Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Ultimate trade-off: Megapixels vs Burst Mode

We posted the poll you see below in one of the Pentax K7 posts, but the poll took a life of its own, as it applies to all brands really.

The purpose of the poll is to ask photographers to trade-off the number of megapixels with burst-mode speed. Obviously, in an ideal world, one could have 500-megapixels at 500fps, but with real-world cameras, megapixels and burst-mode are limited by how much data a camera can handle.

So with that spirit in mind, and assuming a data rate of 60-megapixels per second, we ask photographers whether they would like a 10-megapixel camera going at 6fps, a 12mp at 5fps, a 15mp at 4fps, or a 20mp at 3fps.

Why did we pick 60-megapixels per second you ask? The reason is simple, the math is very simple with 60. There is nothing magic (or secret) about 60 :-)

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