Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week in review (May 3 to May 9, 2009)

Welcome to another weekly rewind, where we review the week that was through the noisy prism of these blogs.

The Big Story
The Panasonic GH1 is generating its share of buzz, now that the Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i buzz is subsiding. We posted a mega-roundup on the latest happenings on the camera.

Other Stories
We are just days away from the official Pentax revelations, although it is likely that it will leak from somewhere first. You can catch up with all our major updates with the K7 mini-blog.

On the more real cameras front, the Sigma DP2 is now shipping for $650 and more first impressions are getting posted online and in the forums.

Sample pictures of the T1i/500D were posted at DP Interface on Friday, available as full-size JPEGs as well. On the Nikon side, the D5000 got reviewed at Digital Camera Review.

The Canon 5D Mark II Magic Lantern Guide is now shipping from at least three different online retailers. And the camera itself has been able to stay in-stock at a number of retailers this week. Look for them in the right sidebar of the blog linked in this paragraph (the 5Dmk2 diary-blog).

Maryland is getting tough on price fixing by manufactures, and this is welcome news for almost everybody else! Funny how that works out :)

We love the idea of Wozofoto, it is like for photographic prints. We think it is a win-win for both photographers and photography buyers.

Deals of the week
Amazon has a promotion taking $5 to $10 off 170 magazines, which includes Pop Photo and American Photo. Find out more in this special update.

The refurbished D90 at $700 was a good deal at J&R World, but as usual, it didn't last long. But fear not, if they have more, we will let you know!

These happened on May 1st, but they continue to be good deals, the Olympus DSLR discounts, more specifically, the E3, E30 and the brand new E620.

Regular Features
Just yesterday, a new edition of the top selling digital camera charts went live, taking a look at trends and momentum Billboard-style.

Technically it was posted last week, but it was after our previous weekly summary, so it qualifies for this edition. What? A new episode of Discover New Sites, this one featuring blogs that are of the comedy, parody and satire variety.

Reviews and then some more reviews, we posted a roundup of some of the latest reviews, including the Ricoh CX1 and Canon SX1is.

The Readers Gear on eBay feature continues with the May 2009 edition, featuring, as the title suggests, items that some of our readers are posting for sale.

Blogging Matters
We installed a new price-checking widget, powered by, at the Camera Deals blog. Look for it in the right sidebar, below the two orange RSS feed buttons.

We decided to try to find creative ways to use web statistics, so here is another one, the top ten referring blogs for the month of April. Expect more "fun" projects like this in the upcoming weeks.

We are cheap and we like free, so in return, we posted a thank you to some the free online services that we are using for this blog. We are halfway to Thanksgiving after all :-)

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter. What do we do with the Twitter account? We explain in this post.

Coming Next
+ Canon Rebate round-up finally - Monday morning
+ Referendum on whether to go ahead with a new contest idea
+ more Pentax K7 roundups
+ and lots more

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