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Week in review (June 7-13, 2008)

Welcome to another edition of the "Weekly Rewind", where we recap the week that was for you, so you don't have to! The rewind only includes some of the top stories in our opinion, it does not include everything that happened during the week. Putting everything in would defeat the purpose of having a rewind, since you can read everything by ...reading everything :)

The Big Story: Waiting for Olympus Micro Four Thirds
The waiting is driving everyone mad, but Olympus has promised the June 16 date (depending on time zone) for their Micro Four Thirds Big Bang. You can catch the Olympus E-P1 action, along with the Panasonic GH1 excitement, at our Micro Four Thirds mini-blog.

Hot Cameras of the week
The Nikon D5000 probably had the best week it is ever going to have, as they have "defeated" the T1i/500D at the DXOMark tests, and received even more reviews, including one from dpreview itself.

Meanwhile the Pentax K7 buzz has finally dropped off, after a surprisingly-sustained non-stop buzz.

Two new cameras announced!
Casio is the latest company to jump in the "fun compact zoom" segment, and they have done it with the very stylish EX-F10. This is not a folded-optics camera, so there is hope it won't be the total disaster their EX-V7 and EX-V8 were (and we are being nice here ;-)

The other new camera is the Fuji Z300fd announced in Japan, their new folded-optics bijou-flagship.

Our regular readers will be thrilled to know that we brought you the news of these two at least 24 hours before the major camera websites picked them up. So it pays to read this blog early and often!

Impact Reviews
It is no secret that in the online world, the pixel-peepiential reviews are getting more attention than the real-world-photographer type of reviews. Which is why we try to feature a more balanced mix. And it was thanks to one of our readers that we noticed this LX3 vs G10 article by a bicycling photographer.

The Sigma DP2 action continued, albeit, the promise and premise of Foveon has essentially returned into its typical "sandbox" of "great sensor / sub-par camera implementation" that has been a major deterrent in the mass-appeal of Sigma-Foveon.

Father's Day causing good deals
With Father's day being just seven days away, we saw an increase in good and tempting deals in the world of digital cameras. You can check the latest ones out at the Camera Deals blog, and remember to check beyond the first page, or use the navigation links at the top to find posts by manufacturer.

Further Reading
You can check the latest headlines from all the noisy blogs at the Noisy Headlines page which is fresh with new updates every time you visit it, using the power of Feedburner's magic.

You can also check all the June 2009 posts at the main blog. We don't have a stream of all the posts from all the noisy blogs, we are considering it, but we fear that it would be so long it would be unreadable!

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