Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week in review (June 1-6, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the "Weekly Rewind", a recap of the week that was!

The Big Story
A couple of camera-body pictures of the upcoming Olympus E-P1 made their way to the internets and finally managed to fire up the Olympus Micro Four Thirds excitement that Olympus was slowly building up by looking at the Pen legacy.

With an alleged June 15/16 announcement, you betcha next week is going to be Olympus heavy!

The "B" Story
There was a lot of Panasonic GH1 action this week, with almost two major reviews posted, along with assorted lens reviews and samples. If it wasn't for the late-breaking Olympus leak, the GH1 would have been the story of the week.

YAB debuts his "HOME 2009" video project
Critically-acclaimed and friend of the Earth photographer Yanns Artus Bertrand released his 93-minute video "HOME" on the YouTubes on Friday.

Impact Reviews
The curiosity review belongs to the Kodak Z980, a camera that comes with a vertical grip that actually has no battery, but just makes the camera thicker/taller and allows for the use of a second (vertical) shutter button which actually resides on the camera body. If anyone tried to predict this before Kodak announced this, they would have gotten their very own virtual straightjacket ;-)

You can check all the recent reviews of note in our Reviews mini-blog.

As the K7 World Turns
The biggest Pentax K7 story this week were the full-size JPEG and RAW samples at Photography Blog.

Sad was the mad dash by third-tier review sites publishing what no one would really call a "review" in their right mind. One of them even had horribly compressed pictures with wiped out EXIF data.

Meanwhile, a duo of Adorama bloggers had the camera in their hands and posted their hands-on first impressions and they were indeed excited about it, calling it a System Changer DSLR.

Shopping Wars
We explained why we don't has Walmart at the

Silly item of the week
Inspired by yet another teenage-lobotomy celebrity promoting Nikon DSLRs, we launched a poll asking people to vote on who they thought would be some good celebrity ideas to promote the K7.

Check all the headlines
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