Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week in review (June 21-28, 2009)

Welcome to a new edition of the week-in-review, a quick summary of the week that was, for those who were too busy or just needs a refresher!

The Big Story: Olympus E-P1
The Olympus E-P1 continues to be the big story, with sample pictures, hands-on reports, and non-stop forum discussions dominating the photo-blogo-sphere. We have captured some of the action this week, and you can check it at the E-P1 mini-blog.

New Cameras
Pentax launched the Optio W80, another waterproof camera replacing the current W60. This feature alone makes it stand out from the other 100+ shiny silvers, although this segment too is starting to get competitive as Canon, Panasonic, Fuji and others have also jumped in.

Outrage of the week
Panasonic's decision to block all 3rd-party batteries because of alleged "risks" to consumers did not fly with consumers. Reactions around the tech-blogs and also in our reader's poll.

Impact Reviews
The Pentax K7 saw its bubble deflate a little bit as non-production reviews and samples made their way to the internet, while some pixel-peepers started raising questions about the samples.

The Panasonic GH1 got another review, adding more to the current "knowledge-base". This one was just posted at Photo Review.

The Olympus E620 got more review-attention this week, with two impact-reviews posted by DC-Resource and Olympus specialist

You can check more review action at the reviews mini-blog.

Canon 5D Mark II world
In the 5DMk2 world, there were two firmware update discussions, one of course the one from Canon, and another one that is developed by photographers on their own as an open-source project. You can read all about them and more through the 5D Mk2 diary/blog.

More action
You can check all the blog posts at the main blog by visiting the June 2009 archives.

You can follow tidbits, newsbytes, pictures from our flickr pool, status updates and a lot more at our Twitter page.

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