Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Review (July 12-19)

Welcome to another five-minute recap of the week that was! If you can't finish this in five minutes or less, the next one is free :-)

The Big Story
Once again, the Olympus E-P1 managed to maintain the lead over everybody else, with the camera starting to get into the hands of real-world photographers and at the same time receiving more reviews and hands-on action at the various camera sites and blogs.

New Cameras this week
A rather quiet July so far, but Olympus made a little clone of their CES-2009 models, the new Stylus Tough mju 6100, which is an element-proof camera, but sadly, and stubbornly, does not support SD/SDHC.

In addition, Samsung launched three forgettable P&S cameras. What? Where are we?

New blog launched for DSLR fans
We have launched a new sub-blog, of interest to DSLR fans and numbers-geeks, the on-going soap-opera that is the Top Selling DSLR Charts. This is in the same style as our current overall-market top sellers. Both are tracking top sellers at Amazon and weaving them together to tell a story (observe patterns and trends and such).

Other topics of interest
+ The Leica S2 made a guest-appearance at the re-opening of a Manhattan store, and it looks like it is getting closer

+ Image stabilization is always a geek-friendly topic, so you may want to check out the ImagingResource/SLRGear testing of the sensor-shift stabilization of the Olympus E520.

+ Group reviews was a theme, with summer-friendly waterproof cameras and superzooms getting group-tested at two of the major review sites. This and more review roundup action at the Reviews topic. It includes among others, the DP2, a Canon TS-E lens, a most unusual review at Luminous, the GH1, K7, and a lot more.

+ We have also added review-clusters for the E-P1, K7 and GH1, three of the hottest interchangeable-lens cameras of the season

+ The good-news party for the Nikon D5000 ended when Nikon confessed that due to a manufacturing issue some of the models may not be able to turn-on when you expect them to turn on.

+ I can has 32gb MemoryStick nao.

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