-branded adapters for the Leica M-series and R-series lenses. Also, samples from the GH1, and 14-140 and 7-14mm M43 lenses, and a GH1 review at CNet by Lori G. You can catch up with it all at our GH1 mini-blog.

Nikon D5000 vs Canon Digital Rebel T1i
While the buzz was focused on the K7 and GH1, among the currently-shipping cameras, the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i/500D dueled for reviews and discounts, as both of them had some action this week and dropped about $50 for the one-lens kits at some retailers. You can follow all their stories via the D5000 and T1i/500D mini-blogs.

Other New Products
In addition to the Pentax K7 and WR kit lenses, we had the Voigtlander 50mm f1.1 lens announcement, and the European annie of the Kodak M420, a typical P&S camera, but with a lens that starts at 28mm wide.

Impact Review
Lost in-between the Pentax and Sony shuffle was the first full-size Sigma DP2 review by a camera-review site. The Sigma DP2 was analyzed by Photo Review. Check our coverage of the review.

Catch up with everything
You can catch up with all the updates at our main blog by checking all the May 2009 posts. We are also working on coming up with an all-inclusive stream that includes all the smaller blogs. We'll post an update when that one is ready.

Next week
We hope to launch two blogs products with the secret code word "K-projects", and if things are quiet, we will catch up with some infrastructure and reference materials, and bring back some of our regular weekly blog features.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick warning on free magazine downloads

If you are surfing around the net, you may see some websites or forums offer free full-issue magazine downloads. However, please keep in mind, that just because they are scanning the whole magazines with the ads, it still doesn't mean that republishing them in this fashion is ethical, fair or legal. It is still illegal and they do not have the right to do so.

Imagine if someone scanned your whole photography portfolio and claimed that because they included a scan of your business card with each picture, it's okay for them to do so.

Authorized magazine downloads are typically available from two sources:
+ the magazine's or publisher's own website
+ authorized and legitimate digital content websites and services that have the appropriate agreements with the publishers to sell or offer free issues of magazines

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Sixty ways to build your client case revisited

David Ziser revisits a timeless post from last year, where he rounded up his special series of posts that totals to sixty ways to build your client base! These are parts of a multi-post blog series, and when you add them up, voila, sixty handy tips!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blog Status update (now back to normal)

The outage lasted for about 30 minutes but now everything is back to normal! All apologies for the inconvenience. The original post follows: TypePad is currently having a wide outage. The main blog and our other TypePad blogs are currently either down or very slow to load! This should be fixed in the next few minutes.

You can also catch up with everything we wrote about the K7 by subscribing to the RSS feed, which caches everything independently of the blog server.

And one breaking news item about the K7, you can pre-order it right now at Amazon for $1300 for the body-only!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

A dozen Firefox add-ons for photographers

Through the wonderful world of Twitter, we found this very practical post at Yanik's Photo School, spotlighting 12 Firefox add-ons that are likely to be very helpful to photographers out there!

If you are not familiar with every single Firefox plug-in out there, be sure to check Yanik's blog post!

Firefox is the official browser of this blog, with Opera the officially alternative browser of this blog :)

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in review (May 10-17, 2009)

Welcome to another weekly review. If you missed the big stories of the week that was, fear not, we got you covered here!

New Cameras this week
Among the heavy duty rumors, Pentax managed to sneak-in a new P&S Optio in Europe, meet the Pentax E75, going for 120 euro. Yawn is included in the camera box ;-)

The Big Rumors
Rumors heated up this week, with more Pentax K7 excitement, but still no concrete specifications. The official revelations are coming on Wednesday at around 9am eastern time, give or take.

SonyStyle however, once again, led the leakolution, this time it was Germany's turn to temporarily leak the main specs of the Alpha A230, A330 and A380 DSLRs. It looks like there is no DSLR-Video, and the cameras may be sequential updates to the predecessors, all moving in lock-step. But we'll find out when the official Sony announcement comes out.

Not wanting to be left out, Olympus Japan officially declared June 15 to be their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang date.

