Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in review (May 10-17, 2009)

Welcome to another weekly review. If you missed the big stories of the week that was, fear not, we got you covered here!

New Cameras this week
Among the heavy duty rumors, Pentax managed to sneak-in a new P&S Optio in Europe, meet the Pentax E75, going for 120 euro. Yawn is included in the camera box ;-)

The Big Rumors
Rumors heated up this week, with more Pentax K7 excitement, but still no concrete specifications. The official revelations are coming on Wednesday at around 9am eastern time, give or take.

SonyStyle however, once again, led the leakolution, this time it was Germany's turn to temporarily leak the main specs of the Alpha A230, A330 and A380 DSLRs. It looks like there is no DSLR-Video, and the cameras may be sequential updates to the predecessors, all moving in lock-step. But we'll find out when the official Sony announcement comes out.

Not wanting to be left out, Olympus Japan officially declared June 15 to be their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang date.

Reviews, Sample Pictures, and ISO shootouts
The biggest review story of the week was the Panasonic superzooms winning the dpreview "fun-zoom" group-test, beating Canon, Sony, Samsung and Olympus.

Phil Bloom is becoming the "Chase Jarvis" of the D90, as he continues to provide samples from the GH1. See it all in this GH1 roundup.

We even had a medium-format review, and not just any MF, but the 65-megapixel Phase One Plus at PDN Pulse.

You can check all the posts of this week, including the impact reviews and interesting ISO shootouts by checking the May archives.

Lens Reviews
The Lens Review Diary continues to keep ticking here at this blog, updated with new lens reviews as they come out.

The Canon Rebates
It took us about a week, but we finally finished the detailed Canon rebates round-up. Enjoy! Although some of the stores may be out of some of the more interesting lenses. We are also hoping to post another rebate update this week, but we won't promise anything this time until it is ready to go :)

Other interesting topics
The Grand Prix awards were awarded in Japan with four cameras getting the four major awards. One Canon, one Nikon, and *gasp* a Panasonic and a Casio! Oh my!

If you are, or if you know a "real" journalist, they are qualified to get a free "TypePad Pro" blog, which for everybody else costs $15 per month.

Past Episodes
You can catch up with previous episodes of the Weekly Rewind. There is a gap of a few months in-between the updates, so don't be surprised if you see the dates jump :)

Next Week
+ Sony Alpha DSLR official announcement
+ Pentax K7 official announcement (Wedn 9am NYC time)

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