Sunday, July 12, 2009

Week in review (July 5-12, 2009)

Welcome to another 5-minute recap of the week that was! If you can't finish this post in five-minutes or less, the next one is free ;-)

The Big Story: The Nikon Roadmap dream
We have our resident psychologist, Dr Phyl MacKroaw, DFA, analyzing the big story: The wishlistic dream, an alleged Nikon roadmap, generated some excitement as Nikonians wanted so badly to believe, believe in half a dozen new dSLRs and dozens of lenses coming out in just 18 months. The desire to believe kept this thing going and going and going, even though a quick glance at the 2010 portion of the roadmap shows that type of output all the dSLR manufacturers combined could probably not match.

Other Stories of the week

+ Samples, reviews and shipping excitement continued to keep the Olympus E-P1 in the spotlight

+ The revelation that an unknown Korean manufacturer would be making lenses for the Samsung NX-series was not exactly good news for NX. When you consider that FourThirds/MicroFourThirds has Olympus, Panasonic, Leica involvement, Kodak sensors, Sigma lenses, adapters for all sorts of quality lens mounts, and can't break out of the "Olympus mount" range, then how is NX going to win over new users?

+ The Panasonic GH1 had its moment in the sun as it was put through the paces at the dpreview labs. The finding of its Croatian origins (.hr, HR, highly recommended) thrilled 43/M43 fans all around the world.

+ The curtains could be closing for the remaining Ritz/Wolf brick and mortar stores as the company has not been able to break out of the financial troubles. In about two weeks we should know whether there is a new buyer, or a giant clearance sale.

That's the summary, but if you want to read everything, be sure to check out the blog headlines and along with the July archives at the main blog.

For previous installments, be sure to check the very long Weekly Rewind pages.

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