Reviews, Sample Pictures, and ISO shootouts
The biggest review story of the week was the Panasonic superzooms winning the dpreview "fun-zoom" group-test, beating Canon, Sony, Samsung and Olympus.

Phil Bloom is becoming the "Chase Jarvis" of the D90, as he continues to provide samples from the GH1. See it all in this GH1 roundup.

We even had a medium-format review, and not just any MF, but the 65-megapixel Phase One Plus at PDN Pulse.

You can check all the posts of this week, including the impact reviews and interesting ISO shootouts by checking the May archives.

Lens Reviews
The Lens Review Diary continues to keep ticking here at this blog, updated with new lens reviews as they come out.

The Canon Rebates
It took us about a week, but we finally finished the detailed Canon rebates round-up. Enjoy! Although some of the stores may be out of some of the more interesting lenses. We are also hoping to post another rebate update this week, but we won't promise anything this time until it is ready to go :)

Other interesting topics
The Grand Prix awards were awarded in Japan with four cameras getting the four major awards. One Canon, one Nikon, and *gasp* a Panasonic and a Casio! Oh my!

If you are, or if you know a "real" journalist, they are qualified to get a free "TypePad Pro" blog, which for everybody else costs $15 per month.

Past Episodes
You can catch up with previous episodes of the Weekly Rewind. There is a gap of a few months in-between the updates, so don't be surprised if you see the dates jump :)

Next Week
+ Sony Alpha DSLR official announcement
+ Pentax K7 official announcement (Wedn 9am NYC time)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Distilled tips for photographer-bloggers by New Media Photographer

The New Media Photographer has just posted a few good distilled tips on photography and blogging. No frill, no fluff, straight to the point and food for thought for all! Be sure to check them out!

You can also follow New Media Photographer on Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter, you can also follow the Noisy blogs on Twitter!

1001noisycamra on twitter

Twitter icon provided for free courtesy of Randa Clay Design.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live blogging the New York Photo Festival

The website What's the Jackanory is doing an unofficial but busy live-blogging of the New York Photo Festival that is running until Sunday night. There's plenty of coverage there already, and a lot more coming up, both in video and in text! You can also get bite-size updates by following Andrew Hetherington's twitter updates.

The official website of the show is Please note that this focuses on the photography-side of photography, so please don't expect this to be a gadgetlogy announcement paradise like PMA, CES, or Photokina.

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Blind photographers revisited

CNet Asia spotlights a new feature of blind photographers in the mainstream media, featuring a slide-show posted at the Time website, showing 18 new pictures. This only goes to show that photography is not a one-dimensional art form, there's more than just what we see through the viewfinder.

There was a feature at CNN a few months ago, but that page is not coming at the moment :( This is the (not currently working) CNN video link. If it gets fixed, we'll update this post. Thanks to the Israel Sun photographic agency in Tel Aviv for the CNN tip. One of their photographers, Kfir Sivan, is featured in the CNN story.

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Formatting problems with some of the older posts

If you have read some of the older posts at this blog after we switched to this new template, you may have noticed some formatting problems. This is because of the way this new template treats incomplete "li". We should be slapped for using incomplete "li" in the first place! The previous template auto-fixed the issue, but this one does not. Please bear with us, until we find a way to fix this!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Curiosity poll: Favorite camera bags

Did you ever wonder what other people's favorite camera bags but you didn't want to sound too nosy and ask every single one of them? :) Well, you can sort of get some answers by checking out the camera bag poll at the Pro Photo Show blog.

It looks like we may have more camera bag brands than camera manufacturer brands :-)

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week in review (May 3 to May 9, 2009)

Welcome to another weekly rewind, where we review the week that was through the noisy prism of these blogs.

The Big Story
The Panasonic GH1 is generating its share of buzz, now that the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i buzz is subsiding. We posted a mega-roundup on the latest happenings on the camera.

Other Stories
We are just days away from the official Pentax revelations, although it is likely that it will leak from somewhere first. You can catch up with all our major updates with the K7 mini-blog.

On the more real cameras front, the Sigma DP2 is now shipping for $650 and more first impressions are getting posted online and in the forums.

