Saturday, June 20, 2009

Week in review (June 14-20, 2009)

Welcome to another edition of the weekly rewind, a summary of the week that was. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess the big story of the week. It was... the announcement of a new lens cap by Vivitar!

The Big Story: The Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang
Okay, that was a poor attempt at a joke :) The big story was of course the Olympus Micro Four Thirds Big Bang, highlighted by the announcement of the Olympus E-P1 with two lenses and assorted accessories. We've had wall-to-wall coverage, here are some of the highlights:
+ Countdown to the Announcement
+ Roundup of Previews and hands-on reports
+ Roundup of sample pictures and videos.
+ Opinions and reactions by various photo-bloggers in the blogosphere
+ The new Pre-Ordering Center for the E-P1, lenses, and accessories
+ past, present and future E-P1 stories at the E-P1 mini-blog

From the RumorLand
Leica generated a lot of buzz, albeit in the shadow of the E-P1 mania, when the Leica Chieftians made forward-looking statements at the non-internet Leica forum. You can catch up with all that at the Leica mini-blog.

Meanwhile, it what could have been a webisode of "The Office" a video came out showing an alleged brochure of an alleged Nikon D300s.

And speaking of Nikon, Thom Hogan and other Nikonians joined in a forum discussion speculating on what's coming up from Nikon six weeks from now. We couldn't resist the temptation, so we went into a speculation trance as well ;-)

Reviews of Note
As one would have guessed, the first "full review" of the Pentax K7 was a review FAIL. A rushed and poorly conducted review caused an uproar in the Pentax forumsphere that dissected the so-called-review like a frog.

A four-pack of review-clusters were added this week to our review organizers, featuring the Nikon D5000, Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D, Kiss X3), along with the Panasonic TZ7/ZS3 and Canon SX200is. We hope we can have a couple more review-clusters finished by next week.

The Top Sellers Soap-Opera returns
After an embarrassing 40-day delay, we returned with new updates of the top selling digital camera charts. As you can expect, after 40 days, there were some dramatic movements among cameras that had a change in their stock-status. Surprisingly though, many of the rest of the cameras did not have any dramatic changes in pricing.

Further Reading
You can catch with all the posts we rattled out throughout the week by looking at the June archives and the sticky Blog Headlines.

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