Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week in review (April 26 to May 2nd, 2009)

Welcome to the second edition of the revitalized week-in-review, where we recap the web that was through the lens of the noisy blogs. A very noisy lens with lots of CA and PF ;-)

The Big Story
The story of the week was the release of the new Canon-vs-Nikon DSLR duo, the Nikon D5000 and the Canon Digital Rebel Kiss T1i/500D. Both cameras came out at their expected price of $850 and $900 respectively, and as usual, the kits with the 18-55 "digital" lenses are coming out first.

And to borrow from the "TV industry", the "B" story of this week's episode was the excitement generated among the Foveoneons about the Sigma DP2, following real-world samples and first impressions posted by a six-pack of photographers. We covered a lot of DP2 action at the RAWsumer blog.

Rumor World
The Pentax K7 speculation and mystery surrounding its feature-set continues to dominate the rumor world, although as you can expect there have been more rumors of varying intensity trickling in as usual.

Dollars and Sense
The biggest news in the world of pricing was the drop of $100 from the prices of the top three DSLRs in the Olympus line-up. The discount went live on May 1st, and we recapped the action for you in the price drop alert.

New Cameras
There was a big camera and a couple of hybrid little thingies coming out this week. The small things were two new Cisco Flip Ultra models revealed and expected to start shipping next week.

The big camera is the 40-megapixel Phase One P40+ with Sensor+ technology, which allows higher ISO but at lower resolution. This comes at a relatively competitive price of $15000 for the digital back. It will be interesting to see how photographers see this in contrast to the Nikon D3X and Canon 1Ds Mark III.

Impact reviews
dpreview's highly anticipated review of the Fuji F200 EXR was good news for Fuji fans, and perhaps this will encourage Fuji to take this sensor and put it in more advanced digital cameras. We are sounding like a broken record :)

Also an impact review, but for the wrong reasons for Nikon was the testing of the Coolpix S230 by DC-Resource. A camera that looked very promising spec-sheet-wise turned out to be rather sour when put under the reviewer's microscope.

Regular Blog Features
In this sub-segment we round-up some of the regular features at the Noisy blogs, starting with the new top selling camera charts and associated faux analysis.

The DSLR Playoffs were concluded earlier in the week, and the Nikon D700 had a comfortable victory over the Canon 5D Mark II, in what some may have seen as a surprise, considering all the buzz the 5DMk2 has been generating. Read more about it in the DSLR Playoff pages.

Blogging Matters
We finally changed this blog's commenting system to something more user-friendly and stable, we moved to the Intense Debate system. More details in this detailed post.

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