Sample pictures of the T1i/500D were posted at DP Interface on Friday, available as full-size JPEGs as well. On the Nikon side, the D5000 got reviewed at Digital Camera Review.

The Canon 5D Mark II Magic Lantern Guide is now shipping from at least three different online retailers. And the camera itself has been able to stay in-stock at a number of retailers this week. Look for them in the right sidebar of the blog linked in this paragraph (the 5Dmk2 diary-blog).

Maryland is getting tough on price fixing by manufactures, and this is welcome news for almost everybody else! Funny how that works out :)

We love the idea of Wozofoto, it is like for photographic prints. We think it is a win-win for both photographers and photography buyers.

Deals of the week
Amazon has a promotion taking $5 to $10 off 170 magazines, which includes Pop Photo and American Photo. Find out more in this special update.

The refurbished D90 at $700 was a good deal at J&R World, but as usual, it didn't last long. But fear not, if they have more, we will let you know!

These happened on May 1st, but they continue to be good deals, the Olympus DSLR discounts, more specifically, the E3, E30 and the brand new E620.

Regular Features
Just yesterday, a new edition of the top selling digital camera charts went live, taking a look at trends and momentum Billboard-style.

Technically it was posted last week, but it was after our previous weekly summary, so it qualifies for this edition. What? A new episode of Discover New Sites, this one featuring blogs that are of the comedy, parody and satire variety.

Reviews and then some more reviews, we posted a roundup of some of the latest reviews, including the Ricoh CX1 and Canon SX1is.

The Readers Gear on eBay feature continues with the May 2009 edition, featuring, as the title suggests, items that some of our readers are posting for sale.

Blogging Matters
We installed a new price-checking widget, powered by, at the Camera Deals blog. Look for it in the right sidebar, below the two orange RSS feed buttons.

We decided to try to find creative ways to use web statistics, so here is another one, the top ten referring blogs for the month of April. Expect more "fun" projects like this in the upcoming weeks.

We are cheap and we like free, so in return, we posted a thank you to some the free online services that we are using for this blog. We are halfway to Thanksgiving after all :-)

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter. What do we do with the Twitter account? We explain in this post.

Coming Next
+ Canon Rebate round-up finally - Monday morning
+ Referendum on whether to go ahead with a new contest idea
+ more Pentax K7 roundups
+ and lots more

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trendspotting: Popular at

One of the things we like to check out is trends and popularity of various camera products around the photo-blogo-sphere. So, if you are curious too, has posted a list of the most popular gear purchased by their readers. It is interesting to see these, since this is a more DIY crowd, so their product-interests are likely to be different from the mythical "drive-thru" average consumer.

And speaking of trends, we are trying to finalize a third regular feature for this newly renovated blog. It will be related to this topic, market trends and such, but we haven't finalized the format yet. Stay tuned for more.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Learning time: Tutorial round-up at the Insider

The Imaging Insider has posted a new tutorial round-up featuring some of the most recent tutorials and tips from around the blogosphere, including a Star Trek themed one, to coincide with the big opening of the movie.

And be sure to check the Imaging Insider archives for previous editions of their Tutorial round-ups! There's a lot of good stuff there, and it's all free to read!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Film call to arms by

We don't usually cover film photography, but for all the film photographers who may be reading this, the blog is featuring the Call to Arms for film photographers to stand up and be counted. A long discussion of this ensues at the bottom of the article. To paraphrase U2, this post is not a rebel post, it's FILM viva FILM!

We now return to our previously scheduled pixel-peepiential coverage...

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Being Nosy: A photographer's workflow

One of the things some photographers may feel uncomfortable asking/answering, in a way akin to asking someone a rather intimate personal-life question, are workflow-related topics. So it is with great interest that we can read, posted without prompting, a detailed overview of Thomas Hawk's workflow.

Read the rest of "Being Nosy: A photographer's workflow"...

Podcast: Mike Robertson of SGIA with the Insider

The Imaging Insider has published a brand new podcast featuring Mike Robertson of the SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association). This is a 10-minute podcast, which you can also download and listen on your portable media gadgets, talking workflow, printing, imaging in general, and more.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who are the most influential living photographers of the last decade?

