Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week in review (May 25-31, 2009)

Time sure does fly camera fans. Another week is in the books already! So if you have been busy this week or need a refresher, this is a recap of the week that was through the lens of the Noisy blogs!

1001 Noisy Cameras blog on the Kindle!
We start with something blog related! We achieved a major milestone by getting this blog published on the Amazon Kindle. That's right, you can read our latest updates on the Kindle, and Amazon is currently offering this blog for just 99c per month!

The Big Story: Panasonic GH1 vs Pentax K7 Buzz Wars
For yet another week, the Panasonic GH1 and the Pentax K7 dominated the headlines, with the GH1 having new pictures and first impressions, and the Pentax K7, being earlier in its lifecycle, having more samples and hands-on reports and such.

You can catch up all the major stories of these two cameras with the GH1 mini-blog and the K7 mini-blog.

Rumors of Choice
One rumor coming from Japan says that Tokina is developing lenses for the Sony-Alpha-Minolta mount. If so, this would be great news for the Sonoltas since they would have more choices and competition for their mount.

The other rumor that is as close to official as something unofficial can get is that there won't be a Pentax K30D. This according to a Pentax manager posting in the PentaxForums forums.

As the Canon 5DMk2 world turns
The biggest 5dMk2 stories of the week were the addition of manual exposure in video mode with a new firmware release, and the first legitimate discount (!) on the body only. We also had a Fake Chuck update, more on the video aspects of the camera by Phil Bloom, and even a new review. Check it all out through our 5dMk2 diary-blog.

Impact Reviews
Ken's review of the Sigma DP2 at TOP generated some Foveonesque excitement as expected, and unlike the "white glove reviews" of the review factories, this review had teeth.

Forgotten was the Olympus E450, until it got its first review.

And also in Oly-land, a very jam-packed review of the Olympus E620 was posted by Zone10.

As usual, there are have been plenty of reviews out there, and you can check out the ones we spotlighted through the review mini-blog.

RAWsumer World
In addition to the DP2 review mentioned above, we had the annie of new LX3 firmware (but no update on availability issues), more on the DP2, PC-control added to the Casio Ex-F1 via firmware update, and the Sony R1 getting some love from an author. Check it all out at the RAWsumer blog.

Fun times
It's not just bookstores anymore! We have a blog cat!

Coming up
The excitement over the upcoming Olympus will undoubtedly continue, with more speculation and likely legitimate non-wishlist type of leaks too!

We'll have more K7 and GH1 action as well.

And more...

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