Photo District News is collecting feedback from photographers and admirers of photography out there on who they think are the most influential living photographers of the last decade. Each person can submit up to five names in their survey. Then the entries will be tabulated and the results presented at the next PDN PhotoPlus Expo in October.

This is an interesting question to ponder, and as this is open-ended, it is up to you/us to decide which criteria to use to determine the "influential" factor. Is it someone who pushes the boundaries? Someone who raises awareness about problems or issues that were flying below the radar or were ignored? Is it someone who changes the way things are done? Is it someone who always finds him/herself working on all the "hot" assignments? PDN wants your input!

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Thank you for the Freebies!

We are almost halfway to Thanksgiving 2009, so this is a good time to thank some of the websites whose free services we are using :) The least we can do is give them a public thank you!

We start with Twitter, which is on the verge of a major break-out among the general population. We use Twitter to support and supplement the content of the blogs, and also provide updates in case of any technical problems with the blogs.

Next, we thank Intense Debate who is offering a free yet stable commenting system that we use on the main and camera-deals blogs. It offers a number of extra features, and at the same time, it has a spammer-repellent coating which we love.

Next up, Feedjit, who is offering the "Most Popular" posts widgets you see on our three biggest blogs. It shows the ten most popular posts of each day and it can be a good way to see "what's hot".

Merci beaucoup flickr, for the free forum and pool service you are providing. This is where we are hosting our flickr pool, which we use for the "Reader Picture Showcase" widgets you see at different places in our blogs.

More thanks, this time to NetVibes, which allows customizable starting pages that can be shared with the world. We use NetVibes to better organize a number of the reference and resource content featured on the blogs.

While our main blogging service, TypePad is a for-pay service, we thank the blog TypePad Hacks for providing a lot of valuable and practical information on how to customize Typepad blogs with advanced templates.

You may have voted in one of our many planned or impromptu polls, they are powered by the sleek-looking service, based out of beautiful Ireland.

Then we move to Statcounter, who is offering a very nice yet free web-statistics service. In a similar category, we thank which offers a live snapshot of what's cooking on the blog.

Moving along, we say gracias to OpenX for their free web-hosted banner rotation and management service. We use this to manage the two big ad-spots on this and the main blog (right sidebar).

If you have used one of our contact forms, you may recall the name, it is, and their service makes it easier to send an email directly from the page, instead of using an email client.

A number of the above services are also offering premium-level of services, that typically include a monthly or annual fee. Depending on your needs and your interest in expedited customer support, you may be interested in their premium services, in addition to the free services. We are cheap, so we use free :-)

And we close with "The Google", who is offering a number of free services we are using, including Blogspot for a number of our blogs (including this one), Feedburner for our feeds, Gmail for our emails, computer-translator widget, and Analytics for web-stats.

There are more great free services, and we may have omitted some. We tried to feature some of the ones we use on a regular basis.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

What's inside a Pentax 40mm f2.8 DA lens?

If you were wandering and wondering about what's inside the Pentax 40mm f2.8 DA lens, wander no more! There is no pancake syrup inside! Instead, you can see its insides in this dpreview post. According to the discussion, the photographer who did this was forced to do some because he got some dirt inside, or something along those lines.

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Week in review (April 26 to May 2nd, 2009)

Welcome to the second edition of the revitalized week-in-review, where we recap the web that was through the lens of the noisy blogs. A very noisy lens with lots of CA and PF ;-)

The Big Story
The story of the week was the release of the new Canon-vs-Nikon DSLR duo, the Nikon D5000 and the Canon Digital Rebel Kiss T1i/500D. Both cameras came out at their expected price of $850 and $900 respectively, and as usual, the kits with the 18-55 "digital" lenses are coming out first.

And to borrow from the "TV industry", the "B" story of this week's episode was the excitement generated among the Foveoneons about the Sigma DP2, following real-world samples and first impressions posted by a six-pack of photographers. We covered a lot of DP2 action at the RAWsumer blog.

Rumor World
The Pentax K7 speculation and mystery surrounding its feature-set continues to dominate the rumor world, although as you can expect there have been more rumors of varying intensity trickling in as usual.

Dollars and Sense
The biggest news in the world of pricing was the drop of $100 from the prices of the top three DSLRs in the Olympus line-up. The discount went live on May 1st, and we recapped the action for you in the price drop alert.

New Cameras
There was a big camera and a couple of hybrid little thingies coming out this week. The small things were two new Cisco Flip Ultra models revealed and expected to start shipping next week.

The big camera is the 40-megapixel Phase One P40+ with Sensor+ technology, which allows higher ISO but at lower resolution. This comes at a relatively competitive price of $15000 for the digital back. It will be interesting to see how photographers see this in contrast to the Nikon D3X and Canon 1Ds Mark III.

Impact reviews
dpreview's highly anticipated review of the Fuji F200 EXR was good news for Fuji fans, and perhaps this will encourage Fuji to take this sensor and put it in more advanced digital cameras. We are sounding like a broken record :)

Also an impact review, but for the wrong reasons for Nikon was the testing of the Coolpix S230 by DC-Resource. A camera that looked very promising spec-sheet-wise turned out to be rather sour when put under the reviewer's microscope.

Regular Blog Features
In this sub-segment we round-up some of the regular features at the Noisy blogs, starting with the new top selling camera charts and associated faux analysis.

The DSLR Playoffs were concluded earlier in the week, and the Nikon D700 had a comfortable victory over the Canon 5D Mark II, in what some may have seen as a surprise, considering all the buzz the 5DMk2 has been generating. Read more about it in the DSLR Playoff pages.

Blogging Matters
We finally changed this blog's commenting system to something more user-friendly and stable, we moved to the Intense Debate system. More details in this detailed post.

If you are not the RSS newsreader type, but you still want to get the latest blog updates, we are also offering updates by email. The email updates are sent once a day, usually in the morning, and this service is provided by Feedburner.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Listening is fundamental!

I'm sure you all heard all the "reading is fundamental" literacy promotions, well, how about listening? Listening is good too! And the Imaging Insider has compiled a list of top ten photography podcasts for us all to enjoy. There's a little bit of everything in their list, some tech-talk, some wildlife photography talk, some arts and crafts, something for everyone.

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The Ultimate trade-off: Megapixels vs Burst Mode

We posted the poll you see below in one of the Pentax K7 posts, but the poll took a life of its own, as it applies to all brands really.

The purpose of the poll is to ask photographers to trade-off the number of megapixels with burst-mode speed. Obviously, in an ideal world, one could have 500-megapixels at 500fps, but with real-world cameras, megapixels and burst-mode are limited by how much data a camera can handle.

So with that spirit in mind, and assuming a data rate of 60-megapixels per second, we ask photographers whether they would like a 10-megapixel camera going at 6fps, a 12mp at 5fps, a 15mp at 4fps, or a 20mp at 3fps.

Why did we pick 60-megapixels per second you ask? The reason is simple, the math is very simple with 60. There is nothing magic (or secret) about 60 :-)

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Action item for RSS subscribers

Summary: If you are reading this post in an RSS newsreader, there are good chances you may no longer be receiving the  RSS feed of our Main Blog (green blog) that has the latest news, rumors, reviews and such. If you wish to receive those updates, simply add the aforementioned RSS feed to your newsreader. If you are already subscribed nothing will happen, if you are not, you will be presented with an option to subscribe.

Details: When we revitalized this Blogspot blog, we created a new Feedburner feed for it. Before that, the native feed of this blog was redirected to our main Feedburner feed which was carrying the new blog. This was a great convenience for our readers at the time, since the Blogspot blog was frozen (no new updates).

Now that this blog is active again, those who are subscribed to the native Blogspot feed, are now receiving updates from this blog, instead of the new green blog. So if you wish to receive updates from both blogs, then be sure to add the  RSS feed of our Main Blog (green blog) to your newsreader.

If there are any problems or questions, please let us know.

If you are subscribe to the Super-Feed, then you are already receiving updates from all the Noisy Blogs, there is no need to do anything.

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